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I get asked multiple times on a weekly basis if blogging is a good side hustle. I would love to shout “YES” from the rooftops, but the answer isn’t so black and white.

While blogging can become a great side hustle and even a full fledged career, it’s not always inevitable that bloggers can successfully monetize their blog and sustain that income. There are just too many factors to give a yes or no answer, but I do want to share some great tips on how to turn your blog into a side hustle if that’s your goal. I also want to share the reasons it makes a good hustle, as well as the reasons it’s doesn’t.

You can say that you want to make money from your blog all day long, but there are 3 factors that can really make or break the success of monetizing a blog- time, personality, and goals.

  • Takes time to make dimes. Give me a second to not chuckle at that little saying. First, you really have to take the time to monetize and then continue to put in effort. I don’t care what some blogging course tells you. You can’t monetize in 30 days AND sustain that income flow without spending time on everything. First, you have to take the time to make your site look professional and also make sure every link and graphic is working and in the right place. You also need to spend the time on marketing and so much more. If you want to make money, it’s not always as easy as posting and then being done. Time is effort, and effort is what leads to the money.
  •  Do you have it in you? When I talk about having the personality for it, I mean can you sell things, particularly yourself? If you’re not willing to sell and promote not only your blog and brand but also products of some type, then it may not be a good fit. You have to have a bit of confidence and be willing to put yourself out there as well.
  • Be a goal setter AND a goal getter. To monetize, you have to set goals and work to achieve those goals. Anyone can say they want to make money, but you actually have to set those goals and go after it to be successful.

Blogging can absolutely become more than a hobby or passion. It can become a job, but for that to happen you have to really want it. It is probable and very likely if you’re willing to put in your own work.

I love blogging, and I started writing for myself. Another big part of side hustles, is that you should love what your doing or you may not be as successful as you could be. Because I love what I do with this blog, I have seen more success than when I ran other blogs.

Reasons Blogging is a GOOD Side Hustle

Let’s start with the positives. Blogging can bring you money and turn into a career. It can be bigger than just a side hustle. Hustle gets a bad reputation as a word, because a lot of people associate it with “hustling someone out of something,” but that is not always the case. I know it can mean to swindle and trick someone into giving you money, but it’s more than that.

hus·tle – noun definition- an energetic or busy activity, verb definition- to sell something to obtain something with energy

Bascially, it’s about making things happen. For example, I named this blog Housewife Hustle, because it is about the everyday hustle and bustle of me, a housewife. Now, lets dive into the reasons that blogging can be a good hustle and how it can bring you some income if you buckle down, set some goals, and make the time for it.

Reasons #1 There are a lot of ways to make money blogging.

Because there are so many niches, so many different types of people, and just a vast majority of interests in general, there are a lot of ways to appeal to those differences. When it comes to monetization, there are a handful of options.

  • Placing ads and selling ad space
  • Using affiliate links and earning with affiliate programs
  • Creating e-courses in your niche or area of expertise and making course sales
  • Creating content and doing digital marketing for clients
  • Sponsored posts and programs

Personally, I have done the majority of these to create income. I will say that my favorites are sponsored posts, e-courses/e-books, and placing ads. I’m currently working on setting up ads and generating revenue that way, but I’m trying to walk the line of finding the right amount without having too many ads in your face.

That’s the thing, these can all generate an income, but you have to find that happy place with it. Honestly, when I first started this blog, I was an Amazon Affiliate, but I didn’t make enough sales to keep my account active. I do know many bloggers who have had profound success with affiliate marketing though. You really have to put in the time to research and figure out which program is going to work the best for you.

Sponsored posts can be difficult to break into, but you have to keep trying. I have made media kits and sent countless emails before I landed my first sponsored gig, so don’t give up if that’s the route you want to go.

E-courses and e-books are another great way to make your blog into a money making career. I know a handful of bloggers who have very successful e-courses for blogging, traffic growth, and more. It’s about finding what your good at, and packaging it into a way that can benefit others.

I’ve created an e-book, and while I didn’t get Oprah rich or anything, it did make money. I’m also an author, so my e-book wasn’t necessary a part of my blog, and it dealt more with my body positive and self-love coaching that I do as well.

The point is, you have a fair amount of options if you want to turn blogging into your side hustle. I will probably say this a lot, so get used to it. Don’t do this if it isn’t what you love. If blogging isn’t something you enjoy, and you’re only here for the money, then I can’t promise you anything. I believe that if this is what you want your dream job to be, because you love it, then lead with your passion.

Reason #2 You can go in a lot of different directions.

Blogging has lead me to do things I didn’t always have the confidence to do even though I wanted to do them. It also really changed my motivation, and it helped me grow outside of my box. I’m now an author and a type of self-love and body confidence coach.

I blog about a parenting, life, style, beauty, mental health, disability awareness, sex, and body positivity. On this blog, I have shared my journey and struggles with my disability as well as my past with eating disorders. From that, I grew and found the confidence to help others learn to love and accept their bodies. I wrote an entire book on how you can learn to love yourself and your body just as you are, and it’s coming out in a few weeks.

This blog lead to me to do all of that, and I’m not sure I would have done it without my blog. Blogging can lead your life in many directions. I know a few bloggers who have opened their own stores. I know some who have created “how to blog” empires, and I know many who have become success influencers in general. Blogging can be a stepping stone to a bigger picture.

For me, that picture will always include blogging though. I love the community, and I love what I do. Like I’ve said before, I’m not just here to make a dollar. I genuinely love this, because I love writing and engaging. Also, I love spreading awareness, opening conservations that need to be discussed, and inspiring and helping others where they need it.

The truth is that blogging can be a wonderful path that leads you to a bigger dream if that is what you want. It can always become that bigger dream in and of itself as well. There are a lot of options, and I like variety.

Reason #3 The community is incredible.

I don’t know about you, but I adore the blogging community. Actually, I have made a friend, like a best friend that texts me often, from this blogging community. I know that enjoying the community aspect might not make you money, but it can.

Engagment and creating connections can help grow your traffic. I’m not saying to only be apart of the community for the numbers, because you would be missing out on the wonderful people and conversations, but you should dive into the community to experience it for yourself. I think I have more online friends who support my blog and journey than those in real life.

The online blogging world can open so many doors and allow you to meet so many lovely people. The great part is that we are all working on some of the same goals. We can share experiences and learn from each other.

Sure, I’ve done a lot of research for my posts that involve advice for blogging about blogging. I have also discussed my own tips and what I’ve learned through experience, and a lot of what I have learned came from advice from other bloggers that I tried out on my own too.

I’ve learned so much from some amazing people, and this community is a major reason for my growth and evolution as a blogger. Plus, I genuinely love some of these people. So, one of the parts of this side hustle is that you get this magical community too. It’s not just about the dollar signs, and I will keep reminding you that. Money is nice, but making connections, real friendships, while you’re working is something that makes blogging even more awesome.

Reasons Blogging Might Not Be a Good Side Hustle for You

I didn’t just use the heading “Reasons Blogging isn’t a Good Side Hustle,” because I think it can be different for everyone. It’s not just black and white, and I don’t like looking at the cons of anything. I’m trying to be logical, but I also believe that if you want it enough, you can make it happen.

Reason #1 It takes times. It takes a lot of time.

Ever see those ads on Facebook claiming to make you into a six figure blogger in 30 days? Yeah, that’s a hustle, like the sketchy kind. That is one of those e-courses you should be skeptical about spending money on, because even if they have useful tips, blogging takes time. It takes real time. They may help you start out, but you most likely won’t be making six figures at the end of that 30 day period.

I’m not saying you can’t make bank from blogging, but you really need to work often and create good quality content. I was posting up to 3 times a week for months before I ever saw money roll in. It really takes time and dedication to earn money from blogging, but it can be done if you set the goals, make the time, and go after what you want.

Reason #2 You can easily get sidetracked and put money where it doesn’t always matter.

I’ve spent money on hosting, but I’ve never bought layouts, fonts, or graphics. I find free layouts that look professional, and I create all of my own graphics using stock images or ones I’ve taken on my own. It’s so easy to get caught up in spending money on making your blog look pretty and professional, but you can save yourself some money and learn how to create so much on your own.

I personally love creating my own graphics. It lets me have control, and it saves me money that I don’t have to worry about making up in the long run. I know a few people who have spent a ton of money trying to make money, and that isn’t always the case with blogging.

I do think you have to spend some to make some, but you don’t have to go overboard. You can find a happy middle place that won’t break the bank, so you can make money and still be in the green. Chose wisely on what you put your money into, because it’s easy to get sidetracked.

I set myself a monthly blogging budget, and if something is going to cost me, I weigh all of my options. Personally, I think services like Tailwind can be beneficial, and I also spend money with WordPress. I have the business account and it includes layouts, plugins, and everything I need. Look at all of your options, if you’re going to spend money to make money.

Reason #3 It’s easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed by life, so many bloggers end up quitting.

Life happens. Not everyone has the time and ability it takes to put in their best blogging effort. It’s easy to get discouraged when you want something, but you don’t have the tools and time to make it a reality. I’ve had numerous blogs, but I never really had the time to make one work until now.

I was very discouraged and quit on two of my past blogs, because life throws us curveballs, and that’s okay. It happens. The biggest reason I quit those blogs is because I compared myself to others. I wanted their success and numbers, and I lost sight in my own capabilities.

The best advice anyone ever gave me when it came to blogging is to never compare yourself. I turned that into “take inspiration, not identity.” Make sure that if you see the success of others, you feel inspired rather than discouraged. Use that inspiration, and personalize your own dreams with it. Don’t try to live someone else’s life.

Make sure your blog has your voice and not the voice of others. Stand out, and be proud of your individuality. There are millions of bloggers, so you should be proud of yourself for being you. Don’t be discouraged by others, because blogging success happens at different rates and times for everyone. There are no two blogging journeys that are exactly alike.

Follow Your Dreams

If you’re looking for a way to make a quick buck, blogging probably isn’t your best bet, but if you have time, goals, and are passionate about this, then go for it. Writing in general is something I have wanted as a career since I could hold a pencil, so blogging makes me incredibly happy. Sure, I’d love to make enough money to pay all of our bills and then some, but it takes time.

I’m not going to give up a passion and neither should you. Regardless of the reasons that blogging may not be a good side hustle, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it if it’s something you love. Monetization isn’t easy, but it can be. If you want something, have the ability to put in that work, and enjoy what you’re doing, it will happen easier than you imagine.

Of course there are hustles out there that can probably make you more money faster, but if you want to blog and turn it into a job, it is possible. Do what you love and follow your dreams. There are so many resources available to help you turn your blog into a successful income stream. You just have to be willing to put in that effort.

I’ll be right there beside you building my empire. I’m sending you my support and love. I hope you have a great day, and remember to stay focused and positive.

-With Love, Jenni

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  1. I love this post so much! I’m saving this to come back to! I’m trying to make blogging my career as it has become a hidden passion. It was something I never knew I wanted as a career until I started it. I feel discouraged sometimes though because having a job as well really takes a lot of energy from me and I’m always tired. I feel like I’m not working hard enough to make my dream come true, but I also have such little energy left to give some days. I’m going to keep pushing though because I’m not giving myself any other option than do to something I love!

    1. Thank you. You’re one if my favorite bloggers, and I think you’re going to do big things with this. You’re magical and deserve all of the success in the world. Keep chasing your dream, and I’ll keep supporting ya. 😊😘

  2. I agree with everything you said. It’s hard a lot more difficult to blog than the “gurus” make it out to be.

    1. Thanks. I had a review blog where I reviewed pretty much anything, and I had a tarot and holistic living blog.

    1. That makes my day! Sending you a ton of support. Make sure you love what you do and write about regardless of tips and advice.

  3. That’s so true. Blogging is a side hustke for me also and it definitely needs a lot of hard work, patience and determination to grow your blog. A very honest post!

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