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My new book is going to be out in less than two weeks, and I wanted to include some self-love worksheets with it, but I may also start sharing them as a part of my blog. Worksheets and printable media are great ways to give back to your readers as a blogger. Believe it or not, including worksheets on your blog can help it grow.

Not all bloggers have a background in design, but if you can learn to make your own graphics, you can make worksheets too. If you want your blog to be more than just a hobby, and you really want to make it your career, worksheets can be a stepping stone to take you there. I’ve also shared other side hustles that you can do with blogging here.

Worksheets draw people in because they are a call to action that’s more than just a few catchy words. They are interactive, and sometimes, people need that action as a push to take the next step in whatever journey they are on. If someone uses and benefits from something you’ve created, like a worksheet, it helps establish trust. Trust is what you want from your readers, so they keep coming back.

Worksheets can help increase engagement, and you can also use them to help monetize your blog if you don’t want to share your content for free- and that’s more than okay, because this is apart of your job. When it comes to making and sharing different media like worksheets, e-courses, and e-books, worksheets are a good place to start. Once you get your footing on creating them, you can move on to bigger things.

Worksheets and Boosting Your Blog

Creating digital content like worksheets can boost your blog’s traffic in a few ways, but one of the biggest reasons that I make them is actually for myself. I was planning on sharing the worksheets that I’ve been working on once my book is published, but I will share one of them for FREE at the end of this post. I’ve been making them for myself, but I was planning on adding them to my blog this fall and eventual mailing list as well.

I like making them, because they help me to keep my thoughts organized. Worksheets have also been pretty beneficial with my self-love and body acceptance journey. I used to use them as a therapy tool when I was in out-patient treatment for my bulimia, and they really can help you change your mind about how you see yourself.

I know there are also a ton of different kinds of worksheets. They are like blog niches and can be made to fit what you enjoy. I’ve seen goal oriented worksheets, family meal planning worksheets, chore chart worksheets, and so much more. That’s part of the beauty in these- you get to customize them to fit exactly what you need.

Making them isn’t extremely difficult or anything, and you can really make them unique. Having a worksheet that is made by you for your readers, can also add a nice professional touch to your blog. There are a few ways that these handy dandy worksheets can really take your content to the next level.

Taking Steps a Step Further

Anytime you do a blog post that is informational or has steps, worksheets can help extend your content and instruction even further than just listing steps. Worksheets make a great walk-through type of guide. It also helps bring your steps to life, and can translate your ideas into actions.

Turning Worksheets into a Profitable Product

I know bloggers and influencers who offer worksheets for a fee. They will do promotional deals that include a free one, or offer a pack of worksheets for a discount if bought within a certain window of time. These are a great way to monetize and market not only your content but your blog as well.

I plan on giving away my worksheets for free- to start. From there, I will see how my readers respond, and then I will decide if they are something I want to use to monetize my blog. Don’t feel pressure to try and sell anything and everything. Dip your toes in first, and see if it’s a good fit when turning your content into a product.

Adding Them to Your E-Course for More Action

Worksheets can turn your lesson or tips into actions. If you have an e-course of some type that teaches others how to implement strategies that you’ve have experience with, worksheets can really add to that overall project. They give e-courses a little extra something, and they can be a nice takeaway from the e-course as well.

Worksheets Can Take Your Content Up a Notch

Clearly, worksheets can benefit your blog and become a type of upgrade for the content you’re already creating. Having worksheets and printables may seem daunting and tedious at first, so you might wonder if you even need them. I not saying they are must have for success by any means, but they really can take your content up a notch for a few reasons.

  •  Free products draw in readers from social media. Pinterest is a great platform to share freebies and worksheets that your blog may offer, and if you do decide to go the free route, even if it’s just to start, people’s interest will peak with the word FREE.
  •  They help bulk up your mailing list. I currently don’t send out a newsletter or have a mailing list, but that is on the top of my to-do list for this fall. I plan on using worksheets as a lead for my email subscribers. It gives them something in return as a thank you for following, and establishing engagement with my readers is something I love about blogging.
  •  Worksheets keep things interesting for current and repeat readers. I’m sure my readers get tired of me sharing my self-love tips so often, so giving them a worksheet to put my advice into action helps keep them interested. Worksheets can make your existing readers happy and offer them something new to enjoy about your blog.
  •  They support your brand and give you credibility. Creating custom content can really boost your credibility, because it shows that you’re not half-assing what you do. It helps to illustrate that you actually know what you are talking about. They also help give your branding a boost. Put your name and blog watermark or logo on them, and be proud that they are apart of your blog and brand.

Now that I’ve given you the reasons that worksheets can benefit your blog. Let’s start talking about ways to make them and share them.

Making Worksheets for Your Blog

When it comes to creating content, I use two apps more than any others that I have access to. I use Google Docs and Canva. I love Canva, and it has so much to offer for bloggers and people who run their own businesses. Microsoft Office is also pretty handy. These are the three that I recommend, because I have personally used them. With these apps, there are options along with ease of use, and those two things combined help with making custom content without added headache.

When you’re making your worksheet, you could design it as a .doc, jpeg, .png, or .pdf. I prefer and recommend .pdf out of all of them. Also, make sure you give your worksheets clear and easy to understand file names for those who choose to download. I can’t really give you step-by-step instructions on how to create them, because it all depends on the program or app you’re using. Canva has great templates though that are super easy to figure out, if you’re a bit stuck on layout ideas.

Another tip I want to share about making worksheets is to make them your own. You have endless options when it comes to creating custom content. Don’t take someone’s content and use it as your own, even if it is free. You can take inspiration, but it’s important to never plagiarize someone’s hard work. It is always possible find ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck, but make sure to make it your own. You have your voice, and I bet it’s a brilliant one if you let it lead.

Share and Be Proud

Making content does take time, so make sure you share where your work can be found. Promote and post on social media, because you deserve to have your creations out there just as much as the next person or blogger. Also, be proud of everything you create. If you’re trying to grow and expand your blog, that takes time and effort. You’re doing wonderful, and worksheets can go the extra mile to show your readers what you’re capable of and what you are willing to do to meet them in the middle.

I can’t wait to share my self-love worksheets that I’ve been working on, because they have helped me in the past. I want to share content that will help not just inspire people but help them take action during their journey as well. Worksheets are a great way to do that, and I love creating my own content. I hope I was of some help to you all today.

Growth is for everyone.

-With Love, Jenni

Find the self-love worksheet that I created as a simple example for what’s to come from Housewife Hustle here.

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  1. This is great! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for my ratio baking posts to make it easier for anyone who is interesting in trying it out, but have felt so lost on how to do it. This provides a great starting direction, so thanks!

      1. I haven’t explored Canva as much as I should have, so that’s good know! Thanks!

    1. Yes! The paid version is awesome too. I know a few bloggers who have a paid subscription, but I find everything I need in the free version.

  2. I always wondered how to create them. Thanks to your post, I created one for my recent blog and I love it!! Thank you! 💕

  3. I love this idea! I never would have thought of creating worksheets for my blog, but as a teacher I feel like they can be so helpful for check ins and expanding your understanding of a topic.

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