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Mom Boss and Artist: Featured Interview with Shana Browne

When it comes to the things that make us happy, we are all so diverse, and I think that is extremely wonderful. One of my favorite things is art and the millions of forms of art and how inspirational it can be. Whether it’s a powerful sculpture or a calming painting, art brings so many people togetherness and joy.

I tend to follow a lot of artists on social media, and a local artist from my area has been catching my eye more and more. Actually, that’s saying it pretty lightly, because I’ve been stalking her page for new pieces almost daily.

This specific artist is not only incredibly talented, but she’s also a new mom. Motherhood has the ability to inspire and become a muse in and of itself, so I felt compelled to reach out to her for an interview. I also wanted to share some of her magnificent pieces, because they make me smile, and I believe the world needs more of her talent as well.

Meet Shana Browne

Shana is a mom in her early twenties who brings vibrance to everything she creates. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her journey for quite some time. She’s moved to many places and overcome so much. She’s beautiful, brilliant, and watching the paint videos she shares is magnetizing. I wanted to do a small interview and share her with you all.

Interview Questions

1. At what age did you discover your creative side and your love of art?

I can honestly say I feel in love with art when I was about 9, like 5th grade. I always doodled and tried to draw and just kept wanting to get better at it! I was scared of paint for a while, and preferred drawing pictures I’d find on google. Then, it turned into just googling what I wanted to draw, then trying to put my own groove into it. But finally, I mustered up the courage and started painting, and once I started painting, around 18, is when I finally got in touch with my own personal creativity and stopped googling images to copy. I had ideas from my own noggin.

2. Was art more of a hobby or did you see it as a future you wanted pursue?

I consider art more as a hobby only because I never really believed in turning your passion into your job. I have goals for my future, and I plan on going to college to pursue a career in business. But who knows, I’ve had a few thoughts on how to add art to my possible career path.

3. Did you have any creative influences growing up or anyone that supported your creativity? If so, who?

My family has always been very supportive of me. From buying me pencils to easels, they’ve always come through. Now, I have my amazing fiancé who pushes me to push my limits and constantly wants me to do better.

4. Has moving around and travel impacted your art in anyway? Have you been able to be inspired in each new place or were there adjustment periods or setbacks?

Moving around impacted every part of my life, for sure. But I’ve also always been on and off with art. I have to feel, I don’t know, in the mood to make something. It never really had much to do with inspiration but with how I felt inside. Some days, I can make ten paintings, while sometimes there’s a period of like 3 years where I don’t pick up a pencil or a paint brush.

5. What is your favorite art medium?

I’m definitely an acrylic painter. I prefer the dry on wet method mostly because I am a precise painter, and acrylic helps me achieve that.

6. As a new mom, has there been any changes to your art and how do you feel about it?

Yes, I’ve been wanting to draw her. I’ve found in the past that it’s easier to draw what you love, and I look at her all day and just wish I had to skills to make portraits.

7. As a mom and artist, what advice would you give your younger self?

Start selling your work! Stop being scared and stingy, and make some money!

I’ve always thought that I was just an amateur and that nobody would want my work, but I was proven wrong many times!

8. Do you give your pieces titles, if so, is there a process for that?

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. If I do, it’s because when I looked at it, that’s what popped into my head. I’ve realized that if I try too hard, it’s just not good.

9. Do you get attached to what you create?

I did in the past. When I would paint for myself, it was usually more personal work and pictures that visualized some real feelings. But then, I sold the majority of my art to get money to move to California. After getting pregnant is when I decided to move back, and to be a stay at home mother. That’s when I really picked the paint brush back up, to make some pocket change. It took some conditioning, but I don’t get attached to the work anymore, because now I make to sell. So I try to do for the consumer more than myself.

10. How much time does it typically take for you to complete a piece?

That depends! I’ve always been a fast worker. And there’s also a process to finding what exactly to make, sometimes.

Before, I’d get bored if I couldn’t finish a piece in a day, as ridiculous as that sounds. Since I’ve started selling my art, I’ve been putting more effort and time into my pieces, though. A small piece could take a day-a week, and larger pieces could take a few days-a few weeks. Sometimes, I have to stare at just a background for a week just to figure out what I want to paint.

Check Out Some Of Her Favorite Pieces

If you’re interested in any paintings or would like to contact her for more please visit:

Grae Daze Art by Shana on Facebook

Grae Daze Art on Instagram


I hope you feel inspired this week!


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