Coffee Talks: Layoffs Not Letdowns

A few weeks ago, my husband’s company asked employees to volunteer for a temporary layoff for a 6 week slow period. It’ll take that long to process their orders and restock parts, because management has to catch back up. Usually, the older guys volunteer.

It all was sorted out, but they still needed a few others to take the temporary layoff. At first, my husband said there was no way he would volunteer. After speaking to higher ups and considering all of the positives to the layoff- time home with us, the company continues to pay his benefits, an overall break, plus the promise of overtime when he goes back, he decided to go for it. I was thrilled.

Not the End of the World

We’ve had mixed responses to his layoff. He always praises the company he works for, because it really is his dream job. He would love to recruit people to work where he does, because he thinks the company is one of the best in our area. Regardless of the company, people think a layoff could be the end of the damn world, but honestly, I’m so excited.

Of course money is always a stressful factor in life, but he wouldn’t have volunteered if we couldn’t make it through. Besides, he can get a temp job if he wants, and we have a few very supportive family members with good connections. I’ve already made list after list, and I can only focus on the fact that there are more positives in this current situation. We are very fortunate, even during this layoff. I can’t completely express my gratitude.

Positivity and Parenting

Staying positive not only helps my mental health but it’s good for the kids. Before the layoff, my anxiety had been taking a major toll on me. Honestly, I wasn’t okay for a while, but I pushed through. I was a bit nervous that this layoff could affect all of that again, but I’m surprisingly very positive. What’s weird is that I’m not just positive; I’m calm.

I think the majority of my positive attitude is coming from the fact that our kids will get some much needed daddy time. He’s always so busy on his usual weekends off, and this summer he’s been helping everyone he knows. He’s the go to Mr. Fix it for vehicles and home projects. Now that he has more free time, it’s going to be incredible to see the littles having fun with their daddy.

The pros keep piling up, and I’m excited. For me, I’m ready to get this man some honey-do lists so he can put his handiness to work. Now that he’s home, we can get the house and yard all ready for fall. We can clean out the basement and garage like we’ve been planning, and maybe my deck will finally get painted. He can be my personal Mr. Fix it. That way he is with us and getting stuff done.

Regardless of why I’m happy and calm, these next 6 weeks will definitely be different for us. The kids and I are very scheduled, and while my husband is too, he’s used to his work schedule.

I’m pretty thrilled he will get to be apart of the nap times and meal times he usually misses. I’m also happy that he gets a glimpse into my day and my work.

SAHM & Blog Life

He knows that being a stay-at-home parent isn’t an easy job. Even though I don’t have pay stubs and a 401k, it’s still a very real job. I did notice that he was overwhelmed his first day home, so that does make me nervous. At the same time, this layoff will definitely increase his appreciation for me as well as help his understanding for when momma needs a moment.

Being a SAHM is magical and chaotic at the same time. If I don’t keep our little ones’ routines in check, it’s toddler anarchy. I also work from home, because my blog is a job.

Blogging takes a lot more time and effort than some think. It’s not just writing and hitting publish. There’s a lot that goes into each post. I have to plan, write, edit, create graphics, check my links, and edit some more. Then, I have to publish and promote.

I usually do the majority of my work when the kids are napping and in bed or if I get a free moment. With my husband being home, he can man the babies while I work. Honestly, I’m looking forward to sort of switching work roles with him.

A Lot to Come

Not only do I have a lot of sponsored content and major posts coming up, the paperback, second edition of I Eat the Damn Muffin: Confidence for Every Body will be coming out right before he goes back to work. So, even though he’s on a mini vacation of sorts, there’s not going to be as much free time as I would have hoped.

I’m very excited though, and I could keep saying it over and over again. My blog is taking off, because I’ve been working so hard to accomplish my goals. My book is coming out, and the mini ebook edition did wonderfully with great responses. On top of all of this, we still want to keep planning our vow renewal even though the layoff wasn’t originally in the mix.

So much to do, so little time. I hope you all are ready for these next two months, because they are going to be a whirlwind at Housewife Hustle.

Have a lovely week.

-With Love, Jenni

6 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Layoffs Not Letdowns”

  1. I’ll take time off paid or unpaid to spend time with my family. It’s more worth it. Work is everywhere. Whether it’s a a big company or a small bussines someone always needs help. Time with family is so short and can never be bought back. Congrats to you guys and Hope you guys enjoy your family time.👍

  2. I finally understand that blogging is a job, many times we don’t appreciate creatives for the work that goes in the process. Congrats on your book. Here binging on your posts for the time I was away.

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