Well, here I am. I don’t usually double post, but I have to share this. Today, I shared a post about finding inspiration on social media. Along with it, I shared a picture to Instagram that was reported within minutes. The picture was inspired by Ashley Graham and thousands of others who did the same pose in hopes to celebrate bodies. Ashley Graham is pregnant and captioned her picture, found here, “same same but different.”

Her post exploded and inspired millions of women to embrace their bodies and everything they have been through. I decided to share a similar one as well. I’ve had 3 pregnancies, 2 births and a miscarriage. I’ve also had 5+ stomach surgeries, and I battled bulimia for close to a decade. My body felt like a war zone for years, and I’m finally proud of it and ready to celebrate my curves.


What breaks my heart is that I was reported. There was no nipple or anything that goes against guidelines. The sad part is that someone felt offended that I embrace my body. I see tons of women who share similar images and some with even more skin who don’t get reported. Usually, those women are models and are the ideal body type. I’m not angry at those women, and I completely support them for celebrating their bodies just as they are.

What’s sad is that it’s difficult to coexist when the media approves one body type and not the other. I support all bodies, but today, I was made to feel like I can’t share my progress. I was made to feel like I can’t share my stretch marks and struggles, because someone took offense.

It was hard at first, but now, I’m more fueled than ever. I will not stop fighting for all bodies. I will never stop this journey of self-love, because I am size happy. If anything, this has made me want to fight harder. So, thank you.

-With Love,


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I'm a wife and stay at home mom. I'm not a domestic goddess but more like a demi-goddess, because I don't have super strength or multiple arms. I have two hands and just try to drink my coffee and conquers the momdays.