Coffee Talks: Choosing a Vow Renewal Dress

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With my vow renewal a month away, I need to stop procrastinating. I have my book released finally, so I should have some more free time to focus on the planning. Honestly, it will be very relaxed and just like a potluck backyard bash and bonfire.

Since there’s an ease to how simple we want everything, I should start thinking about my dress options. My wedding had two dresses- one form fitting with lace details down the sides, and the other all lace with more flow. I definitely don’t need two dresses this time, and I want to keep it a bit more casual. I’m thinking of going for a sweater dress or something long sleeved and right above the knee.

Options Everywhere

Because I want a simple and causal dress, I can pretty much buy one anywhere. I’m super indecisive, so this may be a challenge. I do know that I want to pair my leather over the knee boots with it, because it’s going to be mostly outside. I’m going to be stomping around our yard and at a fire. I want something that could be cute if I had to throw a flannel or denim jacket over it.

I know this may not seem conventional for a vow renewal, but I’m not a conventional type of person. I do want light colors- either white, off white, or a dusty pink. When it comes to fabric, I love velvet and cotton in the fall. I also like lace details, and I don’t mind ribbed dresses. I enjoy wrap dresses, but I don’t know if I want one for this occasion.

The endless options make my head spin a bit. I don’t necessarily want to order online, but I did have success in doing so with my original wedding dress. My indecisiveness comes into play with online shopping. There’s something magical about trying on a dress and it feeling like the one. That’s how I ended up with two dresses the first go around- one online and one in store.

Examples and Ideas

I have been looking online for ideas every free moment I have. Pinterest has been my best friend when it comes to this big event, and I’ve seen so many dresses that I like. It’s about finding the one that I won’t have to second guess.

Learning to embrace my curves hasn’t always been easy, and I had a very hard time accepting my body with my first wedding. I’m ready to not only love my body but embrace it and show off my newly boosted confidence. I’m not opposed to cutouts, a bit of skin, or something form fitting.

My style is all over the place. I have a combination of styles that I gravitate to for everyday outfits. I love edgy cut outs, animal prints, and leather. I also love soft pinks, lace, velvet, and florals. I have this odd bohemian biker combination, and I sort of love it.

The boots that I will be wearing have the edge I love, so I’m thinking of a sweeter style of a dress. Although, I also want to feel a bit sexy, because I was in the first trimester at my first wedding. There’s nothing sexy about morning sickness, so that’s why I’m having an internal debate on styles.

I also love Amazon for online shopping, so my choices usually come from there.

Shoes First

These are the boots that I’m wearing, and hopefully I can find a dress that hits right above them in length. They are right above the knee, so I want a small peak of skin but nothing major. It is an outside event early in November. There will be a fire and lanterns, and I can always throw something over my dress if I get too cold.

Dress Examples

I have a ton of examples and ideas saved, and I really want to find a way to balance the dress I pick with my boots even if that seems crazy. I want to be cozy with just a bit of dressy flair.

This is a dress I saw on Amazon, and I like the softness of it. It has pretty good reviews with sizing and curvy figures too. My husband likes that it’s soft and has flow, and the books have that leather edgy feel.

This is another pick from Amazon. I love the rhinestones and vintage feel. It’s completely different than what I originally had in mind, but I have gravitated back towards it a few times.

If I decide to not pick a lighter color, I will probably pick black or maroon. I love this Amazon dress, and it’s been in my favorites long before the vow renewal planning.

This is the other “non-traditional” color option I would consider. This is of course another Amazon pick. I actually have a short sleeve version of this, and I love it. I like the ease, comfort, and simplicity of this option too.

All Different, All Beautiful

Every example I have saved during my shopping attempts are all pretty different, but they are all beautiful. I don’t have one specific style, because I like to mix it up fairly often. I do know what I want for the most part, but seeing all of the options sort of challenges the original vision in my head.

I know I want to be able to wear my tall “pirate” boots, as my son affectionately calls them. However, I’m not opposed to wearing my cowboy boots. I want to stick with boots in general though, because they will help keep me warm. Plus, I can run around in my backyard without worrying about my heels getting trapped in the grass and dirt.

I know I have to make a decision sooner rather than later, which is probably why I turned this entire inner conflict into a Coffee Talks post. I’d also love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and what you would wear for a renewal if you had one.

Have a wonderful week.

-With Love,


10 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Choosing a Vow Renewal Dress”

  1. I actually have my shoes picked out for my wedding (and I am not even engaged yet! lol) I feel like shoes are so much easier then dresses. You have such pretty choices and I love the nontraditional route of the maroon-red. It is SO pretty! Amazon has the best dresses! <3

  2. I definitely liked the first one the best. It was lacy and flowy, but not too formal. It would also go well with the boots.

  3. Great choices! I also wrap outfits around shoes. Isn’t it always about the shoes though- I mean truly. Received your book the other day and began reading. Powerful messaging! I am definitely saving for when my daughter hits her teen years. Thanks! Happy shopping!

    1. Thanks so much for your input! I genuinely appreciate you getting a copy. It definitely got me through some tough times, so I hope it helps her if she ever struggles.

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