Tailwind Trial: Increasing Blog Traffic with Tailwind

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Other than being a SAHM, blogging is my job. I work everyday and that includes finding new ways to increase my traffic. I’ve seen a ton of other bloggers talk about Tailwind and how it’s been amazing for their traffic. So, I decided to try the free trial and see what it could do for my stats.

I used my trial for pin scheduling on Pinterest. My Pinterest has always been one of the platforms that brings my blog a decent amount of traffic. Even before my blogging days, I had a Pinterest when it first came out. I’ve always enjoyed it, so when I was able to combine it with my blog, I was thrilled.

Trial Time

Turning my personal account into a business account was easy. Once I made the switch and claimed my blog site, I was able to track my monthly views. I won’t lie; it was a bit addicting at first. I would be constantly pinning and trying to figure out how to increase my views as well as the traffic to my blog.

When I kept seeing some of the bloggers that I trust discussing how Tailwind has helped them, I decided to finally try it. If you know me, you know I’m cheap and always trying to stick to my budget. The free trial was right up my alley.

The free trial gives you a nice introduction into what Tailwind is capable of doing for your blog. Once you synchronize the related social network you want to use (I went with Pinterest rather than Instagram), the trial lets you schedule and publish up to 100 pins before you decide if you want to take the plunge and pay for the plus plan.

During the trial, I was able to also have free access to the some Pinterest reports such as brand profile performance, pin inspector, and board insights. At first, I was a little confused by all of the numbers and reports, but there were help buttons and nice explanations beside everything.

Also, if you start with the Pinterest side of Tailwind, you’ll also have access to the free version of Tailwind Tribes. I personally didn’t use the tribe option, but I do know many bloggers who love it. I wanted to focus on the scheduling of pins and how that could boost my numbers.

From Yo-Yo to Slow Climb

The reason that I wanted to try Tailwind was the recent yo-yo in my numbers. I’d go from 12k monthly views to 68k monthly views, then back down and back up. It wasn’t consistent, and the low dips drove me insane. Now, I’m not a blogger that gets super consumed with my stats, but this is my job. So, numbers do matter to a degree.

When I first started scheduling pins, I noticed I had a slow climb in numbers. I would average a 1k-3k increase in my monthly views almost daily. Once I checked my reports, I also noticed a slow climb in my engagement. The traffic and clicks from my pins to my blog also saw a slow climb. I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only was it super easy to schedule pins, it saved me time. I was able to schedule pins that were for my blog, and it left me with free time to still pin what I enjoy as well.

I’ve always been a control freak, so I was so hesitant about having an app post and pin for me, but I’m very happy I tried it. I have tried other apps, including other free scheduling ones, but none of them helped the way this trial did.

I will definitely be finding a way to add the plus plan into my future budget, because it was very helpful for not only increasing my blog traffic but also saving time. Having that extra bit of time works wonders when you’re a busy blogger. I definitely recommend trying the trial if you’re still skeptical about diving right into the paid options.

Growing Pinterest

In the blogging world, I hear two sides to growth. Half love using apps, like Tailwind, to schedule and post. The other half like to do it all manually or “organically” as I’ve heard it called. I am that odd duck in-between. While I love being about to have control over every little thing, having some help and freeing up time is pretty lovely. I will say trying the Tailwind trial pushed me out of my control freak comfort zone, and for that, I’m grateful.

If you’re not into adding another app, then there’s nothing wrong with handling your hustle by hand. I’ve had Pinterest for years and have had my business account for going on a year now. Before I tried Tailwind, I had my own methods to Pinterest and it’s growth, and I’ve picked up a few more helpful tips as my time as blogger goes on.

Pinterest has always been one of the top places my blog traffic comes from, but that wasn’t always the case. I had to find more tips and tricks that would help cut down on some of that number yo-yo. To be fair, that occasional up and down still happen from time to time, but the numbers are starting to even out now that I’ve been working on my strategy. I will say Tailwind also taught me a lot.

My Pinterest Tips

  • Create a board specifically for your blog. Once I turned my account into a business account and claimed my site, I created a board to put all of my blog post pins. That board still sees the most traffic, because I’m diligent with how it looks and is organized.
  • Pin posts from your blog often and include a link. When I create a pin from one of my blog posts, I always include a link to that post. I make sure to pin all of my blog posts to my blog board, and I include brief descriptions of my posts.
  • Create eye catching, vertical images. I use Canva for all of my graphics, and they have some great templates for Pinterest. Clean, vertical images always do best for me. I always also include my blog url on my images.
  • Use hashtags in pin descriptions. Hashtags can improve your traffic on a lot of platforms, and Pinterest is included. I’ve also posted about the power of hashtags before. I always try to add at least 3 hashtags to my pin descriptions. Since doing so, my numbers have steadily increased.
  • Pin to multiple boards. I pin to multiple boards and even make multiple images for the same post. I try to pin my blog post related pins to my boards as well as group boards. It helps bring in readers and followers for both Pinterest and my blog.
  • Join group boards. I love being apart of group boards. It’s not just about sharing your pins and content. You can also support others and find some amazing posts as well. It’s not just about promotion and work, it’s also fun.
  • Pin content other than your blog. I have a business account, but I don’t just pin my posts or other blog related posts. My boards consist of style, beauty, hair, health, recipes, and home. I loved Pinterest and finding new inspiration for a lot of things even before I was a blogger.

Take Away

I love Pinterest. It has been one of my favorite apps for some time. When I became a blogger and was able to combine my job and what I love, it was a no brainer. I’m also always learning and growing, so trying Tailwind was a great experience. I can definitely see what all the fuss is about now.


I also recommend giving Tailwind a try. The free trial is a good way to test the waters, and it doesn’t require any credit or debit card information. There’s nothing to lose!

Hopefully my tips and review helped you get some insight to your next step with Pinterest and increasing your numbers.

Have a fabulous weekend.


28 thoughts on “Tailwind Trial: Increasing Blog Traffic with Tailwind”

  1. I also get a fair bit of traffic from Pinterest. I’ve never tried Tailwind because I don’t post more than a couple of my own pins a day, and the majority is other people’s pins that I’m saving.

    1. I only post pins from my site when I have a new post, but I was pretty pleased with the Tailwind trial.

  2. Thanks for this post… I’ve been wanting to try Tailwind for ages but haven’t been able to factor it into the budget, however I didn’t know there was a free trial available! Do you know how long it lasts for?

    1. The trial is for 100 scheduled pins or 30 Instagram posts. So, there’s no set time, just once those are up.

  3. I really appreciated this read as I am trying to increase my traffic through Pinterest. I find the least amount of traffic I recieve is from Pinterest although I do everything you advised.
    I think maybe I should try Tailwind too.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Definitely give the trial a whirl! Ell also has courses and great posts that are bit more than my tips. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Jenni, I randomly found your post and is awesome, I have been blogging for 7 months now, still a newbie in this world of blogging, however I have some experience so far not so good, with tailwind it was awesome on the beginning but I noticed after I pay the yearly fee , which BTW isn’t cheap, I noticed a significant decreased on my traffic, maybe I am wrong but is almost like if they do it in purpose for you to go full and buy unlimited access and then you go down the hill, and the second one , today my Pinterest account was suspended and I don’t know how long is going to take, I am still not sure why it was suspended, hopefully I can get it back soon, because 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Anyway if you have any suggestions feel free to reply to me, thanks
    I’ll leave a link for my blog here

    1. Thanks! I followed you. I still use the free version, because I’m cheap. I’ve heard up and downs with Tailwind though, so thanks for sharing!!

      1. Hi JENNY, if I can give you a small advice don’t buy nothing, keep using the free version, believe me you are not cheap I was the one that make the mistake, thanks for replying tho
        And regarding Pinterest since you say that you love it so much and use it for long time, let me know your thoughts

      2. I tried the trial, and it said it was up but I still use it. I love Pinterest for more than blogging. It’s fun to find recipes and stuff.

      3. Hi Jenni, thanks for answering my questions, my account on Pinterest was activated again today, thank god it was super fast, but now I am very scared, you probably know the drill

  5. Hi Jenni! I love Pinterest has skyrocketed in the last 6 months and I love it! I don’t know if I follow you, but send me your link and I will. I am going to check out what Ell says. Thanks! xo

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