Coffee Talks: Life Changes

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So, the changes are happening everywhere for us. Even HH had some blogging changes recently that I shared. It just seems that plans are changing with the weather around here, but I’m actually okay with that.

I’m a bit of a control freak. The more I can control in my house, the better my anxiety is, but that’s not always easy let alone healthy. I’ve been working on breathing through the moments that I know I can’t control. I’ve been working on my own growth and change, and even though it all made me a bit sick at first, I’m pretty happy with how things are turning out.

The Big Change

The biggest change for us has been my husband’s job. He took a volunteer layoff at the end of summer. They called him back in early, because they needed his weld skills and adaptability in a different department.

He has been really enjoying it, but they recently asked him if he could switch to the department permanently (or at least for a year), because he does great work and is helping to catch the department up. He was hesitant at first, because he loved his old department and people he worked with.

After a lot of consideration, he made the department change, but that also means more overtime. Overtime is great for this time of year, because of holidays coming. However, it’s harder on me and the kiddos. We are making it work, but it has definitely shifted a lot with all of us.

I’m just very grateful he loves his job, and the people there recognize that he’s good at what he does. He’s never been valued before at a workplace, so I’m happy for him.

The Smaller Changes

Well, as much as I hate to say this- the vow renewal is canceled. I spent a lot of time planning, dress hunting, and trying to make the day work. With the overtime, all of the family illness, and the stress I’ve been putting on myself, canceling it is what’s best.

I will still be getting a dress, and it’ll probably be one from my post that I shared. We will hopefully go to a nice dinner on our 5 year wedding anniversary, and I can wear the dress for that. Also, all the planning and ideas can be saved for when we can really go all out and make it happen.

I wanted to do this so badly, but honestly, I need to pull in the reigns a bit before I exhaust myself. I’ve been trying to make so much happen, and I’m mentally and physically sick from all of it.

I just released my book and have been working on promoting it. I’ve been stepping up my blog game and trying to boost traffic with SEO. I’ve also been working on creating more freebies to share here too. It’s just a lot, and I don’t want to over do it.

A Small Break

I don’t plan on taking a break until December. I usually take a small break around Christmas to be fully present with my family, but until then, I feel like I have to make a lot happen.

I want to work on my product reviews and brand pitching too, because holidays are coming a lot faster than I’d like. I also want to add some new collaborations, because there are so many amazing bloggers I want to feature and work with.

I’m going to buckle down these next two months, and make my goals happen. I’m also going to work on accepting change more. My anxiety is always at its peak this time of year. I get physically sick from it, and that makes all of this a bigger challenge. I’m going to really work on breathing through the rough moments.

I hope you’re ready for everything, but whether I am or not, change is happening in some way or another. I hope you have a great week!

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16 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Life Changes”

  1. Sometimes adulting is not much fun. Sounds like you have a good handle on your management strategies and your self care. Maybe plan an intimate date night, wear your vow renewal outfits and renew your vows with each other?

    1. That’s what I was thinking of doing. I really wanted it more for us personally anyway, so thanks so much for the tip!!!

      1. After I typed it I thought ugh- was I being too presumptuous? I am glad you didn’t take my unsolicited advice offensively. I hope u have a special renewal whatever it may be!

      2. I would never take your advice offensively. I always genuinely appreciate your input!!!

  2. So much is going on! Congrats on your book and good luck with your busyness. And as much as you wanted to do the vow renewal, I truly think that you have the right idea to postpone until you’re able to give it the attention it deserves. Thanks for sharing and best wishes with everything!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Things have been nuts, but I definitely want the vow renewal to happen when it can have my full attention.

  3. It is natural to fight change, and perfectly fine to want things to stay the same. I am so sorry you have to cancel your vow renewal, but I know when you do have your celebration it is going to be amazing! Hang in there sweets! I know it doesn’t always seem like it, but everything happens for a reason, (I am experiencing that first hand how crazily the universe plans everything) I am so excited to see what you have panned the next few months and so excited for the holiday festivities to start! Sending you so much love and hugs! <3

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