Coffee Talks: Book Launch Day

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Today is finally here, and Eat the Damn Muffin is available on Amazon! I have been waiting months for this day, and I couldn’t be happier.

Eat the Damn Muffin goes beyond a self-help book. I wrote about how I navigated my battles with bulimia and found the confidence and self-love that I never thought was possible. Not only do I share my journey, this book teaches you how to grow your confidence and fall in love with yourself and your body just as you are. This book was the tool that I used to pull myself off of my disordered eating habits and self-loathing. This book has become my favorite tool to help me see that I am beautiful, and NOW, I get to share it with all of you.

I want to help.

I used to speak at assemblies and conferences as a teenager and in my early twenties. Giving speeches and discussing disabilities and awareness surrounding blindness was something I tried to do often. I was born with an eye disease that caused me to go legally blind as a teen. Public speaking, was something I loved, because it felt like I was helping others. I felt like I could inspire someone who needed more positivity in their life. This book gives me those same feelings and hopes.

I want others to read my book and feel inspired to love themselves just as they are. I want to help people relabel what they consider their flaws, because beauty isn’t about features. Beauty is a mindset, and everyone deserves to feel AND know they are beautiful. I really just want to help people, and that’s a major reason why I wrote this book.

What’s special about this book?

Aside from being proud of publishing my first paperback, there is a lot that is special about Eat the Damn Muffin. I wanted the voice of this book to be as authentically me as much as possible. I didn’t want it to read like some instructional self-help book. Honestly, I wanted it to sound like I was right there in your living with you being that friend that you need.

I will say that I don’t hold back, and I do swear and talk about adult related topics like sex. Not toning my voice down was important, because I wanted you to have that curt and forward friend we all need. I know that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I am okay with that. This book will teach you not to apologize for being unapologetically yourself. That also happens to be how I wrote it.

This book doesn’t just teach you how to embrace your body at any size. It teaches you how to get rid of the negativity that brings you down, because we are extra vulnerable when negative forces are tugging at our insecurities and overall daily lives.

I wanted this book to not just boost your self-esteem, but I also wanted it to help your overall mental health. Eat the Damn Muffin tackles a lot. It discusses so many much needed topics that can affect our lives and how we see ourselves.

  • Body Acceptance
  • Diet Culture
  • Health
  • Sex
  • Nakedness
  • Gratitude
  • Societal Standards
  • Social Media
  • Confidence

I could probably keep going, because Eat the Damn Muffin doesn’t just teach you to love your body. It helps you find ways to improve your life and attitude in general. It has really been beneficial for me. Everyone who downloaded the mini ebook version, which is no longer available, said they benefited from it as well.

Gift and Guide

This book makes an amazing personal guide to help you grow the confidence and self-love we are all worthy of. It will help you accept, love, and embrace your body regardless of size. ETDM also teaches you that weight loss doesn’t equate to happiness, and we should stop living our lives chasing arbitrary numbers. Life is precious and should be spent doing what you enjoy.

It’s a great gift as well, because it’s not just a self-help tool. ETDM a story about overcoming that inner mean girl in our heads. It’s a story about becoming a self-love warrior, and it shows you how to get there too. We all have either struggled with confidence or know someone who has. This book can help so many people learn to love themselves again.

Check it out.

Head over to Amazon or the page on Housewife Hustle to check out Eat the Damn Muffin.

Eat the Damn Muffin is the book you need to start your self-love journey where you’ll learn that confidence is for every body. Jenni Dunlap had a decade long battle with bulimia, and she shares her experiences along with how she discovered that all bodies are beautiful. She’s far from shy and discusses every part of your body that needs a little extra love, because self-care is bigger than your standard bubble bath. She is the quirky, no-nonsense friend that you need to help you see that you’re beautiful at any size. You will be sipping on positivity while dumping all of the negative forces in your life down the drain. With tools to help you grow your body confidence, this book includes so much more than a few steps on how to love yourself. Jenni is here to show you that you can eat a damn muffin, and you’ll still be beautiful.

I hope this book will help you fall in love with yourself, because you are incredibly beautiful and worth it.

-With Love,


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  1. Congratulations and wishing you all the best! I have no doubt you will be successful. xoxo

  2. I’ve said it a million times, but I’m so proud of you!! You give so much motivation. I’ve had this rough draft of my poetry book sitting for a while and this is absolute inspiration to get back to it! I wish you much success! ♥

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