Blue Light Kids: Prioritizing the Vision of Our Children

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Technology is everywhere, and children are becoming more and more tech savvy. I see devices in the hands of younger and younger children each year, and I’m not judging whatsoever. My littles love to read, play, and watch devices and television too.

As a mother with a degenerative eye disease, my children’s vision is a top priority, because I honestly live in a bit of fear hoping they never have to go through what I did as a child with my eyesight journey. So, when I was offered to try a product that was developed to help protect our little one’s eyes from screens, I was delighted to see their capabilities for myself- no pun intended, well maybe a tad.

Just because I am legally blind doesn’t mean I’m the only parent concerned with her children’s vision, so I wanted to share my thoughts and review on Blue Light Kids. We live in an incredibly digital age, so Blue Light Kids is attempting to make sure our children have the ability to learn and communicate with devices without allowing negative impacts on vision.

Blue Light & What It Is

Let me take you back to science class. The light that is all around us in our everyday lives is a spectrum of colors, including blue lights. Light and colors are made up of wavelengths, and those wavelengths have different benefits and different risks. The majority of today’s digital devices “isolate the energy-efficient blue light rays to light their displays.” Cellphones, televisions, and so much more containing blue light is pretty much constantly around us. Yes, this means blue light can be a problem. As a parent, my head is spinning about the health of my baby’s vision, but I completely understand the benefits of technology as well. With that push and pull, Blue Light Kids offers a type of middle ground.

Why, exactly, is blue light problematic?

When the human eye is exposed to the white light mixture, the different types of light tend to balance each other out and reduce the negative impacts on the body. Once we begin to isolate out different colors, we maximize the negative impact of those light waves. With blue light, those negative impacts can vary based on the period of direct contact. This means that the result can be a range of problems from visual fatigue after a short period of use to tension headaches and even decreased melatonin secretion resulting in the disruption of healthy sleep patterns.
In an article published by Web MD, director of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, Charles Czeisler, PhD, MD stated, “The more research we do, the more evidence we have that excess artificial light at night can have a profound, deleterious effect on many aspects of human health. It is a growing public health concern.”

Basically, harnessing that single color of light causes there to be no balance, and that can have negative impacts after extended periods of time. Headaches and unrestful sleep are not something I want to affect anyone, and especially my kids. Again, all of this made me want to try the Blue Light Kids glasses even more.

Our Experience with Blue Light Kids

I was skeptical, even after reading and all of the research, because I have toddlers who don’t even keep clothes on for long periods of time, let alone glasses. When they arrived, they were adorable. I noticed right away that my daughter handled them as gentle as a semi, and they seemed miraculously sturdy and resilient. My kids were also just as curious as I was about them.

I did my best to explain what the glasses are used for, and why I wanted to give them a go. It seemed to stick, because for the next hour while I made dinner, they wore them. They didn’t break them, and they stayed in place quite lovely. At dinner, I asked what they thought. My oldest is 4, and he says they are nice, which just made me smile.

I knew my littles couldn’t tell me that I was doing their vision and health a favor, but I was still pretty pleased. That’s why I kept them in a basket near the television for the kids to grab and try when they were going to have screen time.

Surprising and Promising

Time and time again, they put them on and enjoyed having them. I knew I couldn’t just pull out some fancy schmancy tools and check their eyes myself. So, I decided that I could watch their behavior and see if I noticed anything.

Both of my kids have anxiety and insomnia issues like I do. They are very restless at night and have always been like that. I did notice that they fall asleep at nap time a little bit quicker than before. That’s what made me think. I let them fall asleep to The Food Network, because it kind of calms them down. Letting them watch T.V. until they fall asleep isn’t my proudest parenting moment. Bobby Flay’s voice is pretty therapeutic though, because it works for me too.

Not only did they fall asleep a bit faster than normal, they also slept more restfully than before as well. I put two and two together, and it really convinced me these glasses can help. Plus, it helped me with my own bad habits about screen time as well.

I also noticed that my kids seem to just feel better overall after I let them watch a movie or show and they’ve been wearing the glasses. They don’t seem whiney or tired. Sometimes, after a movie they seem sort of fatigued and just ready to sleep. When they wear these glasses, I don’t notice the same behavior after a movie.

I’m not a doctor. Although, I can definitely see why Blue Light Kids is the #1 rated blue light blockers for kids and families. Good news, they also make these products for adults.

Check Them Out

If you’re still skeptical, head over to their website. Check them out. They have research, videos, testimonials, and a wonderful mission. I’m happy to say that I support their mission, and I’m very grateful to have their glasses for my children.

Have a wonderful day!

-With Love, Jenni

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