How to Feel Sexy During Fall and Winter Blues

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I’m a fan of cooler weather, but that doesn’t mean I don’t experience those fall and winter blues. The majority of my ED relapses happened during those times, and seasonal changes can really affect how we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

Whether you’re layering up and getting cozy for the cold seasons or not, you still deserve to feel amazing. You CAN beat those blues and feel sexy during fall and winter regardless of size, and I want to give you some tips on how to make that happen.

Sexy is for Every Season

I always talk about nakedness and not hiding your body in layers, but that’s a completely different type of layering than dressing for cold weather. While I don’t advocate hiding your body, no one wants to freeze their butts off. Trust me when I say that you can still feel sexy in your winter wardrobe.

You should also not fear your “winter body” as diet culture would call it. Don’t stress over “summer bodies” or “winter bodies.” Focus on just accepting and embracing your body, and fuck the diet culture that tells you differently.

Feeling sexy is just that- it’s a feeling. It’s a mindset, so if you can breathe through the tough moments, you can be as sexy as you want to be. I also have a few tips to help you get there, because you deserve to feel good about yourself.

1. Self-care is body care too.

I’ll admit I don’t wash my hair as much in the fall and winter, because it gets super dry. I also don’t shave my legs as often, and I get sort of lazy with my self and body care. Regardless of the body hair debate, try stepping up your self-care when those fall and winter blues hit.

Take a hot bath, and wrap yourself in a fresh from the dryer fluffy towel. Show that body some love with lotion and pampering. Sometimes, our confidence takes a dip when we forget that our bodies need attention.

Touch yourself and show your skin some extra attention too. Take it to next level self-care, and masturbate. Do what your body craves, and be nice to yourself.

Don’t be ashamed to spoil your body a bit. You deserve to release some steam and stress, and don’t forget to unclench your jaw and let your shoulders down throughout the day. That orgasm could help you with that tension too- just saying.

2. Snuggle up with sexy scents and soft fabrics.

As a toddler mom, candles scare the hell out of me, but when the littles go to bed, I light some sexy scents to boost those feelings. Warm and yummy scents can really pull out that dormant passion that was pushed down by seasonal blues. Grab some cozy blankets for added comfort, and switch your sheets to satin.

Make your skin and body happy, because those little gestures can genuinely make you feel incredibly sexy. Also, pay attention to your feet and hands by wearing soft socks and using lotion.

Wrap your body in the comfort that it loves, but add a dash of sexy when you do it. I have a satin pillow case and sheets, and it always amps up my mood. Fabrics and scents can help create the right atmosphere to get those sexy feelings to climb.

3. Layers and coats can be sexy too, so dress to make yourself feel good.

I do advocate for nakedness and feeling sexy in the buff, but clothing can be absolutely just as sexy. I have a few fall pieces that I throw on when my confidence is feeling drained. Certain outfits and clothing items can really help us get into that sexy mindset.

I’m not saying go buy a new wardrobe, but make sure you have something that makes you feel sexy. Whether it’s just a matching underwear set or a new knit skirt, wear what makes you feel sexy. I want you to embody those feelings more and more.

4. Create a personal place for yourself.

I’m a major cleaner, and I believe that a clean space can boost your mood and help with those fall and winter blues. Having kids and pets makes it challenging to keep a completely clean house, and that can drag down not just my mood but how I feel about myself. So, I created a personal space that helps me feel sexy and positive.

Whether it’s an office, bedroom, or just a corner nook, having your own space can do a lot for how you feel about yourself. I go to my space anytime I’m overwhelmed or need to breathe and refocus. It’s my own space that makes me feel sexy and proud.

You can customize it however you want, and the creation process can make you feel accomplished. Positive feelings like that can lead to getting that sexy mindset that you want. It’s a perfect place for self-care, alone time, and just to refuel the feelings that you need.

5. Embrace your body, and stop restricting based on seasonal diets.

Like I mentioned before, diet culture might make you feel bad about a “winter body,” but that is total bullshit. Don’t restrict yourself or focus on weight just because the holidays and the new year is approaching. Don’t stress the comfort foods or fear weight gain. There are better ways to spend your fall and winter than consuming yourself with calorie count.

Instead, be kind to yourself. Tell your body it’s beautiful just as it is. Eat some of your favorite comfort meals. Enjoy the season change, and embrace your body.

You’re already beautiful just the way you are, and diet culture will attempt to drag down your confidence so they can capitalize on your seasonal blues and insecurities. Say fuck diet culture, and learn to not only accept but love your body.

It Happens

Seasonal blues happen, so don’t be hard on yourself for feeling down. If you need, talk to someone, and don’t feel ashamed. We all need to get those emotions out, and we all struggle. Take charge of your mental health, and be proud that you take care of yourself.

You can not only feel sexy, but you can embrace yourself for all that you are regardless of the season or the size of your body. If it gets colder where you live, I totally understand wanting to hide in a pile of blankets until the sun stays out a bit longer, but don’t put yourself in a blah bubble. Break out and enjoy every moment. Enjoy your body in those moments.

I hope you learn that sexy is a mindset, and it’s for every body and every season. It’s not always easy to feel sexy, but once you get there, don’t look back.

You deserve to feel sexy and wonderful. You’re magical regardless of temperature or weight. Don’t let arbitrary numbers bring you down, because you are worthy of lifting yourself up.

-With Love,


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  1. Great tips! I always get the winter blues but not til like January:( fall clothes are my absolute fave! I probably sexiest and a flannel lol cuz comfy is sexy especially after you have kids… am I right lol?!

  2. I loved this post!
    I tend to feel not so sexy in winter because I’ll end up throwing on comfy huge jumpers which make me look alot bigger (but theyre so warm!) or just in general focus on being warm rather than feeling good.
    One thing I do try to do it continue to shave my legs as it makes me feel sexier.
    Thank you for sharing your tips!
    Alyssa x

  3. I lOVE that meme! I to am someone who hates the winter months and have seasonal affectiveness disorder. It is so easy for me to just want to stay in bed and hide and I love these tips that you shared! Thanks beauty! I hope you are having an amazing weekend! <3

  4. My problem is I’ve been failing my body, lately. I’m been emotionally eating and that hasn’t been good for mind or body. I needed this to get me back on track.


    XO Steph

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