10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

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When it comes to blogging, numbers and stats aren’t usually something I check and stress about daily, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important to me at all. Housewife Hustle is my job, and growing my traffic is something I try to continually work on. I want to make a difference with others, and having a growing audience means I could get the chance to help inspire more people. That’s one of the main reasons blog traffic has become more important to me during this journey.

I always see blog growth strategies like consistency and good content, and while they are important and I will include them, there are other concrete ways to bring in more people and increase your audience. I may not have the six figure viewership as some millionaire bloggers, but I have seen steady growth over this year of blogging.

For 2018, I only blogged for about 6 months, and I was all over the place. Housewife Hustle only had 2,260 views total for that time period. Since this past spring, I am averaging double those numbers in a month, so I feel like I’m really learning how to increase my traffic and grow my blog. It’s not even close to where I want it, but growth is growth nonetheless. I can’t wait to share my tips with you all, so let’s get to it.

Grow Your Traffic

First, there are two types of traffic- organic and paid. Honestly, I am clueless when it comes to paid traffic, other than knowing that it is traffic that you “force” with advertisements. I hate saying force like that, because really it means with advertisements like social media ads, AdSense, WordAds, and things like that. I have completely grown my audience and increased my traffic organically, so my tips will be for growing organic traffic.

Organic traffic can be direct like when someone types in your URL. It can also come from referrals like links from social media. Search traffic, which comes from keywords and search engines, is also organic traffic. These are usually what I focus on the most.

The blogosphere is huge, and that means there are also a lot of ways you can increase your traffic. I always see online courses you can purchase that will help you grow those numbers and extend your audience, but I want to share my experience and real strategies for free. We are all learning and evolving, and I want to help.

1. Social Media can make those numbers climb.

The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest, and it really is an amazing social media platform when it comes to blogging traffic. I have embedded the PinIt Share Button plugin, so anyone can instantly share my content to Pinterest. Sharing links and being apart of the blog communities and group boards on social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook can really help increase your blog traffic.

Originally, I only had Twitter and Pinterest, but once I started an Instagram and Facebook page for Housewife Hustle, I saw an increase in my traffic. All platforms can benefit your blog in different ways, and boosting your traffic can happen with all of them.

For me, Twitter is where I can share blog posts, retweet other blogger’s posts, and be apart of engagement treads. Pinterest is magical in everyway, because I love group boards and creating pins for my posts, all while pinning things that also interest me. I love Instagram for all of the visual aspects, even though I’m legally blind. The majority of my body acceptance and sex positive posts get traffic because of the visual aspect of Instagram. Facebook has wonderful group boards, and I can share it with people that I actually know.

2. Don’t fear self-promotion.

Do not hold yourself back, because you fear self-promotion. I was so hesitant at first too, because I didn’t want to seem cocky about my content. But that is where you need to stop. You SHOULD be confident about your content, and self-promotion can really benefit your blog in the long run.

Every time I publish a new post, I spend time sharing it to all of my social platforms. I also share to group boards, create new pins for Pinterest, and I also share my links on certain post threads on Twitter. Learn to be comfortable sharing your content, because it can grow those numbers.

3. Be authentic.

When it comes to blogging, you can’t just copy someone who is successful and hope for the same. That is not only wrong but it is also not a good way to succeed. People don’t want to read a million copies. They want personal touches and creativity. People love authenticity, and it can really help you increase traffic.

I used to just share memes as my images, but once I learned how to create custom content and images, my numbers picked up a lot. I started creating and doing everything for my blog, and that authenticity really helped with the appeal of Housewife Hustle.

I also am appalled when others blatantly copy others. I’ve had a few instances where body confidence coaches have taken my quotes and said they were their own, and it’s kind of a low blow. I have also seen a few bloggers rip each others posts and e-courses off of each other, and it’s sad. Be creative, be authentic, and grow your numbers with your individuality.

4. Create good content and put time and effort into blog appearance.

You can’t just have a jumbled mess with glitchy content and expect a ton of traffic. I hate saying appearance matters, like it hurts my damn soul, but when it comes to blogging, it is true. Having a clean and high quality looking blog can really make a difference when it comes to traffic.

When people visit your blog, they want it to look like you know exactly what you are doing. They want well thought out blog posts and uniform graphics. They want flow and cohesion, because not only is that easy on the eyes, it makes your audience feel as though they can believe and trust in what you are posting. Quality content and appearance make your site look professional, and people are drawn to that.

5. Post consistently and keep a consistent blogging voice.

Having a consistent post schedule has really changed my traffic. I have a steady amount of traffic, and posting regularly and occasionally sharing my post schedule with new visitors has kept my numbers on a slow climb. It’s slow, but it’s finally happening for me. Posting consistently and also keeping a consistent voice and tone on your blog is another way that readers come back, because those things help build trust between blogger and audience.

I will say that consistency is important, but blogging breaks are necessary. If you need a break but are worried that it could affect your traffic, check out my tips for staying productive while being on a break at the same time. It is important to remember that your mental health should come first, so if you need a break, take one. This community loves consistency, but we are also very understanding.

6. Offer something to your audience.

I was originally going to offer a newsletter with freebies, but email marketing isn’t my thing. I tried it, but I decided to create a freebie page rather than exchanging content for email addresses. Email marketing might not be for me, but it’s a way you can offer something and grow traffic.

Offering something to your audience, whether free or not, can increase your traffic. People love getting things- all kinds of things. For me, one of my monthly goals was creating a page on my blog for freebies like self-love worksheets, journal prompts, calendars, and other downloads and printables.

Offering something to your audience is another way to build trust, and it shows that you know what you’re talking about, which is always important. I chose to offer freebies, because I don’t necessarily want to make money right off the bat. I mean money is amazing, but I want my readers to know what I’m capable of and what I am willing to do for them. I want to show my appreciation for those who visit Housewife Hustle, and this will also help increase my traffic.

7. Refresh old content.

I love going back to old posts, usually when I plan on linking them in other posts, because I get to refresh the content. Google loves content, new and old, so refreshing can actually really benefit you and your traffic.

Like I said before, I used to use memes as pictures, but when I started creating my own graphics, I went back through and refreshed the majority of my old content. I will say that it takes time, but it is worth it. Refreshing can help with your consistency and providing good content too.

It’s also beneficial to share refreshed content on your social platforms, because your new followers may not have seen your old posts yet. Make some new pins for your old content too, because Pinterest can really provide a lot of traffic.

8. Collaborate and feature guest posts.

I love collaborations, and I have done a few in the past. They can create backlinks to your blog, which really helps you on search engine ranking. It also helps spread awareness about your blog to others who might not have known about it.

I also enjoy featuring guest posts and other bloggers. Being immersed in the community is fun and it can boost your numbers too. I try to feature a new blogger every month. I do this, because the bloggers that I choose have created posts that really mean a lot to me or have made me feel wonderful.

I want to showcase those who are amazing at what they do, but it also can increase traffic. They may have readers who differ from your audience, and those readers will want to see what you shared as well. It’s like an incredible blogger circle of love and traffic.

9. Work on SEO

I am the first to admit that after all of this time, I’m still learning about SEO. I have learned about keywords and how beneficial they can be. Refreshing posts and creating new posts can really increase traffic if you work on keywords and your SEO strategies.

There are helpful plugins like Yoast SEO that can also help you learn more about SEO and ways you can improve the readability for your blog. Make sure your layout and theme are also SEO friendly, because since I have used SEO friendly themes, my numbers have increased a bit from that as well.

As a blogger, learning and evolving is one way to keep your numbers up. SEO can help with that, because it is all about optimizing your blog for readability and viewership. Being a high rank on search engines can do major things for your blog, so don’t count SEO out yet. I know it can be intimidating, but it’s one of those aspects of blogging that can really help you out.

10. Engage and support other bloggers.

I love the blogging community. I love following other bloggers, and I love commenting and engaging with my readers. The majority of my views are from Pinterest and the WordPress reader.

When you engage with your audience, they are more likely to keep coming back. I also try to have discussions within my posts and comments too, because discussions and call to action type of posts can increase your traffic. People like to talk, so talk back.

Always Growing

I’ll be the first to admit that I need to work on Pinterest and SEO lately, because with the release of my new book, which is now also available in ebook format, I’ve had my hands full. My traffic plateaued for a few weeks, so I’m getting back into using these strategies.

Even from a few days of implementing these methods, my traffic is climbing back up. It’s also important to remember that this takes time. Sure, I want to increase my views right now and take my blog to the next level, but it takes time, patience, and effort.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

-With Love,


20 thoughts on “10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic”

  1. I love these kinds of posts. I get most of my traffic from Pinterest but every time I read a post like this one I discover at least one new way to grow my following!

    1. Thanks!! I’m always learning how to grow, and I use these posts a lot for my own reference when I’m in a schlump.

  2. Love reading posts like these.. I started blogging in 2016 and never tried to spread my viewership because I was(still a little) in a state like I blog for myself as this is not my major career. But putting efforts to spread MY content is very important too. So I’m going to spread my blogposts in pinterest from now on. Thanks for this lovely write.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this post. You’ve taken a different and more balanced approach to a lot of other blog posts I’ve read in this subject and I love that. As a newbie blogger, driving traffic seems overwhelming at times but I’m definitely going to be trying some of these strategies. Thank you!! ☺️

    1. Thanks! I’m not a run of the mill blogger when it comes to my style of sharing blog tips. Connecting on a relatable level makes it less intimidating to me, so that’s why I do it. Thanks for reading. I hope the tips help!

  4. Thank you so much for writing this. I’m a newbie and have been trying to figure out my niche and how I should go about expanding my audience. These tips are awesome and I’m definitely going to put them to good use. 😊

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad they helped. I’m working on a beginner SEO post for next week too if you need help. SEO and growth are things I neglected at first, so I’m happy to share my tips with anyone.

      1. Yes, I’ll be looking forward to reading that as well. I’ve been holding back on blogging Because I was scared to start something completely new and different but I took a chance and finally decided to start something I know I would enjoyed doing. I can’t wait to get some more tips from you I’m so excited 😆

      2. You already have the best mindset about doing what you enjoy. Just let the fear fall by the wayside, and do and blog about what makes you happy!

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