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Follow Friday: Featured Blogger of the Month

This month’s featured blogger is a wonderful woman whom I’ve been following for a few months. Ashley is an author, mental health nurse, and runs the blog Mental Health at Home.

She’s incredibly inspiring and brilliant. She is the author of Psych Meds Made Simple: How & Why They Do What They Do, which is available on Amazon. Aside from being a nurse in the mental health field, her blog also helps break down barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health.

Not only is she an author, she writes on many platforms and reviews books. She also features emerging bloggers as well. She has upcoming books, projects, and collaborations, so please go check her out so you don’t miss out on anything. She’s multifaceted, and I’m definitely a fan.

Interview Questions
1. Do you remember the moment that you decided to be a mental health blogger? Was it an easy decision or did it take a lot of consideration?
At the time I made that decision, I was unemployed, quite depressed, and very isolated.  I was looking for something productive to do with my time, and when blogging popped into my mind I just ran with it.
2. How has being a mental health nurse impacted your blog and your voice in the mental health community? 
It’s a big part of why I decided to take my blog in the direction of providing information rather than focusing on writing mostly about personal experience.  There’s so much misinformation out there, so I wanted my blog to be a reliable, factual source.  It’s also important for me, from both a personal and professional standpoint, to provide accurate information and stand up for the potential value of medications.  There’s a lot of stigma around taking meds, and I think the best weapon against that is knowledge.
3. What advice would you give to a new writer coming into the mental health blogging world?
I’d say find your own voice rather than trying to figure out from others what your voice should be like as a blogger.  It may seem a bit clichéd to recommend engaging with the mental health blogging community, but that’s really where a lot of the value in blogging comes from.  The mental health blogging community in general is quite positive and welcoming, and we’re all struggling so no one is alone.
4. Did you always want to blog about mental health and become an author or were you inspired by other careers and events in your life?
I had already started writing about my experience with mental illness before I started blogging, since it seemed like something that was important to talk about.  When I started my blog, I really had no idea where it would take me, and the thought didn’t even cross my mind that I would end up writing a book.
5. What are the most challenging aspects when it comes to opening up about mental health and sharing your journey?
In the past, opening up in the workplace has come with quite a few challenges, but at the same time, I had no intention to try to hide my illness.  I’ve chosen not to share my blog with anyone I know “in real life”, and that’s not so much because I’m concerned about them judging, and more about not wanting to feel constrained in any way in terms of how I express myself on my blog.

Some of My Favorite Posts
  • Is “Natural” Better When it Comes to Health– I love this post, because “natural” remedies are shoved in our face as the best cure all. Too often do I see medication shaming, because someone assumes the word “natural” means healthy. This is a great read that breaks it all down.
  • No Regrets? Surviving Attempted Suicide– This post really spoke to me and not just because there was a time in my life that I could really relate. This post talks about a side of suicide attempts that most people don’t consider. It’s very eye opening and important to discuss all dialogues, and this post does that.
  • A Grumpy Guide to Blogging Etiquette – I love all of her posts about writing and blogging, and this one is probably one of my favorites. She’s relatable and honest, and those are the best qualities to have as a blogger. I couldn’t agree more with this post!
Popular Posts From Her Blog
Where to Find Her

If you haven’t been following her, you definitely need to. Her posts are incredibly eye opening and well-written. She’s definitely paving the way for an extremely important topic.

Have a great weekend.



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