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This month’s blogger is Deandra, who runs The Black Princess Diaries. She’s an incredible woman with an amazing blog, and I’m so grateful she’s apart of the blogging community.

She started The Black Princess Diaries on tumblr to share poetry, but she wanted more. I’m definitely glad she wanted more, because this woman delivers. Her blog has a little bit of everything. She shares diary entries, life advice, poetry, and wonderful posts that ignite discussions. You can also find posts about home, style, and beauty.

She is honestly one of my favorite bloggers. Engaging on every social platform as well as being supportive of others makes her such an incredible force in this blogging community. I definitely see her blog dominating the blogosphere, because she is sincere, funny, relatable, and an all around great writer.


1. I know you started your blog journey with poetry, so has writing always been a passion of yours, and was poetry always in the forefront of your writing?

I honestly wouldn’t say writing was a passion…not until maybe high school. When I was in elementary and middle school, I used to love writing short fiction stories, whether it was for school or just on my own. I wouldn’t say I was passionate. It was just something I liked to do.

When I got into high school, I developed a love for writing poetry. I’m not sure how it started, but the love never ended. I still have the composition book that I used to write all my poetry.

2. How was blogging your poetry on Tumblr different than The Black Princess Diaries blog that you manage now? Are there aspects you like more or less between the two platforms?

When it comes to posting my poetry on Tumblr, I didn’t have an account (though I’ve made many Tumblr accounts over the years) that was specifically made for posting on Tumblr. I would just post some here and there on my blog that I still run and love. I never share it, but I have it on my website along my other socials.

I guess sharing my poetry on my website is almost the same as sharing it on my blog on Tumblr since with both I only post my poetry here and there. However, with my website I feel more professional.

3. Can you remember the moment when you decided to take your blogging journey to the next level, and do remember how you felt and what the process was like making that change?

It’s funny because it really was a spur of the moment decision. I’ve had two transitions in my blogging life. The first was going from just posting my poetry on Tumblr to wanting a special place to post them. This was the spur of the moment that just kind of came to mind and when I really want something I enjoy, I’ll focus on it and won’t stop. So, I focused on creating my blog.

Surprisingly, my first posts weren’t poetry posts. I did two posts in one day. Just thoughts in my head. Next thing I knew, my next transition happened. I realized I wanted more than to post poetry.

This is becoming something I loved. It gave me something I’m still struggling to find…motivation. I’m still going through my process. I have one more transition to go…being a full time blogger.

4. You share diary entry posts, and as a reader it’s nice to see that personal side. Have you always kept a diary of sorts, and was it easy to share those entries with the blogosphere and world?

I’m glad to hear my diary entries are registering well with my readers! When I was younger, I used to write in a diary. I haven’t really written in a diary since middle school…maybe 9th grade. I think these days the internet has become like a diary (without sharing TOO much).

Honestly, it really was easy to share my thoughts. To me, it’s almost like no one is reading it. I’m just typing how I feel…almost like therapy for me.

Sometimes, I may feel like I’m being a little too down and I don’t want my readers to feel like they’re going to get this big cloud of negativity every time they read my diary entries, so I do try to end them with some type of positive message. At the end of the day, my diary entries are just me being real. This is The Black Princess Diaries after all.

5. Where do you see your blog these next 5 years? Do you have major goals or a plan for The Black Princess Diaries?

In the next five years, I see The Black Princess Diaries being something big. This is my little baby and I’m hoping that she grows and blossoms into a beautiful young woman. I want to not only be a full time blogger, but a business.

I want to write a poetry book (very very slowly in the works because I’m terrible at procrastination). I want to sell merchandise like mugs, pens, shirts, etc. I always say how funny it is that I got a bachelors in Psychology with no clue or plan on how I want to use it, but when you ask me my goals for my blog my eyes light up and I can give you a rundown on where I plan to go. Funny how life works.

My Favorite Posts from TBPD

It was more challenging to pick only 3 posts than it has been in the past for me. Her content is fabulous, so you should check everything out.

How My Blog Has Changed My Life

I love this post, because it is so real and relatable. Blogging can and will change your life. I love how she talks about the motivation it has given her, but she also discusses the hard work and frustrations that come with this path. I love when bloggers can be honest with their readers all while talking about their fighting spirit. It’s inspiration in and of itself.

Life As A Plus Size Woman

This post is powerful. Her honesty about bullying, fat-phobia, and just the shit that plus-size women go through are all reasons I decided to finally be comfortable in my own size and promote body positivity. Every woman, mostly at least, has struggled with body image and confidence at some point in their life.

This post makes you realize that plus-size woman are not really allowed to just live in their bodies, because they are made to feel uncomfortable in the space their bodies take up. Society is cruel and wrong for everything she mentions, but it is a terribly sad reality. I love that she is able to write about something that is so vulnerable yet powerful.

Help, I’m A Broke Blogger

I feel this post in my soul. Blogging isn’t all glory with 6 figures like those ads that are placed on Facebook. It’s exhausting, challenging, and not always easy to make a livable income. This post not only makes me feel like I’m not alone, it gives good advice, so if this is something you can relate to, give it a read.

Her Favorite Posts

The Strong College Girl That Wasn’t So Strong.
This was my very post so of course it made it to the list of favorites. To be my very first post, I opened up about something so serious, which is the depression I developed in college. I could’ve done a post with tips or a routine, but I didn’t. I chose to be real from the start and that’s what I love the most.

Do Black Women Get More Sh*t From Black Men?
I love this one because I feel like when you read it, it just makes you go “damn girl you did that!” You know how you have those posts that you’re just extra especially proud of? This one was for sure one of them. I sometimes wonder if I should talk about things like this because it’s like you have to make a thousand disclaimers so no one will get offended or take something a different way, but people are going to do that anyway so who cares?? Write what you feel!

Barely Here.
When asking me to pick my 3 favorite posts, I had a look like..whaat!? Because I can’t pick just three. It was hard to pick my last fave, but I had to go with this poem. It’s something that I can still relate to at this moment. I think it speaks on something that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives.

Where to Find The Black Princess Diaries

Podcast: The Black Princess Diaries on Spotify and Anchorfm

If you haven’t check out her blog, you definitely should. She’s a blogging gem, and her social media accounts are also wonderful. The Black Princess Diaries is incredible. I’m so thankful I follow her, and you should be following her too.

Have a great weekend!

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