Body Positive and Inspirational Artists to Follow on Instagram

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I have a lot of inspirational and body positive accounts that I follow on Instagram, but some of my favorites are artists. Art, in any medium, can be so uplifting. It really can help you with how you feel about yourself.

I was so tired of scrolling and seeing things that made me question my beauty and worth, so I did a sweep through who I follow. I found some amazing artists that really inspire self-love and confidence, so I wanted to share those feel good accounts with you.

Let Inspiration Lead You

Inspiration can do more than make you feel productive. It can lead to a better mindset about yourself and especially your body. I even make my own little memes and quote based images when I need a body confidence pick me up.

My love of art started when I was young. Even though I’ve always had low vision and eventual blindness, art was something I was passionate about. I used to oil paint and make the canvas have texture, so I could go beyond just seeing it. I would be able to feel it.

I’ve loved all types of art, and now, I see bodies as works of art. As a teenager, I would argue with my dad about wanting tattoos. He would tell me that the female body is already art, and I shouldn’t have to hang more on it to feel beautiful.

I have 7 tattoos and will add more, but I do agree with my father to some degree. I believe that all bodies are works of art regardless of size, shape, color, or gender. Like a painting or piece of art, every body is unique, and that is incredible and beautiful.

Art is able to speak to us, and because of that it is an amazing tool that can be used to grow your self-love and body confidence, so why not add some fabulous artists to your Instagram feed. Check out these inspiration artists to boost your mood and confidence.

Stephanie Chinn

She is my favorite artist to follow. I think everything she creates is magic. Her illustrations tell a beautiful and incredibly honest story. She’s so inspiring, and I’m a big fan!

Check out her website. She also has a fabulous tshirt for sale with a wonderful message, and I’m definitely grabbing myself one.

Libby Shappy Project

I stumbled onto her Instagram page when I searched #bodypositiveart, and I feel in love. These images are simple but incredibly powerful.

Her page really helps when you need to just say, “fuck it, because I’m beautiful as I am.” I don’t know about you, but that is something I need to say more often. Check her out. She also has an Etsy.

Hannah Senger

I found her account through a body positive activist that we both follow, and I’m so happy I stumbled onto her illustrations. Her work is whimsical and has this inner light that makes me want to break out my desks of tarot cards again.

The small details in her art are amazing. Every illustration is inspirational, and they all have this balance of vulnerability and power at the same time.


This account is art by Dina Rodriguez, and it’s so much more than just illustrations. It’s mental health, cannabis, and body positive art, stickers, apparel, and lettering workbooks.

I love everything about this account. I want to go shopping for myself and all the beautiful people who need to see their worth every time I scroll through her work. It makes me feel good, and it helps when I need to let go of the opinions of others. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Lovesome Dove

A woman is drawn grabbing her belly with a body positive message in her skin that reads maybe if we stop judging our bodies, we can learn to enjoy them.

Angela Larsen is a wonderful artist that I stumbled on while looking up body positive memes and artwork. She creates illustrations that show power in bodies, diversity, and emotion. She also has an Etsy store where her work is transformed into stickers, posters, shirts, and tote bags.

Find What Inspires You

Artwork inspires me to love myself. It wasn’t the plus-size models on Instagram who made me see my body differently, although they are amazing for breaking down barriers. Art and body positive illustrations and quotes are what helped me see my body with appreciation and adoration. Art is my favorite way to feel inspired.

Find your muses. Find what makes you feel inspired and motivated. There are so many forms of art, so find what makes you smile when you need it. Find what speaks to you.

Check out these artists, and let me know of the ones who inspire you.

-With Love


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