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October Goals

October is here, and I’m beyond happy. There’s a reason my book launch was on October’s eve. It’s my favorite month, and for some reason, I’m always a bit more confident during the spooky season.

What is weird is that the moment I submitted my manuscript and formatted my book for sale, the battery in my laptop went from full charge to 11%, and that’s where it has stayed. It won’t charge any higher, and it’s time for a replacement. The timing was just off, but the book launch went off without a hitch.

Just because I need to replace my battery, doesn’t mean my blog will take a hit. I have a phone, and I will make it work. I have goals and so many things that I wanted to make happen this month. Plus, my vow renewal is next month. The chaos will continue for me, and I’m ready for a challenge.

Blog Goals

When it comes to Housewife Hustle, I have a lot that I want to tackle this month. I know I need a laptop battery first, but once that’s taken care of, it’s on! I tweaked my layout again, because I’m the world’s most indecisive blogger. Technically, I just went back to a previous layout and added some much needed upgrades, but now, I can focus on the bigger goals.

  • Start a Newsletter: I want to up my email subscription game. I have worksheets and things I’ve made that I want to give to my subscribers, so I have to get that up and going. Deciding on a good platform can be tricky though, so I’m doing a ton of research.
  • Sponsored Posts: I have a handful of sponsored posts that I need to publish.
  • Product Reviews/Roundup: I have a lot of new products that I’ve tried, and some of them are definitely worth mentioning. With the busyness of my book, I didn’t get a chance to do a roundup last month.
  • Featured Blogger of the Month: I can’t wait to pick the blogger of the Month for October, and I have a few ideas on who I might ask.
  • SEO & Traffic: Now that I have the tools and plugins, I really want to step up my SEO game. I always put it off, because it makes my head spin though. I need to just sit down, suck it up, and handle my blog business so I can really make this my full-time career.
  • More Disability Posts: I’m legally blind, and I mention it constantly. I just need to actually write more about it, because I’m all about awareness. I spread so much body positive and eating disorder awareness, and I feel like I need to discuss my disability as well as invisible disabilities more in general.
  • Engagement: Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty great when it comes to engagement. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite aspects about blogging. I just want to follow some new blogs involving topics like disabilities, body positivity, and parenting.

I love being an author and writing books, but I don’t want to neglect Housewife Hustle. This blog has made so much possible, and I want to put even more of my heart and soul into it. I want to work on my follow through with my goals, because it’s time to start making more of my dreams a reality.

Life Goals

I accomplished my dream with Eat the Damn Muffin. I wrote a book before I turned 30, and it’s not just some book. It’s a tool that can help others learn to love themselves, and for that, I am incredibly proud of myself. Rarity or not, this pride in myself has me feeling extra motivated for October.

November 10th is our vow renewal, and I have talked about it some here. I really need to buckle down with some every day life goals, if I’m going to make this all happen.

  • Find a Dress: I may have had two dresses at my first wedding, but they were under $100. This time around, I don’t need to feel so extra. I want to find a cozy but beautiful sweater dress or long sleeve outfit for my renewal. It’s going to be outside and country themed, since we are sort of country people as it is. I want to wear either cowboy boots or my over the knee books. I want a peek of skin, but I also want to be able to throw a flannel over my dress for a fire and s’mores in the evening. I have some shopping to do.
    Yard Cleanup: We had to have some dead trees cut down along our property, and we need to cut them up for fire wood and get everything cleaned up from that mess. I want my yard to be as open and clean as possible, because this is a backyard bash.
    Workbooks with the Kids: I have a 4 year old who will be in kindergarten next year, and he knows a few basics like numbers, letters, and colors, but I want to keep working at it with him. I’d love to get some workbooks for him, and including my daughter, who will be 3 in February, could be helpful too.
    Date Nights: Every Thursday is supposed to be date night at our house, but we always have the kids. So, we wait until they fall asleep. I want to plan some out of the house date nights that are kid free to show my husband how much I appreciate his support through all of the book process that we went through.
    Self-Care Time: I’ll admit that my self-care has been lacking. I’ve been so busy with sick family, the book, and my husband going back to work from his vacation early. There have been days where I forgot to eat anything beyond breakfast, and that is not okay. I also need to remind myself that goals are wonderful, but I need to remember to breathe and take some me time.

I’m so excited for October and for the remaining months of the year, but I also feel like it’s crunch time. I’m a busy toddler mom that works from home. I have a renewal to finish planning. I have to start thinking about holidays and what days I’ll need my husband home. We also have to keep visiting our sick family members, because Cancer really took its toll on my Grandma.

My head is spinning, but I’m okay with the direction it’s going. I need to remember that I can do this as long as I take care of myself in the process. I think remembering that is important for anyone with goals. You can do anything you set your mind to do, but you won’t have lasting success or happiness if you aren’t a priority as well.

Self-Love Spooky Month

October is amazing, and I love Halloween so much. When I was reading Tarot cards and living a little differently, this always felt like a good time for growth and renewal. It’s my favorite time of the year, and even though I don’t talk about my history with Tarot and spirituality anymore, it still means a lot to me.

This time of year always makes me feel energized- regardless of my lack of sleep lately. I’m just so excited for this next chapter. I have a lot planned, and I can’t wait to share everything you all.

Have a wonderful October!

-With Love, Jenni


  1. Nice post. I do not know much about tarots but I noticed that October is a time when I tend to start or discover new things, so as you said, a time of growth and renewal 😊

  2. Sounds like you have a pretty darn busy month planned!! Best wishes on all of that. xo

  3. My kindergartener was expected to know our home phone number and address. Idk but the expectations for our little ones is a little too much. I’m glad that she writes her name and ties her shoes. But that’s my opinion. Thanks for this post! Best wishes to you in this month.

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