Spice up Fall: Date Night Ideas to Heat Up the Bedroom

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I love the ‘ber months, because that, to me, instantly means fall. I love fall fashion, food, decor, and the weather where we live. Another reason that I love fall is that it’s always more romantic at my house.

Both my husband and I thrive in the fall, and for some reason, we always get a little more action during our favorite time of year too. Plus, our wedding anniversary is in November, so it’s an all around lovable and sexy season for us.

As soon as the air gets crisper, I try to plan a few more date nights. I also break out more lingerie and outfits that make me feel sexier than normal. It could be that my confidence is always higher in the fall or just that I’m happy that sweaty summer is over. Fall just lights my fire, so I want to share some of my favorite date night ideas that usually lead to the horizontal hustle. Why not stir up some heat between the sheets when the air is cooler outside?

Date nights can also be anywhere. You can spend the day at home and work in some of your favorite sexy activities, or you can go out and still include the kink and steam. I will be sharing date night ideas for both as well as ways to build that sexy tension. Get ready, because I’m not going to hold back.

Set the Mood

Our date nights start slow and usually have some sort of activity that sets the mood. Even though we are busy parents and sometimes just have a nice stress relieving quickie, setting the mood and taking date night at a slower pace builds the anticipation a bit more.

There are so many ways to set the mood, but we definitely have our favorites.

  • Change into something a bit more comfortable. I love being naked, but sometimes, throwing on a soft slip makes me feel even sexier. Also, I have a ton of lingerie, so finding something that isn’t too binding that I can have on under my silk robe to show him sneak peeks is a great way to set the mood and tease for later. I love wearing one of his shirt’s and nothing else too. Comfort can be extremely sexy, so it’s not always about lace and lingerie.
  • Food can be sexy too. I’m a big fan of both food and sex, so when they meet, I’m extra excited. I love sweets and baking, so on date nights, I’ll make a sweet treat and top it with whipped cream or a sweet sauce. Feeding him bites, letting him lick the spoon or vice versa is always a good way to get in the mood. I also love hinting at using the whip cream for foreplay, because it gets his wheel’s turning with ideas. Plus, food.
  • Shower time is always a good time. As parents, we are always covered in some mess, and we usually shower together anyway. For date nights, we shower each other, and we take our time washing and rubbing all of the right places. We’ve taken turns giving each other baths and have also shared a tub together.
  • Movies and books can make the heart beat faster. I’ve talked about the 50 shades series before, and that’s because we love watching a steamy movie together to get our pulses racing. We have tried watching racier stuff together too, but I’m awkward and usually laugh at how fake most of it is, but it’s all about preference. I love reading erotic stories too, so that’s one thing that always gets me in the mood.
  • Relive the glory days. Another way we set the mood is by talking about the early stages of our relationship. We talk about our favorite sexual moments, and we also include some moments where we thought about each other during solo sessions. It makes us both feel incredibly wanted and turned on.

I will share another way my husband has been setting the mood, and I don’t usually see it coming. He’s my photographer for a good chunk of my body positive pictures. He was taking this week’s picture for my Instagram, and he had me strip down a bit more than normal. He was also a lot more hands on, and it ended with a very steamy after shoot session.

I know that not everyone likes those types of pictures, but you don’t have to share them. I’ve suggested taking sexy pictures before, because it’s something we genuinely enjoy. We have a photo album that is pretty well hidden that includes some pretty sexy shots. Taking those types of pictures together or even pulling them out just to reminisce is a fun way we like to set the mood.

Setting the mood is all about preference. Some people turn on slow music, dim the lights, and dance. Some people play fun, sex card games. It’s all about finding a way to trigger that desire and then build the anticipation. Once you can’t wait any longer, then you can add in some action.

Keep the Build

After building that pressure and wanting each other for a while, most times, we still don’t just jump right into the sack. We take it one step further on date nights. Honestly, we are foreplay people, because we don’t want to just get to it and then end of story. We like to feel all of it for as long as we can.

  • Massages are always a good sex gateway. I don’t know how many moms have told me that their kids were results of asking for a back rub, but there’s a reason for that. Stripping down, and having skin to skin contact can feel amazing and can make you both want more. You’re touching each other, but it’s not sex yet. It’s building and building, so when you finally get to it, boom.

Date night doesn’t always have to be a standard dinner and movie. You can lick food off of each other and watch a steamy movie. You can drive each other wild for hours without actually getting down to the deed. If you like the go-to going out and then coming home type of date night, there’s options for that too.

Going Out with a Twist

If you’re not saying in and spending the night at home driving each other wild with foreplay and massages, there are still plenty of options for going out with a twist.

  • Vibrating panties are so much fun. One of our first sex toys was a pair of vibrating panties that had a little remote. I didn’t just wear them at home either. They are so much fun for date nights. They can make a drive-in-movie pretty exciting. I will say, waking up stairs isn’t easy at first if they are buzzing, but they are a fun and sexy addition to date nights.

I love going out to dinner and doing classic date night activities. We don’t just have intense, sex-filled date nights every week, so it’s nice to keep our options open for them. I’m really pumped for this fall too, because we are building a fire pit and getting our deck extra cozy. That’s another spot for date night, and I’m sure there will be a post about how to get down to the getting down outside without causing a scene.

I hope these tips and ideas can help you plan out a spicy date night of sorts. Remember that sexy is for everyone. Don’t feel ashamed of your body or embracing sex. It’s natural and beautiful.

-With Love, Jenni

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  1. Love this!!!!! And I love your honesty and openness – it is so refreshing!! These are some really great date night ideas! And I for sure agree with you on feeling so much sexier in the fall and it being my season!!! Keep sharing these amazing posts because I love reading them!

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