Finding Your Blogging Voice

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For this week’s blogging about blogging post, I won’t bore you with a ton of instructions. However, I do have some tips on an important topic. I really want to talk about voice, and it’s something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m going to be honest and admit that my blogger voice is very similar to how I speak in my everyday life. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s pretty damn close.

I swear a fair amount in real life. I’m long winded and fast-talking, and I genuinely use a lot of compound sentences when I speak. I get told I talk too much, and I’m okay with that.

There is a lot in common with my blog tone and my everyday actual voice, and I’ve been told that’s why people like to read my blog. I’ve heard that I’m relatable and it’s refreshing that my blogger voice is quirky and doesn’t hold anything back. I’m not entirely sure that’s how I personally feel, but I do try to write how I speak.

I think establishing a voice and overall tone is important. It is what sets you apart from billions of bloggers. It’s also what your readers get to know, and it can have the ability to bring your blog to life.

What Exactly is a Blogging Voice?

Your blogging voice is the overall tone of how your write. It’s about how your personality comes through and is conveyed to your readers. It’s you. When it comes to your voice, you can approach it how you want. That’s the beauty in this. It’s your voice, and you have control.

Some bloggers like to be instructional and write more like a script or a how-to manual. Some bloggers rant and throw all grammar out the window. There are billions of bloggers, so there’s billions of voices. The key is knowing the components of your voice and being consistent with it.

Not Everyone Will Like Your Blogger Voice

The hardest thing for me to accept early in my blogging journey was that not everyone will like your blog and its tone. I’ve been told I’m too this or too that, but I had to accept that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s okay to not be liked by everyone. Honestly, I like myself and how I write, so I’m totally okay with not being liked by everyone. It’s frustrating when someone doesn’t understand where I’m coming from, but not everyone will relate to you or understand you. That’s all apart of blogging and why there’s such a diverse range of bloggers and voices.

Create and Build Your Blogger Voice

Your voice and tone are apart of your brand. It helps if you are consistent with how you post and have all the little aspects match up. There’s more to your voice and you blog tone than you might think. I also want to share my tips for growing and feeling confident with your voice.

  • Patterns and Consistency– I try to write a similar style for most of my posts. My reviews and roundups all have a similar layout, and I have headers, fonts, and specifics that I use regularly. Having patterns and being consistent with your post style can help get your voice across.
  • Grammar or Bust- Not everyone will write like an English major, and thank goodness for that. I love that some bloggers throw out the grammar rule book, because it’s apart of their voice. Personally, I love grammar, but I also stray from the rules from time to time. I have a style with my writing, and I tend to stick to the rules all while having a bit of edge at the same time. Find what works for you, and remember it’s okay to break some rules.
  • Layout and Appearance Matter– How your blog looks is also an extension of your voice too. Colors and layout help get your point across. Font choices and all of the small details not only help set you apart, but they help convey your voice. The small parts show your authenticity and character.

Be You

Blogging can be so much more than a business or hobby. It can be an extension of who you are. It can be your dream, so why not put in the effort to make it magical. Having a blogging voice and being confident in it can make all the difference.

If you are happy, authentic, and love what you write, that will attract readers.

Have a great weekend!


22 thoughts on “Finding Your Blogging Voice”

  1. So true, all of your tips, it has to be your voice, not mimicking others just to be seen. Some will like it, and there will always be those who don’t. Or just don’t understand your words. My husband can say one thing and I will hear something completely different. Great post.

    1. I completely agree! Thanks a bunch for reading and getting where I’m coming from! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi Jenni! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m a very new blogger and I only have about two posts up and I’m very much trying to find my blogging voice. Stuck in a place where I want to make original content but I don’t want to lose any readers. I also agree that layout is everything! Not need to make navigation hard for readers! 😊

    1. I wish you all the best. Finding the balance between authenticity and readership isn’t always easy, but if you write what interests you, you’ll see growth!

  3. I also swear a fair bit. Initially I decided I wasn’t going to swear at all in blog posts, but then I decided if it’s such a part of my spoken voice I might as well let it into my blogging voice every now and then.

    1. That’s how I feel. I’ve been told as a mom blogger it’s inappropriate, but to hell with those people!

  4. Fab post and one I 1000000% agree with. I also write how I speak and people that know me always say they can tell it’s me in my blog post, which is a good thing, right? What’s the point in sounding like everyone else? I definitely get that sense from you, you don’t sound monotonous or robotic, which sets you apart from other bloggers out there. One point that I’m not too sure I agree on is grammar but I’m a bit of a grammar stickler lol. I’d say too much so actually but it’s something I’ve always been interested in (lame, I know) so when other writers have really bad grammar I’m instantly put off. I’m not talking the odd mistake or typo as I know my posts aren’t perfect, but I do feel like if you’re going to be writer, you need to be working on that haha. But I love your blog and think your style and voice is great, don’t ever change it!

    1. Thanks so much. I actually agree with you on the grammar. I don’t follow many who have horrendous grammar, but I know many who do enjoy reading rants and grammar-less posts. So, I guess I’m saying it’s all your choice. Personally, I’m an English major, so I think grammar really helps readability. I genuinely appreciate your kind words and totally getting where I’m come from!!

  5. Fantastic tips about finding your own blogging voice, Jenni! 🙂 I agree with you about grammar – it certainly helps build that professional feel of a blog that’s also easy to navigate. Love how you expressed it here!

  6. I absolutely love this and so thankful to have seen this! I started my blog over a year ago but never tried to do anything with it until recently! And I am someone who doesn’t check grammar I just have to write it down and keep going! Thanks again!

  7. I sort of stumbled into my writing voice quite by accident tips, and one of the main ways that this happened was through the reading out loud of my posts (its also an easy way to catch any jarring errors and typos for those who are sticklers about grammatical correctness) and mostly just being me…

      1. I am actually playing around with an idea of seeing if I can embed a read-along soundtrack to my posts, because sometimes my posts were meant to be read out loud for

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