Blog Writer’s Block: Post Ideas for All Niches

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I have a notebook where I write down any and all blog ideas, whether they are a scattered mess that I’ll never use or posts that I’m determined to create. Even if it’s not something I could create a post from, writing down those ideas still helps. It’s all about drawing inspiration.

It’s easy to go go go, but then, all of a sudden you feel like you’re out of blog steam. Writer’s block is never fun, and it always makes me feel guilty even when I know it shouldn’t. It’s okay to not have your mind constantly swirling with ideas. So, when you feel like you have no clue what you’re going to write next, get a notebook and write down anything and everything. Good or bad, writing can help spin your wheels.

If that still isn’t helping you plan out some posts, hop on Pinterest or a search engine and look up “post ideas for” and look up your niche. You’d be amazed by the wonderful ideas that people and the blogging community want to share. That’s what I’m doing today. I want to share some post ideas for a few different niches.

I have drawn inspiration from my notebooks and posts like this. You don’t have to use an idea completely as it is. Just reading these can inspire other ideas that may peak your interest. For me, I can find a way to spin many of these to fit what I write about, because blogging is creative. To be a blogger, you should trust your creative instincts. I believe in you, and if you’re in a writer’s block stuck period, you’ll come through it better than ever.

Lifestyle Bloggers

Lifestyle is a lovely umbrella blog niche that can include a variety of topics, because lifestyle bloggers also tend to include their personal experiences and hobbies when they are writing as well. I want to share a list of blog post topics that could pretty much all be included on a lifestyle blog.

From food to fashion, there’s a lot of options to write about as a lifestyle blogger, but having those options doesn’t stop writer’s block from cutting off that creative flow. Not all lifestyle bloggers cover every topic either, some pick two or three and focus on those. I want to not only share ideas that fit into the lifestyle niche but some others as well.

Fashion Post Ideas
  • Your go to everyday staples
  • Seasonal favorites
  • Your favorite accessories for everyday outfits
  • Best date night/dress favorites
  • Work from home outfits to boost your confidence while staying comfortable
  • Office outfits that make you stand out and feel fierce
  • Easy but chic outfits for running errands
  • What to wear for a job interview
  • Wedding guest outfits that will impress
  • Outfit ideas for school reunions that will turn heads
  • Trends that weren’t worth the hype
  • Top style trends to follow
  • Your style icon inspiration
  • Pieces that will never go out of style
  • Get ready/dressed with me
Beauty Post Ideas
  • Everyday makeup looks
  • Top 10 holy grail makeup products
  • Top makeup dupes
  • Is it worth it: try and review high end products
  • Morning/nighttime skin care routine and tips
  • Seasonal makeup trends and tips
  • Makeup dos and don’ts
  • What’s in my bag
  • Best eyeshadow shades for every eye color
  • Classic makeup looks that don’t go out of style
  • Makeup tips for the office
  • Quick and easy mommy makeup routine
  • Dramatic eyes for special occasions
  • Top lip colors for the season
  • Best nail trends for the season
Family & Parenting Blog Post Ideas
  • Lessons you’ve learned from parenthood
  • Favorite family night ideas
  • Holidays traditions and new ones to make
  • Family game night ideas
  • Meet our pets
  • Potty training tips and what worked for us
  • What we watch as a family
  • Tips for back to school for parents
  • Top podcasts/books for parents
  • Top podcasts/books for little ones
  • Morning/bedtime routines to keep your family organized
  • Toddler/kid room theme and organization ideas
  • How to incorporate mindfulness into a morning/bedtime routine for kids
  • Tips for developing speech in babies and toddlers
  • Best baby/kid friendly products
Food Blog Post Ideas
  • Favorite recipes from childhood
  • Simple holiday dishes to wow the crowd
  • Easy family dinner recipes that can be made in less than an hour
  • Delicious meals on a budget
  • Best baked goods for every season
  • Seasonal favorite drink recipes
  • How to use leftovers for great meals
  • Top crockpot meals
  • Planning casseroles for a busy week
  • Your all time favorite foods
  • First meals to teach your kids to cook
  • Tips for letting kids help in the kitchen
  • Planning a dinner party in a pinch
  • Simple appetizers/desserts that will impress
  • Cooking with coffee and how to use it for more than a morning pick me up
Blogging About Blogging Post Ideas
  • How to start a blog
  • Tips to monetize your blog
  • Best blogging apps
  • Favorite WordPress plugins
  • How to grow your followers/subscribers
  • Mailing list tips
  • Blog post ideas
  • Tips for pitching to brands
  • How to build a successful media kit
  • Social media tips for bloggers
  • Favorite theme options
  • Pinterest marketing to grow your numbers
  • Tailwind and other helpful blogging tools
  • Your favorite widgets and blog building extras
  • How to use hashtags beyond Instagram
All About You Post Ideas
  • Things you might not know
  • A day in your life
  • What I can’t live without
  • A letter to your younger/future self
  • Lessons from your childhood
  • Top 10 bucket list destinations
  • Your goals for the month/season/year
  • What inspires you
  • Favorite quotes/movies/tv/music/books
  • Biggest pet peeves
  • Best places to eat/visit where you live
  • What you wanted to be growing up and where you are now
  • Your self-care routine for rough days
  • What’s in your bag
  • Who do you follow that inspires you
Other Post Ideas
  • Hack Posts: Kitchen hacks, yard/deck hacks, organization hacks
  • Top things to do in your city
  • Your vision/dream for your blog
  • Side hustles that blogging that ignite (e-courses, e-books, ect)
  • Favorite social media platform and why
  • Favorite phone apps
  • What your grateful for
  • Movements that mean something to you and why
  • Friendships/relationships as an adult
  • What you would do if you hit the lottery

Options Galore

I think I could keep going, but that’s a good start for now. Travel and DIY weren’t included, because I’m not well versed in either. I do love reading blogs of all topics though. I also try to push myself and write outside of my box when I’m feeling stuck.

The topics I write about are all laced with personal experiences and stories. I cover parenting, beauty, mental health, relationships and sex, and body positivity. At Housewife Hustle, I write about my journey with all of those. I don’t do many beauty tips per say, but I share product favorites and discuss my routine and love of all things beauty. Also, I discuss my disability and that I’m legally blind. Blogging for me isn’t just my career; it’s personal.

While many of these ideas are basic and great for starting out, there’s a way to embed a personal touch to fit your style and voice wherever you are in your blogging journey. I’m not saying you have to use these verbatim when writer’s block hits, but they can help draw inspiration.

Being a blogger already showcases your creative abilities. Don’t be hard on yourself for feeling like you’re out of ideas. Give it a minute and breathe. You can do this, and I’m always here for help.

Have a beautiful weekend!

-With Love, Jenni

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