After weeks of pouring my soul into this journey, my ebook is finally available on Amazon. During the last 5 or so years, I have been successful in overcoming bulimia. I shut down the worst body shaming critic- the mean girl living in my head. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, but I have learned so much during my struggles. I’ve learned how to love and appreciate my body just as it is.

On this blog, I’ve shared my health issues, my workouts and improved routines, as well as my reasoning for stopping the pursuit of weight loss. I go more in depth and share my tips that helped me in this book. For me, health isn’t equated to a specific size. We can make assumptions and judgements all we want, but someone else’s body can’t be labeled healthy just from an outward appearance. We are so much more complex than that.

In my book, I talk about confidence being for every body, and I give my advice and tips on finding the self-love we all deserve. I also talk about health, sex, nakedness, and ways to add positivity to your life.

You can find Eat the Damn Muffin on Amazon

I hope this book is able to inspire you all as well as help you find that confidence that you deserve. We are all worthy, and self-love should be something we strive for daily.

Thanks again. Have a lovely weekend.


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I'm a wife and stay at home mom. I'm not a domestic goddess but more like a demi-goddess, because I don't have super strength or multiple arms. I have two hands and just try to drink my coffee and conquers the momdays.