Coffee Talks: Renewing Vows

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This November will mark 5 years since I married my best friend and love of my life. We always joked about renewing our vows, but it’s something I’m actually considering a lot lately. Our wedding was small, and I honestly didn’t plan a thing.

I was going through a lot of health issues at the time, so I let my mom and my godmother plan everything. It was a small, country wedding with cozy, comfort food. All of those health issues turned out to be pregnancy, and you can read about that here.

The Dress

My wedding dress came in the mail two weeks before I said “I do,” and it was also the same day that I found out I was pregnant. It was crazy but turned into such a beautiful time. A lot of people assumed it was a shotgun wedding, but to hell with those people. I was ready to marry my husband from the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend. Yes, I’m that kind of crazy.

My dress was very fitted with lace details down the side. There wasn’t hiding much in that dress, and to this day, I fear pasties. I changed into a second, less form fitting dress and my purple Converse for the reception. I was definitely feeling that first trimester.

Thinking about renewing our vows doesn’t make me want to do anything big, but that doesn’t mean my Pinterest isn’t filled with big ideas. Yet again, I think I just want another simple day. I never cared about the details, as long as I had my husband by my side, and this time isn’t too different.

I think that I want to go dress shopping for something simple but that also makes me feel incredible. I love a good, fitted sweater dress and boots. I want to show off that I’m healthy and happy with my body after those years of struggle.

I also want to go dress shopping with my mother-in-law, because at the time of our first wedding, my husband wasn’t really speaking with his foster parents. There was a stupid fight that went far beyond what it should have, and because of that, they missed our wedding and the birth of our first born. I ache to get that back for my husband, so I really want them involved. Plus, I admire my mother-in-law so much, and her opinion means a lot to me.

Backyard Party

Honestly, I want my vows to be in our backyard (we have a little over an acre). I want to decorate our big deck with fall colors and lights. I want to wear a cozy sweater dress and my cowboy boots. I want my brother to officiate the renewal, and I just want a backyard bonfire with our favorite people.

The first time around, there were a few people who weren’t at our wedding, but I definitely want them there now. I also know I won’t chase people. I had a lot of friends flake and make excuses, but this year, I’m not letting anyone affect my big day, round two or not.

I love my husband a ridiculous amount, and I say that with a laugh. He is my best friend, and I never feel like I need time away from him. We do almost everything together, and I genuinely like him all of the time. He’s the father of my children first, my best friend second, and my husband third. I wouldn’t change anything about him.

Fall Theme

My first wedding had a lot of lace, burlap, purples, and just an overall fall theme mixed with some country decor. It didn’t cost above $500, and I would only change the amount of cake that ended up in my nose from the cake smash. I think this time around should have a bit more fall to it though.

I want pumpkins and orange lanterns. I love fall, so having it early in November makes me smile. I’ll probably have a flannel on over my dress after the vow ceremony. Thinking about it is overwhelming but more on the exciting side.

Fall also has the best foods, and we are a potluck, home cooking kind of bunch. I definitely know I want to make chili and squash pie, because I’ve fallen in love with my updated recipes. I really do think fall is the ultimate season, so it feels perfect to throw some love and vows into the mix.

Lack of Bridal Party

My wedding didn’t have a bridal party. Last minute, my husband’s sister and her boyfriend at the time stood beside us. They were wearing black though, so yeah. It wasn’t planned, and my mom sort of just told them either walk down or sit down. They went for it, and I didn’t mind.

I have probably 4 friends who’d I’d want to be in my bridal party if I had a big redo, but I think my husband and I will fly solo this time. It’s not that I don’t love my friends, but these last 5 years, my husband and I have made it through so much with just us. It feels right that it’ll be only us up there.

Involving the Kids

I’ve thought a lot about having my kids stand beside us, but I also want them to be watching. I want them to see the love between us. I want them to know that we are unbreakable in that moment, and that we will always try to lead with our love for not only them but us as a couple as well.

My kids will love decorating and the busyness of the overall day. They will probably giggle or talk during the vows. They will make funny faces if they feel like I’m taking too many pictures, and that all sounds perfect to me. The more I talk about it, the more I really want to do this as a family.

I’ll Keep You Posted

I’m sure I’ll keep you all posted on the planning and details leading up to it. If any of my blogging lovelies are in Southern PA or close to it in November, you’re welcome to enjoy our family and food.

Blogging has helped bring out my confidence and who I hid for many years. This writing journey has really helped me love and accept who I am, so I will graciously extend an invite to those I’ve become close with in the blogging community. There may be screens between us, but y’all have helped me grow into a woman I genuinely love.

I hope you have a magical week.

-Love, Jenni

Check Out These Pictures From Our Wedding

So, we got married when I was 23 and my husband was 22. Looking back, we joke that we were just babies. I had an awful choppy haircut and black/brown hair. We were so young and in love, and we didn’t care about any of the details. He wore jeans, and I changed into my chucks. Looking back makes me smile and laugh. I wouldn’t change it.

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    1. Thanks! Those pictures are from our original wedding, and we can’t wait for the vow renewal.

      1. Sorry I ment to say congratulations on renewing your vow in the future and in the pictures you guys look happy and that’s beautiful. That’s what I actually wanted to say but cut it short…lol!

  1. You’re wedding photos are so wonderful! It’s obvious you guys were so in love. And yes, you look like BABIES! When hubby and I make it to our 20th, I want to renew our vows, maybe. I feel like that is such a milestone, especially nowadays and ESPECIALLY given some of the crap we’ve made it through.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! I love that!

    1. Thanks so much. That sounds wonderful, and that’s a major milestone! Sending you all the love.

  2. This was so beautifully written! Congrats on five years! I think it is so important to celebrate all the moments, and your vow renewal sounds beautiful! <3

  3. My husband and I are nearing 10 years together and I totally want to do a vow renewal. It’s still like 3 years from now but time is flying so it will be here in no time lol.
    I didnt have a huge wedding either and it was all low key, with family and friends because we didnt have money so I definitely want to have a bigger celebration since I didnt really get a dream wedding. But itll still be with family and friends and still relatively small and this time with pictures lol.
    Also you looked stunning on your wedding day that dress is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much!!! Awe, I’m so happy for you guys. That’s a major feat, and I hope it’s beautiful and everything you dreamed of!

  4. LOVE your dresses so much!!! And your vow renewal sounds like a dream! ❤❤❤

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