Hello again, beautiful people. I just wanted to let everyone know that my Coffee Talks series will be on a bit of a hiatus until my book is released. Usually, the series is about updates on our lives, trends, and anything that’s basically on my mind during my morning coffee.

I set my deadline to finish my book, and while I have everything written, now I have to edit and format until it feels perfect. It’s my favorite part, but it’s also the part that takes me the longest. I’m my own editor, so I have to really sink my claws into this project to make it absolutely perfect.

I love how much I’ve been posting lately, but I do want to dial it back a smidge. I don’t want to burn myself out, because I have so much lovely content coming for you all.

I’m not taking a break, but I may only have one or two posts a week. My social accounts will still be booming though, so check those out when you get the chance.

Housewife Hustle’s Instagram

I recently split my Instagram into two accounts. Since I started doing more body and sex related posts, I wanted to separate my family posts into a personal account. If you enjoy my body and sex positive posts along with outfits and beauty posts, check out that main account. My family oriented one is linked on the main account, so feel free to request a follow.

Housewife Hustle’s Twitter

I love Twitter, and even though I don’t share as much as I do on my other social accounts, I really enjoy connecting with bloggers and writers on that platform.

Housewife Hustle’s Facebook

I recently stepped up my Facebook game. I typically share everything from my Instagram to my Facebook as well. I also share a lot of parenting and body positive memes and quotes, and I share the ones I create too.

Housewife Hustle’s Pinterest

Pinterest will always be my favorite platform. I used it way before I became a blogger, and I still enjoy pinning things that aren’t blog related. I do have blogging boards though, and I love engaging in group boards too.

Check out my social media accounts to stay updated on my upcoming book too.

I will be dropping a few of the pictures from my cover shoot these next few weeks leading up to the release. I’m hoping to have everything done and published by the last day of September. If it happens sooner, I’ll also let you know.

Stay tuned this month for a few new product reviews, sex and body posts, and my blogging tips. Coffee Talks will return in October along with my roundups and featured blogger posts. I can’t wait for all of the good that is coming, and I’m super excited to share it with you all!

Have a wonderful day!

-With Love, Jenni

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I'm a wife and stay at home mom. I'm not a domestic goddess but more like a demi-goddess, because I don't have super strength or multiple arms. I have two hands and just try to drink my coffee and conquers the momdays.