Summer is in full swing, and I don’t know about any of you, but me and the heat aren’t friends. I sweat enough for multiple people. Thankfully, I no longer hide in layers of clothes. I can let my body breathe they way it should.

I’m definitely not a stranger to writing about sweating and my struggle to wear certain clothes. You can also check out a post I did about being able to comfortably wear shorts here. Learning to love my body and dress it how I want has been one of my favorite journeys, and I’m not done yet. I do have some qualms with this extra hot season we’re in though.

One of my biggest pet peeves about summer isn’t that I feel like I’m melting when I step outside. It’s when I see weight loss call to actions that involve phrases like “summer body” or “bikini body” that make me angry. It drives me wild that people think we have to be a smaller size specifically for summer. We need to realize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and they are perfectly wonderful as they are.

Profound statements ahead. All bodies are summer bodies. All bodies are bikini bodies, and most of all, all bodies are beautiful!

I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable running around in crop tops and bikinis, but one of the major reasons we aren’t comfortable is because we are conditioned to believe that you have to look a certain way or have a certain body type to wear those things to begin with.

Becoming Size Happy

I used to be so concerned about my pants size. I use to cry in dressing rooms and do anything I could to get my body to look like what I thought a summer body was supposed to look like. I thought that you couldn’t be beautiful unless you were thin, and I thought I wasn’t allowed to wear certain things unless I was a smaller size. Swimsuit shopping always took a toll on my mental health.

I wasn’t happy. I was in an almost decade long battle with bulimia, and I thought it was extremely normal to have zero confidence. I assumed most people were just full of shit if they said they loved themselves and their bodies and they weren’t skinny. I’m so grateful that I was wrong about all of it.

After years of senseless mental and physical abuse I caused myself, I can proudly say that I am size happy. There’s no emphasis on a number or label in a clothing tag. I’m just size happy.

Wear What You Want

Before I get to the wonderful affirmations that will make you fall in love with your body at any size, I want to stress something. Wear what you want. Wear what makes you happy.

I’m not saying that you have to wear crop tops and bikinis to prove that you love your body or anything. Just wear what you love and don’t feel restricted because of your body. What we need to restrict is negative people and toxic situations that tell you otherwise.

I also don’t want to hear any of that “you’re so brave” or “I wish I was brave enough” conversations. Let’s stop labeling women brave for embracing their bodies, because it can imply that they aren’t supposed to feel that way at a certain size. Everyone should embrace their body, because all bodies are good bodies.

With that being said, I know what it’s like to dip your toes into something new and start branching outside of your comfort zone. I didn’t just spring into this positive mindset. It took time. Hell, a year ago I still was trying to lose weight. I didn’t fully accept my body until these last few months, and it took time and effort.

I used to find ways to hide my body, and I would dread dressing up for every holiday. I would get so anxious and consumed with body shame, so don’t feel bad if you aren’t fully embracing yourself yet. Be patient, and stick with me through this journey. I promise I won’t give up on you, and I hope you won’t give up on yourself. You deserve self-love and body confidence.

Summer Self-Love Affirmations

Now, y’all know I’m a fan of affirmations and body positive quotes. They are all over this blog, and some of my favorites are in my body positive self-help book, Eat the Damn Muffin. I have notebooks all over my house to remind me to never give up on this self-love journey, so check out some of the ones that remind me that my body and all bodies are summer bodies.

  • If you have to restrict certain foods, cut calories, and constantly workout to be a specific size, then maybe that’s not the size you’re meant to be.
  • We aren’t born to lose weight and chase unrealistic ideals. We are here to live our life happily.
    Summer isn’t about losing weight. It’s about spending time with the ones you love and having fun outside.
    Life doesn’t start 10 pounds or any weight loss amount from here. Life is now and happening, so I should live it and not miss it by being brought down by arbitrary numbers.
    I shouldn’t punish myself or my body for a bad day, because self-love is a process.
    Thank you body, for housing everything that keeps me alive and allowing me to live my life.
    I am as beautiful as I believe I am, and my beauty can’t be determined by others.
    I need to stop comparing myself to others, because it will only bring me down. I’m living my life not theirs.
    Comparisons don’t matter, because everyone is uniquely themselves.
    My body has gotten me this far in life, so I should be grateful and show it kindness and appreciation.

Again, I could go on and on with these. I’m even getting more notebooks, because mine are almost full. Just remember that beauty is a mindset, not an image.

It’s just so important to know that you are in charge of how you feel about yourself. It’s SELF-love for a reason, so take it back. Whether it’s an inner mean girl, toxic people, or other negativity in your life that causes you to feel ashamed of your body, you need to get rid of it. Kick that negativity out the door, and embrace yourself for all that you are.

Stop labeling yourself as “too” this or that. You’re incredibly beautiful just the way you are. The only labels you need are positive ones.

Redefine yourself, and don’t focus on what you consider flaws. Those are quirks, and they are gorgeous. Whatever you don’t like about your body, change the way you view it.

Your body carries you and all that important junk inside you around. Your belly breaks down foods and keeps you energized and going. Your legs are beautiful and are like strong flower stems that hold you up. Your butt is perfect, because all butts are perfect. Just change the way you talk to yourself and you’ll start to see that magnificent person staring back at you in the mirror. If you can start this process and keep trying, then that positivity and confidence will flow.

Every morning this summer, I want you to wake up and remember:

1. All bodies are beautiful.

2. Confidence is for every body.

3. You’re worthy of self-love at any size.

I hope you wear whatever makes you smile this summer, and I hope I was able to kick some of that summer body shame out of your head.

Have a good week!


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