5 Lessons I Learned from a Year of Blogging

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I’ve officially been running Housewife Hustle for a little over a year now. I can honestly say that my blog is evolving into a career, and it is blossoming in a way I always hoped would happen. This isn’t my first attempt at blogging though, but I’ve learned the most from this one.

My very first blog was a spiritual and holistic blog. I wrote about Tarot cards, Wicca, and pretty much everything spiritual. It was more informative than anything. Besides writing, research and studying are big passions of mine. History is something I adore, and a big aspect of that blog was sharing my love of Tarot and the history of everything surrounding it.

Before Housewife Hustle

I tackled tough subjects like the taboo nature of Tarot, and how it originated as a game for kings, rather than most people’s assumptions that it has to do with evil. I also shared daily posts like card of the day as well my favorite spreads and even some that I created.

Tarot was something I genuinely loved, so blogging about it was like second nature. I also would read people’s cards at conventions and would make appointments for people to come have me read their cards. People were so fascinated that I was not only a blind card reader, but that I learned at a very young age. I started my journey with Tarot even before I was a teenager, because I use to watch my mom do readings when I was a little girl. It just came so naturally to me.

With my first few blogs, I never worried about stats or anything like that. I did have a decent amount of engagement and questions that people would ask. Unfortunately, I stopped reading cards. I started to notice that the people in my life were only behaving like friends because they wanted constant readings. They could never just have a normal fucking conversation without asking me to “see what the cards say.” I hated it. It sucked the life from my passion

I slowly stopped reading even my own cards. Once my son was born, I packed up my books, cards, crystals, and everything from that time in my life. It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t want my kids to see those artificial friendships, because they were so mentally draining for me.

I decided to get back into blogging when I found out I needed a hysterectomy. I was scared and a bit lonely, so I created Housewife Hustle. Since then, I have loved every second of blogging. I also have learned some amazing lessons, and made some incredible connections.

We All Start Somewhere

When I started Housewife Hustle, it was more of a hobby to keep me busy when my babies were sleeping. It helped to keep my mind from worrying about my health issues. I also always saw those ads claiming they could teach you how to make a six figure blog in less than a year for a small price. I thought they were just pyramid schemes and that blogging wasn’t easy to turn into a job, but it never deterred me from my love of writing.

As I dipped my toes in the blogging community more and more, I realized that maybe I could turn this love of mine into a job. I knew it wasn’t something that would happen overnight. We all have to start somewhere.

1. Blogging takes patience.

The first thing I learned is that no matter how badly you want something, you have to have patience. Would I love to make a comfortable living blogging? You bet your ass I would, but I know that it takes time. You can research, work, and create amazing content, but regardless of all of that, it’ll happen when it happens.

Sure, hard work will make you more successful in anything you do, but it still takes time. You need to be patient and keep working at it for those goals and dreams to happen. You also have to stay consistent.

2. Consistency will help you grow.

Being consistent is pretty easy for me most of the time, because I thrive when everything in my life is scheduled. However, I’m a super busy mom of toddlers, so even though I love schedules and consistency, life doesn’t always allow for it. I learned that consistency with a blog can really take you far.

If you stay consistent and work at it everyday, you can make your goals happen. Consistency, especially paired with patience, can really take your blog places.

I’m not just saying being an consistent poster, because there’s a lot more to it. You have to have cohesion and stay consistent with your style of writing and the other content you create for your blog.

Stay consistent in every aspect. Engage with the community regularly, and staying active is all apart of that consistency. Sharing and promoting your blog regularly is also important too.

3. Don’t fear self-promotion and sharing your content.

Aside from keeping your grove and staying with a consistent schedule, you also shouldn’t fear self-promotion. I used to think it would make me look like a self-absorbed dick if I shared my own content often. Self-promotion is another aspect of blogging that I really learned the importance of this year.

Because I decided to share my blog on my social media platforms, my growth surpassed even what I originally was aiming for, and I discovered that I love it. I love engagement and connecting with other people in the blogging and writing community.

My blog’s growth really took off when I started researching tips for sharing content on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Blogging is a job, and it takes a lot of work. Self-promotion is definitely involved in that work, but it can be really fun. I’ve made some lasting friendships by sharing my blog and connecting on social media.

4. Have confidence in YOUR own voice, and let yourself enjoy blogging.

Blogging is a job. I can say it again and again. Work from home jobs have requirements if you want to succeed and make money, and I completely understand that. However, if you don’t stay true to yourself and grow your own confidence, success may be more of a challenge. You have to be authentic, use your own words and voice, and love what you do.

Sure, you could read a zillion things about blogging and create an informational blog with tips and all that, but unless that’s what you love, that won’t make you happy in the long run. I know a few bloggers who write specifically about how to succeed with blogging, and they absolutely love it. Blogging about blogging is very popular, but unless that’s your passion, don’t conform and do it solely for the purpose of trying to make a quick buck.

Don’t imitate someone in hopes of gaining similar success as them. Find a way to write what you love, and have your own voice. If you have your own style and honestly love what you write about, success will find you.

Own what you do. Have confidence in your blog. Everything came together for me when my confidence started growing. People can recognize your passions easier when your confident and proud of the content you create. If growth is your concern, find your footing with in your confidence and voice, and the growth will happen.

5. Regardless of how happy blogging makes you, know your limits.

I love blogging. I love writing, editing, making graphics, and the whole shebang. Just because I’m head over heels in love with what I do doesn’t mean I don’t get burnt out. Hell, I’m exhausted right now, because I had an extra two posts to pull together in a small amount of time all while working on my final edits for my upcoming book. I’ve only been sleeping about 3 hours a night for the last few weeks, and I’m beat. Blogging is a job- there I said it again. Work can wear us out. We are human, after all.

Know your limits. If you need a break, take one. Don’t burn yourself out, because that could takeaway from the joy that blogging brings you. Don’t worry about feeling like a break could tamper with being consistent, because mental health is extremely important.

You can also still be consistent on a break. I even wrote a post about how to stay productive when you’re in a blogging break, because everyone needs a break now and then. It’s okay to take a step back and breathe.

Knowing my limits has been one of my biggest blogging lessons. It has also helped me plan and work harder to keep everything organized so I can run a smooth blog without too much stress and strife.

Make sure you know how to say no when you need to say it. If someone wants to collaborate, and your plate is too full, then take a rain check. Don’t overwhelm yourself in attempts to climb some invisible ladder of success. Slow down, take a moment, and then get back to your grind. Knowing your limits doesn’t take away from your wonderful blogging abilities and growth.

Learn as You Go

I’m not an expert in blogging about blogging. I write from experience rather than statistics and research. I try to share what has and hasn’t worked for me, because I think the best route is to learn as you go. There are lessons in your everyday feats, and those are where you can learn how to succeed and make a blog you’re proud of and love.

I would love to hear about what you all have learned during your blogging journeys too! Feel free to share in the comments. Have a beautiful weekend.

-With Love, Jenni

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  1. The one thing I learnt from my blogging experience is posting good and genuine contents like your’s. Not being consistent failed my first blog. So, as you said consistency matters. Thanks for sharing the other lessons Jenni❀️

  2. I agree with all your points! I do have to say I think “having confidence in your own voice” is probably one of the biggest factors . . . and possibly the most difficult. I LOVE this post! πŸ™‚

  3. Really good advice (x5). A lot of my posts don’t take too long to do, but when I do a an exhibition review or a film quiz it’s because the idea has really appealed.

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