Coffee Talks: Book Release, Health Updates, and What’s Next

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Well, I know I said Coffee Talks would be back in October, but I have a few details I wanted to share that take more words than social media can handle. Plus, I miss Coffee Talks, and I’m ready to be back in the swing of things. So, let’s get to it.

Eat the Damn Muffin

If you don’t know me or my journey and you’re a new reader, let’s catch you up. Eat the Damn Muffin is a body positive and self-love book that I wrote to help people fall in love with themselves and their bodies just as they are. It’s a self-help book of sorts that also shares some of my journey and experience with bulimia and how I finally got to a place of confidence and body acceptance. It will be released at the end of this month.

This book is not only a tool that can help you build that self-love and confidence you deserve, it’s like having a best friend in your pocket that constantly reminds you how magical you are. It’s not all about bodies. It’s also about balance, cutting negativity out of your life, ditching diet culture, and how you can not only feel beautiful but also feel sexy at any size.

I wrote a mini e-book version first, but I had more to say. I wanted to take the e-book and transform it into something bigger. Eat the Damn Muffin is now a paperback and filled with so much more.

I wanted to include self-love worksheets, but after making many of them, I decided they would be a better fit for my blog. This way I can give them to my readers free and have them coincide with my body positive and self-love posts. I also feel like the book is complete without any extras at this point. Reading through it fills me with so much joy, and I’ve been using it as a tool on the tough days.

Health Updates

If you’ve seen my socials lately, you may have seen that my family has some health issues with multiple members. First, I want to thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. It meant the world to me and my family.

My grandma, on my mother’s side, has bone cancer, and while the chemo helped and put it in remission, it also almost killed her. She’s been in an ICU unit for a few weeks, because her kidneys were failing from treatment. Now, she has an infection in her heart and has pneumonia. We are hoping she can pull through.

I’ve also mentioned my grandfather on my father’s side. He decided to give up his house to move into a nursing home because he has a laundry list of health issues, and a fall in his house almost killed him. We tried suggesting in home nursing, but he needed more direct care from doctors. He is fading quickly, and it’s been very difficult.

My uncle, who is my dad’s brother, had kidney cancer and had that kidney removed within the last two years. We learned this week that he now has lung cancer. He was apart of the village that raised me, so it’s been heart wrenching to see all of this illness pile up.

On top of all of that, I’ve been having pain and reproductive issues again. It’s been a year since my hysterectomy that left me with one ovary. I had a history with tumors, cysts, and moderate endometriosis. The doctors thought the hysterectomy would fix the pain I was having, and it did for the most part.

Recently, I’ve been pretty sick quite often and in pain again. They checked my remaining ovary but didn’t see anything too alarming. This ovary had to have a tumor cut from it before, but I wanted to keep the ovary itself. I don’t want to go through menopause before I even hit 30. The doctor said surgery is likely, even if it’s just to have a better look inside.

So, I’m trying to navigate my bad days while supporting the rest of my family and their health issues. I honestly didn’t tell my side of the family about my issues before this because they have enough going on, but I wanted to give you all a real update.

So, suffice it to say, my summer was a bit all over the place. I’m very ready for fall, and I’ve been pushing my hardest through my own rough days as well. I just really want to have my book be out there and helping people see that they are worthy of self-love and confidence.

Not Done Yet

I’m going to keep pushing through, because I have never believed in something as strongly as I do this book. This book helped save me from a relapse, and it really helped me to finally fully accept my body and take that acceptance one step further. I love my body, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good about myself. I want to share that with those who struggle with body image too.

Eat the Damn Muffin will be available to purchase in one week on Monday September 30th. I’m beyond excited to share more of my journey and to help others learn to love themselves just as they are.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wish I had more of you all here. I love this blogging community, and the friends I’ve made has been incredibly supportive. I always dreamed of being an author, and now that I have fought to make this happen, I want to be surrounded by good vibes.

My family hasn’t always supported me or understood who I am, so I’ve had just a few positive words with my parents about my book. I know they are proud though. Honestly, I think that I’m a bit hurt that my “friends” and family haven’t rallied for this big feat in my life, but I completely understand that people are busy.

I always dreamed about being an author, and I thought about my first book release as much as I did my wedding day. It would be cool to have a small dinner with my friends, and I wanted to celebrate life with the people who support me. However, I think the actual release day will be just a normal Monday at home with the kids.

This book shows how far I’ve come. I battled with bulimia for years, and I almost lost everything. I was barely hanging on, but I not only pulled through, I pulled through and became the best version of myself.

So, regardless of my dreams for this moment, I’ll be celebrating at home with my kids and pets. It may not be the support I had hoped for, but I’m so grateful that I’ve made it this far. Honestly, I just can’t wait for the book to help someone who has been struggling, because that’s my biggest goal. I just want to help and inspire others to see their beauty.

For the next week, I will be sharing more pictures from the cover shoot on my Instagram. I will also have a few blog posts in the meantime. I hope you’re ready for more from Housewife Hustle.

Blog Updates

My blog is my baby, and once my book is released, I’m going to be putting that freed time back into my blog. I’ve already mentioned the worksheets, and I also shared a free printable one in my most recent blogging about blogging post.

I will also be starting a mailing list that will have updates and freebies for subscribers too. I just have so much coming for Housewife Hustle.

I’m excited to get back to my product reviews and roundups, and I can’t wait to have more featured bloggers as well. Fall is my season to thrive, and even though I have days where I feel sick and have pain, I’m not going to stop pursuing my passion. I’m a fighter, and I’m beyond excited for this upcoming time in my life.

We also finally picked a date for our vow renewal, so I’m sure I’ll have more posts about that day. I hope you’re all ready for a busy fall from Housewife Hustle. I genuinely love and appreciate you all. The support that I’ve received from the blogging community is more than what I imagined, and I’m very grateful.

Happy Monday!

-With Love, Jenni

10 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Book Release, Health Updates, and What’s Next”

  1. Wow! U r juggling so many different difficult things in life right now as well as some big exciting things! Kudos and hugs to you! You mentioned some of your reproductive health issues. I am a former pelvic floor therapist. Not sure if you ever heard of that or if it would even be appropriate for you. But you may want to research pelvic floor physical therapy and see if it may help you. Not necessarily resolve but help. Congratulations on your book launch!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and your tips. I was given some yoga and stretching exercises for that area that I do. I’ve had numerous surgeries to cut away adhesions from my stomach and few other organs including my reproductive ones. Every surgery can cause more scar tissue, so they believe something may possibly be tangled again.

  2. Eeeeekkkkk! HUGE congrats beauty! SO excited for you and the release of your book! You are a rockstar!
    Also sending you huge hugs. Sometimes when it rains, it pours and life can be overwhelming, sending you and your family members so much love and healing vibes. It is so difficult to not be feeling well while still trying to be a rock for your loved ones. You are incredible and they are so lucky to have you. Take care beauty! <3

    1. Thank you so much. That means the world to me!!! Thanks for the support. It’s definitely been an uphill battle, but I love a good hike!

  3. You got this! I am so sorry for all these health problems with yourself and your family and I pray you all will be on the upswing soon. You are one helluva strong woman!!

  4. You have a lot planned! There’s so much I need to do with my blog as well. I will pray for your Grandma and other family members. God bless y’all.

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