Moms Meet Review: Toddlers and Mindfulness

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As a member of Moms Meet, I was gifted with the products featured in this post. All opinions are honest and my own. This post may contain promotional codes and affiliate links.

I was sent Zafooz for my littles to try, and these wonderful stuffed companions are lovely. Zafooz are fun, kid-friendly cushions designed to introduce mindfulness to kids. Even young toddlers can really benefit from mindfulness, so I was excited to try these.

Break it Down

Mindfulness is the simple practice of bringing a gentle and accepting attitude to the moment. It can help parents and guardians too. It is meant to promote happiness as well as helping relieve stress.

It seems like we are hardwired for stress and anxiety from birth. We are constantly changing, growing, and experiencing new feelings. Mindfulness promotes happiness and can decrease stress by being present in the now.

At first, I thought there was no way a rounded, stuffed animal of sorts could promote such a concept. They were adorable and all, but I was curious to watch my kids with them. I was willing to try though. I saw a therapist for years and tried all types of medications as well as natural remedies for my severe anxiety, so when I noticed my son showing signs of anxiety, I started researching mindfulness.

This gifting campaign came at a perfect time. I have heard of using weighted blankets, essential oils, and other ways to reduce stress in toddlers and have even done a previous post about toddler anxiety, but these Zafooz were pretty intriguing.

After a few weeks, I’ve noticed a small change in my littles, especially my son. The Zafooz are a great tool to use to get their attention and to take a moment to breathe. They’ve also aided in moments of tears and panic. They really are a wonderful companion.


I’ve used yoga and meditation throughout these last few years of my health journey, and I never imagined mediation and toddlers going hand-in-hand. I thought it would be like trying to have a conversation over a blender crushing ice. While, my kids won’t sit still for too long, these Zafooz made them want to try. They were able to have a buddy with them to get down on the floor and do what mommy does. It was exciting.

They were also handy for other toddler crisis moments. When my kids get hurt playing or if there’s a potty accident, they would grab their mindful buddies and crawl in my lap. I like to count with them to help them relax and settle down, and they carried those character cushions around every time they needed to just take a moment.

I’m not going to lie, I was flabbergasted that these work so well. They have a handle, so my kids even take them when we run errands sometimes. My son is also going to have his first sleepover with his cousins, and he wants to bring his mindful monkey. So, these are actually pretty incredible, and if you teach your kids about mindfulness, they can be even more helpful.

Mindfulness Tips for Toddlers

  • Be an example and try using mindfulness to help yourself.
  • Don’t use it as a punishment or force your kids to try it.
  • Keep it simple. It’s about noticing our senses and what we are feeling in the moment, so start with those basics.

Keeping it simple and starting small is a great way to introduce it. It also helped my daughter learn her body parts. Talking about her ears and hearing as one of the senses and all of that was a great way for her to not only learn about her body but also mindfulness.

Zafooz are something I probably wouldn’t have given a second look, but they really are helpful and wonderful when it comes to kids and practicing mindfulness.

I also want to share a promotional code. You can save 15% with the code breatheBhappy. It’s valid until July 22, 2019.

If you haven’t checked out Zafooz yet, they have 6 unique options. My kids have the Lotus Ladybug and the Mindful Monkey. They also explain each one and their meaning on the website. Hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful and stress free weekend.


9 thoughts on “Moms Meet Review: Toddlers and Mindfulness”

  1. I had never heard of Zafooz before reading your post. They are lovely.

  2. This sounds like something I would really love for my toddler. I often meditate, do yoga with her and live life mindfully.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading! Being more mindful is definitely something I’m glad we’ve added to our lives.

  3. I love this! I haven’t heard of Zafooz but they sound really helpful. And I love that you practice mindfulness, meditation, and yoga with your littles. You’re amazing!

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