Coffee Talks: Build and Rebuild

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Fun fact: Build and Rebuild is a chapter title from the extended version of Eat the Damn Muffin. This past week, I took off from writing new posts to work on some much needed book edits and me time. I feel recharged and am ready to keep building and rebuilding.

A lot has been going on in our lives. We have had some health concerns, possible temporary job layoffs, and just a ton of not so fun moments. Thankfully, we’ve come out on the other side stronger and better than ever.

We are still handling health issues, but we are in the clear with the other stuff. I’m just genuinely grateful right now.

Blog Blowup

So, lately my blog has been gaining traction for all of the reasons I’ve always wanted it to. I’m here to help others and inspire people to find their confidence with their bodies as well as in life and with parenting. From the messages I’ve received over my break, my goals are happening. That makes this all worth it. I love helping people any way that I can.

I’m also excited for all of the wonderful things coming up with this blog. I’ll officially be going self hosted this fall right around the time my paperback is being published. I know I’ve been talking about going self hosted for awhile, but my research finally led me to a decision.

I also have so many great products to share with you for August, so I may have style, beauty, and home goods all in separate roundups. I can’t wait to share everything with you!

Marriage and Sex

I’ve done my fair share of posts about marriage and sex. I’ve even been sent gifts from adult stores to try and review on my blog. I want to keep up my sex positive attitude and aim for 1-2 marriage and sex related posts a month.

I believe that our bodies are magical, and normalizing nakedness and sex is something I stand behind. It’s natural, beautiful, and let’s not forget that pleasure has so many positive health benefits. So, I want to have these topics become more regular.

Fall Schedules

With fall approaching a hell of a lot faster than I thought it would, it’s time to get into a good scheduled groove. I don’t know about you, but schedules, lists, and organization help this momma thrive!

What to Expect

I want to layout a bit of my posting schedule, so you know what to look for. This isn’t something I usually do, because I have a notebook for all of this. But, this is an idea of what to expect from Housewife Hustle.

  • Coffee Talks: These are every Monday and give a personal update of sorts on me, my family, life, or trends I’m interested in talking about.
  • Body Positive Messages & Tips: I try to do two body positive posts a month, and they are usually posted on Wednesday’s unless it’s something I dying to tell everyone and share. I also have new and almost always correlating Instagram pictures on Wednesdays that go off my the message from the week.
  • Sex & Marriage: I will be trying to do these on the Wednesday’s that I don’t share a body positive message, since body and sex can relate. That way there’s some alternating rhythm to my reason.
  • Blogging about Blogging: I post about blogging on Friday’s. Whether it’s my tips and what I’ve learned or an interview of a featured blogger I think you should follow, Friday’s are for blogging.
  • Reviews & Roundups: Product reviews, for stand alone products that won’t fit with my usual roundup, usually happen on a Tuesday or Thursday. It depends on the product deadline or when I’ve made up my mind on how I feel about the product. Roundups happen the last week of the month.

There you have it. That’s what to expect. There’s some slight method to my madness, but I thought I’d actually share this with you all so you have an idea what to expect. August and September are going to be my busiest months for Housewife Hustle and my book. I have so many wonderful campaigns and things that will be happening. Plus, I’m aiming for end of September for my paperback publication.

When You’re Stuck

Every few months, I find myself questioning if I have things where they need to be. I ask myself if I’m following a good schedule and if I’m able to take care of my family and myself as well as work from home with my blog and writing. I always end up with the same results: I need to slightly regain focus and order so I don’t overwhelm myself and so my work has a good amount of flow.

I see others from the blogging community ask if breaks are necessary too, and I will say taking a week off from posting has showed me where my next steps need to be. It helped me regain focus and recharge. It also motivated me even more.

If I had to pick my biggest struggle as a blogger, I’d say that I have so much, sometimes too much, that I want to say and do. I went from having a specific mom blog niche to expanding to this lifestyle, motivational mom blog.

I write about parenting, sex and relationships, beauty, style, wellness, disabilities, blogging, and body positivity. I don’t really stick to a niche anymore, because I have too many topics that I want to write about. I do also worry if my many topics hold back the success of my blog.

Every blogging guide I’ve ever read said to have a specific niche, but I tend to break a lot of blogging rules and rewrite my own. I’d like to think it’s working for me, but I still have days where I doubt what I’m doing. I’m not a damn robot.

Where it Leads Me

I have no intention of slowing down or condensing back into one topic. I also plan on running this blog until I retire, because after all, this is my job and I love it.

I also hope I can help other bloggers make their own rules and find success from what they want to create rather than from a step by step guide. Trust me, I love steps and lists, but sometimes you have to make and follow your own rules. It’s wonderful to take advice and listen to others, but putting what I want and what I envision first has made me so much happier.

Well, that got deep pretty quickly. So, I hope you have a lovely week, and be prepared to hear from me a lot this month.


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  1. Congrats beauty! I am so excited for you and so excited for all the doors that have happened recently! Can not wait to continue to watch you grow and expand! <3

  2. So excited to see everything coming up this month and into the future!! and I definitely can’t wait for the paperback release!

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