When Your Blogging Plans Change

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Hello, beauties. I have been working on my October goals, and one of them was working on pop-ups, newsletters, and freebies for my readers. During the entire process, I realized I was just doing what I thought “good” bloggers do.

I am always hearing how important email marketing is, and while I genuinely want you all to subscribe with email to stay updated on the latest from HH, newsletters and all of the expected blogger strategies aren’t really my style. I appreciate each and every visit from my readers, and I love sharing and connecting on social media. But when it comes to sending out a newsletter, I’ve learned quite a bit about what I want for this blog.

I have made countless newsletter templates and drafts. I even created a new logo for this blog, but after sending beta newsletters to myself and a few friends for testing, things just didn’t feel right. I love what I do here, but after working on newsletters and email marketing, I decided it wasn’t for me. Sure, I want to increase my traffic and keep my readers returning, but I don’t want to commit to something that doesn’t feel right for me.

I have tiny tots, just wrote and published a book, and blog 3-4 times a week. I know that I could handle a newsletter regardless of my chaotic work from home schedule, but I don’t want to say, “subscribe for freebies.” I don’t want to trade the content I create for a laundry list of email addresses, at least not right now.

Honestly, I just want to share it all with you whether you decide to subscribe or not. I just want to help people learn to love themselves and spread some happiness, and I don’t need a pushy, weekly newsletter to do that. I will be working on some visual updates, buttons, and widgets for HH, as well as a freebie page.

Stay Tuned

I can’t wait to share the content and freebies that I’ve been working on with you all, so if you want to subscribe for standard, automated updates, that would still be lovely. I will have freebies like worksheets, guides, prompts, calendars, and more. I’m hoping to finish the freebie page with some new printable and downloaded content within the next two weeks.

I will also continue to share news about my recently released book, Eat the Damn Muffin, in upcoming posts. I want to eventually be able to do gieaways and really extend myself and what I do for my readers, but this has been a learning experience. I’ve learned I can still do this and give you all of that without a newsletter.

I am tweaking my pop-up, because I want everyone who stops by HH to know they are welcomed and beautiful. This may seem like a odd thing to do, but sometimes, you just have to listen to your gut.

I still love discussing things like parenting, everyday life, and products. However, a big shift that my blog has taken is towards body image, sex, relationships, invisible disabilities and mental health. I love every single topic, but lately, I’ve been working on my awareness and advocacy a lot more. Recently, I also contributed to a book with essays about body image, and I can’t wait to share that with you all when the time comes.

More parenting posts will be added, because I want to find a balance. The shift towards bodies and mental health is something that I not only needed but am really passionate about. So, I will work on finding a balanced way to share my mom journey as well as my body positive journey. I want Housewife Hustle to have a little bit of something for everyone if possible. I have a many interests, and I know I’m not alone.

Thank You

I don’t think there are enough ways to thank you all who have been here and supported my journey. It’s crazy to think a year ago I had no idea what I wanted for Housewife Hustle. Now, I just want to help people and provide a space for them to come to and leave happy. I’ve always loved making people smile and feel beautiful. If I can make this my career, then you bet your ass that’s what I’m going to work on doing.

I want to give back, and help people see that they are worthy of self-love and confidence. It goes beyond body image and feeling beautiful. It’s about our emotional and mental health and just genuinely loving the person that you are. I really want to help others be the best version of themselves and show them that they deserve to be happy just as they are.

This is a place where I want to share my mommy moments with those who need a break from a busy day of parenting. I also want to share my journey with disabilities and show that community that we can be whatever we want. Helping people see that they don’t need to chase numbers on a scale to be happy is what makes me happy. I honestly want to show all of my many sides and passions and be there for others.

I can’t wait for this next chapter. I will be continuing to grow Housewife Hustle with or without a newsletter. Hopefully, you’re all along for the ride, since it feels like the start of a grand adventure. Have a wonderful weekend.

-With Love,


5 thoughts on “When Your Blogging Plans Change”

  1. I love that you sent a big shout out to your readers saying thank you, and let everyone know that you don’t want to trade your content for email addresses. Eventually I would like to set one up, but at this point in my blog I just don’t know. 😉 I also have lots of topics, but a focus in a little difficult area so I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate it all. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just my reader, but I’m seeing your blog image posts twice in the beginning.

    1. Thanks for reading! I did a post about having a multi niche blog that may help ya too. Blogging is definitely a journey, and I want organic readership without feeling like I’m bribing an audience. It’s been up and down for me. And thanks for letting me know! I’ll see what’s up with it! Have a great day!!

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