All Bodies are Beautiful: Disheartening Truths that Happened Today

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Well, here I am. I don’t usually double post, but I have to share this. Today, I shared a post about finding inspiration on social media. Along with it, I shared a picture to Instagram that was reported within minutes. The picture was inspired by Ashley Graham and thousands of others who did the same pose in hopes to celebrate bodies. Ashley Graham is pregnant and captioned her picture, found here, “same same but different.”

Her post exploded and inspired millions of women to embrace their bodies and everything they have been through. I decided to share a similar one as well. I’ve had 3 pregnancies, 2 births and a miscarriage. I’ve also had 5+ stomach surgeries, and I battled bulimia for close to a decade. My body felt like a war zone for years, and I’m finally proud of it and ready to celebrate my curves.


What breaks my heart is that I was reported. There was no nipple or anything that goes against guidelines. The sad part is that someone felt offended that I embrace my body. I see tons of women who share similar images and some with even more skin who don’t get reported. Usually, those women are models and are the ideal body type. I’m not angry at those women, and I completely support them for celebrating their bodies just as they are.

What’s sad is that it’s difficult to coexist when the media approves one body type and not the other. I support all bodies, but today, I was made to feel like I can’t share my progress. I was made to feel like I can’t share my stretch marks and struggles, because someone took offense.

It was hard at first, but now, I’m more fueled than ever. I will not stop fighting for all bodies. I will never stop this journey of self-love, because I am size happy. If anything, this has made me want to fight harder. So, thank you.

-With Love,


22 thoughts on “All Bodies are Beautiful: Disheartening Truths that Happened Today”

  1. That really is sad. Women’s bodies deserve to be celebrated, no matter what the size or shape. If people are uncomfortable, they don’t have to look, but they should then just move on rather than trying to dictate what a woman can or can’t do with her body.

  2. Instagram drives me crazy. It’s so hypocritical. Kardashians post nearly naked photos all the time but when women who don’t have a Hollywood “perfect” body do it they are discriminated against. It’s so heartening to see photos of women like me who have curves, and stretch marks and dimples! I applaud your bravery and your refusal to back down!

    1. Thank you so much. That means a lot. It’s frustrating, but it’s a fight I won’t give up.

  3. Some people just stink. You are such an inspiration and I love how you share your struggles and embrace your body. If others can’t appreciate then they need to just scroll on by. Thank you for being you sweets. <3

  4. There will always be someone who feels the need to pass out their own negativity. Don’t take it personal. Don’t let their darkness dull your light. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. People like that don’t matter, but you do! Keep shining!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s was an overwhelming and discouraging feeling, but I decided it won’t slow me down.

  5. oh please … keep up the good, positive message and ignore the naysayers. Maybe they don’t like true beauty and are jealous. Doesn’t matter – you be you. xoxo

    1. Thanks for your constant support! You’re so incredible and make the blogging community a better place!

      1. Thank you – that is very sweet of you! xo

  6. Omg that’s fucking terrible that someone would go and report your photo. Not cool. But the media really is whack for blatantly distributing half naked skinny models and attacking or shaming body shapes that don’t fit their criteria. You do you love! You’re amazing. And if it helps, dont take offense to people who report you because it says more about them than it does about you! They’re most likely jealous and are not comfortable in their body as much as you! Embrace it girl!

    1. Thank you so incredibly much. It was difficult at first. Then, to top it off, one of the woman I tagged as inspiration blatantly ripped off one of my quotes and tried to say she said it… but it was in my blog. Then, she said she just forgot to tag me. With the entire fiasco, her stats went beyond crazy, and I lost followers. So, I’m going to keep trying to make people feel beautiful, and if set backs happen, then I’ll keep fighting.

      1. You are so welcome!
        Awh no that sounds super terrible! People are so cruel on social media but better believe if they were to have a confrontation face to face they would back down, because you cant backstab someone in their face.
        Thats right girl, you know your worth and that’s what’s important!

  7. You may feel disheartened by one individual reporting against your insta post… on the other hand, hundreds have been inspired by your work on body positivity. So keep up the good work, your blog has been uplifting not just for women but even men who have battled negative body image. Cheers…

    1. That means so much!! Thank you. In that moment, it felt like I wasn’t doing any good, but I was overreacting. Now, I’m fighting for what I believe even more.

  8. I applaud you! You would have inspired so many people and made them feel more self love and acceptance.
    Keep spreading your positivity and love.
    You are beautiful.
    The person offended has the issue within themselves and is no reflection on you.

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