How to be Productive During a Blogging Break

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I’ve taken a handful of blogging breaks this last year. Whether it was family or health related, sometimes bloggers need breaks too. I’ve taken short breaks for a few days, and I’ve also taken a two week break.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard for me to completely step away and have a blog free break. I’ve done it, but I would much rather take a break and still find ways to be productive. I know it sounds like an oxymoron to be productive all while not actively blogging, but it’s very possible.

There are small ways you can keep your numbers from totally flatlining. If numbers aren’t your concern and you just hate not being busy and productive, there are little tasks you can do on a break that won’t feel like work.

Whatever the reason, you can rest and still be a boss. Have your cake and eat it too, because what’s the point of cake if you can’t eat it. Just make more later. You don’t have to write blog posts during the break, but there are ways to work without working if that makes sense.

Stay Social

When I go on a break, I don’t like to go completely dark. I still update my social media platforms, but it’s not nearly as often as when I’m actively blogging. Social media can be pretty exhausting. Statuses, pictures, graphics, and keeping up with engagement tire me out more than actually writing my posts sometimes.

When I’m taking a break, I’ll add maybe 2 new statuses, quotes, or images a week. I typically post every other day on my socials, so I dial it back to about half that amount. I also don’t have lengthy captions or as much bulk in those posts during the break.

It’s important to do what you’re comfortable with though, but dialing it back that 50% helps me recharge and still keeps my numbers and engagement from going to zero. There’s a decrease, but if people like what you do, they will be back when you come back. Don’t panic.

Read and Engage

During my breaks, I find new blogs and add to my reading list. I look for topics I’m genuinely interested in, and I follow, like, and comment. Supporting others not only feels good, but I love reading and find new blogs to add to my reader. It’s nice to just sit back and read someone else’s blog and let them know how lovely they are.

Engaging this way also helps drive traffic to your page. Now, I’m not one to leave my blog link in comments on other people’s post, so sometimes they return the blogging comment curtesy and sometimes not. It doesn’t bother me, because I like other blogs and posts regardless of that comment for comment or follow for follow strategy. I’m not that kind of blogger, but if you are, it could still benefit you.

Never count out engagement to grow your traffic, regardless of your numbers strategy. I genuinely believe bloggers supporting bloggers is important in becoming successful.


Another thing I do during my breaks is adding small updates to my blog and socials. I’m not saying I go crazy with layout changes, because I’m the lady that will spend days on her layout.

I update old blog posts. I’ll do one or two a day usually. I’ll reread and check for spelling and grammar mistakes I may have missed. I’ll also update the post graphic and check my tags and categories. Those little refreshes can go a long way without overwhelming you and making the break feel nonexistent.

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest is my favorite social platform. I used it way before I became a blogger, and a good chunk, maybe 30-40%, of my re-pins aren’t for my blog. So, I’ll update my boards, and I’ll make some new pin graphics. I’ll repost and freshen up some of my more popular pins, and that really helps keep my blog traffic up while I’m not posting. Plus, Pinterest is fun.

I also have updated my social media header images, profile pictures, and bios on my breaks. I don’t do that all in one day, because that defeats the point of a relaxing during a break. I’ll set a day for images, set a day for bios, and the same for profile pictures.

Sometimes, stepping away from our social media platforms is a maybe mind refresher, but I also enjoy just scrolling through things I’m interested in rather than things that are blog related, but it’s important to remember to recharge how you want.

Join Influencer Platforms

I’ve joined a few influencer platforms where bloggers and brands are connected during some of my mini breaks. It makes me feel productive, and I don’t have to jump at every campaign. I can set my profile up at my own speed and read into offers. It’s a nice way to work without working.

I’m personally a fan of influencer platforms but not all of them are created equal. For example, I’ve had a few crummy exchanges with brands who didn’t hold up their end. Just choose your campaigns wisely, and don’t sell yourself short. I’d love to share some of my favorites though!

  • Moms Meet– This is my favorite platform as a mom and influencer, because I can apply for sample kits, there are coupons, and I love the reviews and community vibes. I’ve done several of their campaigns, and they are amazing.

Break Your Way

Make sure that when you decide to take a break, you do it your way. These are great tips to stay productive, but make sure your mental health comes first. It’s okay to step away for a bit. Blogging won’t disappear overnight. I also know many people who believe consistency is what makes a blogger successful, and while I agree, you won’t be producing good content if you’re burnt out and overwhelmed.

I’ve come back from breaks swinging hard and boosted my numbers and content even better than before the break. Sometimes that step away, recharges and creates new inspiration and drive.

I like staying slightly productive because it keeps my fire lit, but make sure you customize your break to fit your needs. Enjoy some time off even if you don’t want to be completely gone.

With all of that being said, I’m taking a week off to focus on my upcoming book release. I have some edits and things I want to give my full attention. I’ll still be around, but I don’t have any new posts for a week. This month I’m not doing any product roundups or blogger features, but I’ll have both for August.

My socials will still be active, and I’ll be checking out posts from blogs I love and continuing to share and support other bloggers. I also have an author interview coming that I will be reposting as well, so stay tuned!

Have an amazing weekend and upcoming week!


8 thoughts on “How to be Productive During a Blogging Break”

  1. You are my blogging idol – I don’t know how you do it all with little ones! I am going to keep this post around. There are some good ideas in here, especially for taking time off, because I am one of those that is afraid to take time off! Xo

    1. That made my entire freaking month! Thank you so much. Taking breaks can be scary, but sometimes, you just need it. I also found that when I prep for a break and do these little things, I stay motivated and come back swinging even harder.

  2. I needed to read this because I sometimes feel burned out and don’t know how to step away from my blog at times. You’re right, though, we all need a break sometimes. We’re humans, not machines, and so we need to recharge. Also, this part: “I genuinely believe bloggers supporting bloggers is important in becoming successful” made me so happy. I’m always banging on about how important it is to support one another on this journey. I support others because I want to support them, though, not just to get interaction back. But there’s enough space on the internet for us all to be successful, so I always take the time to read other’s blogs!

    1. Yes! I definitely agree. I don’t support others in hopes of a comment or follow. I whole heartedly believe we can all be successful and supporting each other is apart of that success! And darlin, if you need a break, don’t sweat it. Come back swinging even harder. We will be here when you’re recharged. Thanks for reading and being lovely!

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