Eat the Damn Muffin: Body Quotes to Fuel Your Confidence

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Eat the Damn Muffin is the body book we all need to read. I’ve been living and breathing this book for close to a year, and it’s a very powerful tool. I don’t think I’ve ever believed in a project so much, because it genuinely saved me from going back down the path of eating disorders and self-destruction.

After my hysterectomy last year, I was so worried about what my body looked like,that I used health as an excuse to become obsessive about what I ate and how much I exercised. I was beyond fasting- I was starving myself. I just took it all too far, and with my eating disorder history, everything spiraled faster than my previous relapses.

Writing this book snapped me out of it and really brought me to my senses. When I started dipping my toes into the body positive movement and doing research, I had to take a step back and look at myself. It hit me, and it hit me hard. I wasn’t accepting my own body, and I was trying to punish it like I did before my recovery.

Worth Beyond Bodies

When I started writing about bodies, I also started making my own body acceptance outlines, graphics, and affirmations to try, so I could work on myself. Those actually lead to the outline of Eat the Damn Muffin. Once the writing and everything I had experienced began to flow, I started to really step away from the disordered eating habits again. The very early drafted outline of my book really helped me realize that all bodies are beautiful- and that included my own.

It was honestly easier for me to help others see what they couldn’t than focus on myself. I’ve always been the type of person to put everyone else first, and I’m really good at it. Honestly, I was always that friend who others came to for advice, and I was the mom of the group. This book helped me to realize that not only am I beautiful too, I matter just like everyone else.

I know it might seem silly to say that my own book saved me from going backwards in my recovery and my journey of self-love, but it’s very true. This book has so many powerful words that I wish someone would have said to me in the beginning of my eating disorder, so I’m very thankful that I wrote it when I did. It has really become one of my favorite tools.

To Help Others

I didn’t write this as a side hustle or to get more followers or become social media famous. I wrote this for every woman who has ever doubted herself. This for the people who think losing weight is the only way to feel beautiful and be happy. I wrote this for those who are putting their lives at risk to try and become a size that they think society will approve of at the end of the day. This is for you. I wrote this for me and for all of you.

Powerful Body Quotes from Eat the Damn Muffin to Fuel Your Confidence

During all of my edits, I kept a notebook to write down the words that meant the most to me. I wanted to keep a journal of the powerful quotes that could help me on my bad days before this book was even close to being published. I think quotes are a great way to inspire yourself to feel better in those tough moments.

Now, quoting myself felt so bizarre before all of this, but like I said, I really believe in these words. I feel confident and beautiful just as I am now, and I have to thank these words for that. That’s why I wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes. These are some of the quotes that helped me pick myself back up when I needed it the most.

From the Introduction:

“When we lack confidence, we tend to also feel chaotic in our own minds, and it can be extremely exhausting. Loving yourself and having confidence can help to calm that storm in your mind. You deserve this. You deserve to feel amazing, because you already are. Just let me show you.”

The one thing I wanted to be different about this book is that I wanted it to feel like I was right there with you having a conversation. It was important for it to feel like I could tell you what you needed to hear during those bad moments. I wanted my call to actions to be as if I was your friend and standing right in front of you.

My family is a second shift family, and I don’t have many true friends in our area who come to visit, so it can get a bit lonely during the day. When I wanted a friend during my bad moments, I didn’t have anyone, and I wanted this book to feel like a friend.

From Chapter 1- Confidence is for Every Body:

“I would love for you all to just wake up and be filled with self-love, but I know this is a process. I’ve struggled with confidence and even have had relapses with my eating disorder during this journey, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t take a moment to breathe, dust myself off, and get back up and try again. There will be moments where you think nothing will help you love yourself, but those are the thoughts and negativity that you need to banish.

This is a process. This is a journey, and you have to take it one step at a time. Step at your own pace, and know that baby steps are still steps. Don’t try to take leaps, because I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or discouraged if there is a frustrating moment. This takes time, and I’m here to help you every step of the way.”

Reassuring you about the process that it takes was so important. So many people give up on building their body confidence and self-love, because it does get challenging. In the book and in life, I’m here to remind you those challenges are worth it, because you are so incredibly worth it.

From Chapter 4- Embrace It:

“Embracing each and every incredible part of yourself, no matter how big or small, sets you up to love yourself as a whole. Sometimes, we have to look at the parts of the machine and be grateful for them before we can love the entire machine.”

In chapter 4, I talk about how you have to embrace the journey of self-love. Yes, my book is considered a self-help book, but I think you should embrace yourself and your budding confidence during the journey rather than waiting until the end to take action. You have to start applying everything and grow your confidence and self-love with the book as it progresses.

I also talk about appreciation and gratitude, and it’s important to be thankful for not just your body as a whole but the different parts too. We don’t all function the same, but we all have bodies. So, we should appreciate the life our bodies carry, and that appreciation can help grow self-love.

From Chapter 8- Ditching Diet Culture:

“We see fatness as the ultimate life-ruining state of being. You know what’s worse than being fat? Being in a hospital bed with needles and cords pumping you full of fluids, and machines keeping your body functioning is worse than being fat. Hating myself every second of every day was worse than the curves I proudly embrace now. Fat is not a bad word. Diet culture has us convinced that if you’re not thin, you can’t be happy, successful, or healthy. That is so far from the truth. It’s sad that we continue to believe that weight and size are the sole contenders of beauty. Beautiful isn’t a size, it’s a state of mind.”

I’ve expressed my issues with diet culture many times, and this chapter is so powerful to me, because I was a prisoner to my eating disorder for so long. Since I stopped obsessing over diets and weight loss, I have become a warrior. I will never say that diet culture is completely at fault for my eating disorder, because the actions were my own.

I do believe that the influence of diet culture is so damaging, and it can change the way people feel about themselves in a very negative way. My body has never been happier since I ditched diet culture and fad diets. This chapter also really helped change my outlook on food.

From Chapter 10- This is For You:

“Self-love and beauty are a state of mind, not a state of your body. It all starts with how you feel about yourself, and you can’t ever be honestly happy in life if you don’t start with nurturing your mental health and self-esteem.

I know I can say that you need to love yourself to be happy, and that all sounds easier said than done. But imagine living a life where you’re never happy because you can’t accept who you are. That sounds terrible, so stop holding yourself back.”

You can’t learn to accept your body if you simply don’t want to, so you have to want to do this for you. I’m here to help, but wanting to accept and love yourself are very important in this journey. You are capable of this is you truly want it.

Always More

My journey doesn’t end with this book, and I don’t expect yours to either. There will always be more to say, and there is always room for growth. At this point, you might be getting tired of me talking about this book, but I will keep talking about it for a very long time. I finally have a tool that I’m proud of AND I can use for myself too.

The book, Eat the Damn Muffin, is seen on a pink silk blanket.

Housewife Hustle will get back into it’s normal flow these next two weeks, but there will always be body acceptance discussions. I genuinely believe that learning to love yourself, just as you are, can really change your life for the better. I hope you’re excited for this next chapter from me and my blog, because I know I am.

-With Love,


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  1. I love all your posts! So much thought goes into what you say & post. So proud that you completed your first book.

  2. I’m on chapter 2 of your book, and it so helpful as I’ve struggled with body confidence in the past. These are wonderful quotes you picked from your book, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest.

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