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Follow Friday: Featured Blogger of the Month

This month’s featured blogger was actually the first beauty blog that I followed. I love beauty products and reviews, and there’s plenty of that at The Newbury Girl. She’s not all palettes and lipsticks though. She also discusses blogging, wellness, and life experiences. LP runs the blog, and she also has experience with marketing and brands, so I love her tips for blog growth. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, go do it!

Questions for the Blogger

1. In what ways has having a background in marketing helped with your blog? 
My background in marketing gives me a unique perspective as a content creator, because I’ve been on the business-side of blogging where my job was to evaluate the performance of Instagram, YouTube, and Blogger Influencers. Not only has it helped me to set realistic goals for myself in terms of follower growth and engagement rates, but it makes it much easier to avoid shady businesses that may try to take advantage of smaller influencers. 

Prior to enrolling in grad school, a large part of my job revolved around paid and organic media strategies. This made it easier to understand some of the blogger lingo and helped as I’ve been trying to grow my blog over the past year or so. Also, I was more confident in using platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress.

2. What is your number one self-care piece of advice you’d give to new bloggers? 
Stop obsessing over stats and comparing your blog growth to others. Instead, focus on creating content that you are proud to share with the world. During the early stages of my blog, I became anxious, frustrated, and depressed over my stagnant blog growth. In fact, I almost decided to give up my blog! My motivation shifted from sharing my love of beauty to being so stats focused and it was toxic. Once I stopped obsessing over stats and focused on creating content that I loved, my blog started to flourish.
3. What are your top 3 favorite beauty brands? Have you been able to work with any of them on your blog? 
As a beauty obsessed individual, this is a super hard question lol! 

Makeup | ColourPop is the makeup brand that excites me most. Not only does the brand create high quality products, but everything super affordable. Additionally, they aren’t afraid to try new formulas and expand into new product categories. 

Hair care | Lately, Verb has been my go-to hair care brand. I love their minimalist aesthetic, affordable price points, and clean ingredients (Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free, and mostly Vegan). As someone with a sensitive scalp and damaged hair, I wholeheartedly recommend this brand.

Skincare | I’m cheating and mentioning two brands. 😉 Drunk Elephant is my favorite skincare brand. Although they are expensive, I find much of their line to be well worth the steep price tag because of how effectively the products work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines, texture and uneven skin tone. Although DE is my current favorite, I have to give an honorable mention to Sol de Janeiro because I’m obsessed with their body creams and mists. The whole brand just exudes warm, summer vibes. I’ve yet to try a Sol de Janeiro product that I didn’t enjoy.

Although I’ve received a few complimentary products from beauty and personal care brands via Influenster, I’ve never worked directly with a brand to collaborate on a post as I am still a very small creator. Moving forward, I’d love to join a few more influencer networks to become better connected with brands. 

However, I do have a referral code with ColourPop so new customers can receive $5.00 USD off their first purchase via my link. Also, I’ve reviewed quite a few goodies from CP on my blog because I love the brand.

4. In your opinion, what is the best way that health and beauty overlap? 
Health and beauty overlap in quite a few ways. First, if you’re being kind to your body (hydrating, eating nutritious meals, getting quality sleep, wearing sunscreen), you’ll look and feel you’re best. Second, beauty routines are often forms of self-care and de-stressing. Whether you enjoy bubble baths, manicures, elaborate skincare routines, or full glamour, personal care routines enable people to take a break from their busy schedules and set aside time for some needed pampering time. Finally, beauty provides women and men with the opportunity for creative self-expression! Makeup has always been an outlet for artistic expression for me and helped me to feel more confident in myself even when others bullied me for having acne when I was younger. 
5. If you could give younger you any piece of advice, what would it be? 
Put yourself out there and take risks trying new things! I held off on blogging for years because I was afraid of failure. I thought I lacked the knowledge and resources that I needed in order to be successful. 

Even though I’m still learning and trying to grow as a blogger, I am happy to be on the journey. My only regret is that I waited so long to push myself out of my comfort zone. 

My Favorite Posts from The Newbury Girl

I genuinely enjoy all of her posts, and I’ve read them all since I started following her a year ago. I picked some of my top favorites for you all to go check out.

Ride or Die Beauty Tag

Anytime someone shares their beauty favorites, I check them out. I’m always looking for recommendations, and if they are a great beauty blogger like LP, I’m going to take their favorites and recommendations seriously. I also love tag posts with all blogging niches. They are a lot of fun to both be apart of and read.

Blogger Love: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Blogger Love is a series for new and seasoned bloggers to give tips and advice. Her perspective is special because of her marketing background, so I definitely soak up any tips she gives out. I also appreciate when bloggers open up about their beginning stages and early journey in the blogging world.

Facing Failure: Tips for Dealing with Disappointment

This post is one of my all time favorites. Not only does she give tips for dealing with disappointment and failure, she shares her own experiences. That’s a pretty big deal. Being honest and open with your readers is one of the things I look for in bloggers. If they are capable to really open up about tough situations and be relatable, that’s extremely commendable.

A Beauty Guru Made Me Buy It

This is another beauty post I love. She talks about how influencers and beauty gurus play a roll in her makeup purchases, and I love that. If I see a product that’s peaked my interest, I have a stack of beauty bloggers I check with first. I love that even my beauty guru, LP, has beauty influencers she goes to as well. It’s the wonderful blogger circle of life.

Her Pick for Favorite Blog Posts

I love these posts because I feel like they encapsulate who I am as a blogger. I love discovering new brands and helping others to learn about indie beauty; I love using my experience as a marketer to help other bloggers grow; I love reviewing products.

19 Indie Cosmetics Brands You Should Try in 2019 | Volume I (Brands I Love)

Blogger Love | Why Your Posts Aren’t Getting Engagement & How to Boost Engagement

Bad or Rad | Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette Review

Where to Find The Newbury Girl on Social Media


There you have it! The Newbury Girl is a fabulous blog, and you should check it out. Her socials are a joy to follow as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Thank you so much for this feature, Jenni! 💜 You’re one of the first bloggers I really connected with when I first started blogging and was breaking out of my shell! ☺️ It’s amazing to see all that you keep accomplishing with your blog!

    • Thank you for being apart of this! I genuinely love your blog and can’t wait for more. I’ll always be a fan! 😘😊

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