Fall Haul: Hair, Skin, and Beauty Roundup

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Rather than do just a monthly roundup, I want to share the products I’ve been trying this fall in general. For starters, I decided to up my beauty game. I wanted to teach myself how to do a full face with foundation and the whole shebang, because with my decreasing vision, I really want to learn to how do my makeup properly.

I’m also approaching the last year of my twenties, so I want to take better care of my skin. Just like I believe beauty is beyond a size, I also believe beauty is ageless. However, I want my skin to be happy and healthy, so I’ve been trying some new products.

If you’ve followed along with my hormonal hair changes from my hysterectomy, then you know my head is a combination of wavy, curly, and straight hair. As time goes on, the curls are becoming more like waves with the occasional ringlet tucked in, so I tried a hair care line specific to wavy hair.

Be prepared, because I have a handful of products for my fall haul. There won’t be a star ranking system this time around, but I will tell you if I recommend these products or not. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all. Hopefully, you’ll find something new to try and also recommend some of your favorites.


I buy the majority of my beauty products at Walmart or Target. As much as I love Ulta, I’m a toddler mom who almost always has my kids with me. Our Ulta isn’t exactly kid-friendly, and I wouldn’t want my littles to make a mess of things. So, I stick to drugstores and department stores for my makeup.

Milani Baked Blush in Rosa Romantica

This is my new favorite blush. It’s also the first time I bought a Milani product, and it won’t be my last. I love the way it feels. It’s not too heavy, and it makes me feel super pretty.

I have very fair skin, so I’m always worried blush will stand out way too much. Honestly, I love the way this looks on me, and it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. I definitely recommend this.

e.l.f Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls

I have had this highlighter recommended to me by a lot of people, and it didn’t disappoint. I love highlighter, but it’s pretty easy for me to go overboard with it. This one is a dream, and I can’t believe how good the product is for the price.

I haven’t been disappointed by an e.l.f product yet, but this one is at the top of my favorites list. I have a very round face, but this really helps to highlight my cheek bones that feel like they’re lost to my plump cheeks. I definitely recommend this one.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Dual-Ended Contour Stick in Light/Medium

I had no clue how to contour or do anything with makeup other than some eye shadow basics. I went with this product for two reasons- nostalgia and ease of use. My first makeup products as a preteen were Wet n Wild. I also wanted something that could help me learn how to contour, and this did the trick.

With the help of some beauty bloggers, my beauty Pinterest board, and this handy dual-ended stick, I figured out how to contour. Let me just say, I will step up my product game once I feel like I’m not such a novice, but for learning purposes, this product was helpful. It made doing my makeup even more addicting, and now, I want to try more.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Porcelain

I usually stick to BB cream, because I can never seem to match foundation very well. Being legally blind makes the whole makeup process a tad bit more challenging, so my husband came to the rescue. He actually helps me pick out the majority of everything I buy, so I don’t end up looking orange. After swimming in a sea of foundation with tons of coverage options, we landed on this one.

Honestly, I hate feeling like there is a lot of junk on my face, so I was worried about learning to do a full face of makeup. I couldn’t be happier with how all of it layers and blends together. This foundation felt pretty weightless, and I couldn’t ask for a better color match. I definitely recommend this for a drugstore foundation.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Sunwash

I love lipsticks, and I have bags of them. Bullet lipsticks are my go-to for errands, because I have an easier time with touch up if I need it. In the fall, I wear a lot of reds and dark reds, so I wanted to mix it up with this color.

It’s a little more brown than I go for, but I’m so glad I went outside of my lipstick comfort zone. It’s great for a wear everyday color, and the vitamin E in it keeps my lips happy and soft. I definitely recommend the Colour Riche line, because they are wonderful quality with are a lot of options for a drugstore lipstick.

Full Face with all products mentioned


LUS Complete Curl Care for Soft and Weightless Waves

This trio comes with shampoo, conditioner, and an all-in-one styler. I’m always recommended Devacurl, but my hormonal hair changes are just that, hormonal. Once my body finally settles, which should be any damn time now, my hair should calm down. Doctors told me that once I reached a year post hysterecomy, my hair should decide on a texture and curl pattern. Well, it’s been a year now, and I’ve been on quite the hair journey.

I have a straight layer of hair underneath, then a wavy layer on top that has a few ringlets. I stopped scrunching, because the waves turn to lovely curls. While that may sound lovely, the straight layer doesn’t budge, and it ends up looking like I have bad straight extensions under the wave and curls.

With temperamental hair and being clueless on how to even approach styling, I opted to try something that was easy and wash-and-go. I actually reached out to the company LUS  about my hair issues, and they sent me their 3 step wavy line to try.

Finally, I have a holy grail hair product that works for my multi-patterned hair. It smells and feels incredible, and it’s so easy to wash-and-go with beautiful results. This brand is phenomenal, and you need to check them out if you have wavy or curly hair.

I also want to say that this company genuinely engages and listens to your hair needs. I’ve never felt listen to by a brand before, and I’ve worked with a lot of brands. LUS is a company I will continue to love and promote.


I received these products complimentary through Influenster as a VoxBox campaign. All opinions are my own.

I received the L’Oréal Revitalift VoxBox awhile ago, but every time I tried sharing and tagging the products on my Instagram, the posts would disappear the next day. So, I decided to throw them into a roundup, because they are worth mentioning.

Now, I do have skin care favorites, but this three step system has become my go-to for the colder days lately. I use the serum and moisturizer at night after I wash my face, and I use the lotion before I apply my makeup the next day. My skin has been pretty happy with this routine for the most part.

I will say that my dark circles aren’t as bright compared to using Fountain of Truth, which I shared a raving post about that skincare line. However, I don’t know if I will ever find something as magical, so this one settles with a review of pretty good.

My skin doesn’t feel dry unless I skip one of the three products. I have noticed a small difference in the lines around my eyes, and I like how the products feel after being applied. I would say give these a try altogether, because I feel like they work wonderfully together as opposed to only using one of them.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Anti-Aging Moisturizer

L’Oreal Paris Triple Power Day Lotion SPF 30

Final Thoughts

I didn’t find a single product that I didn’t like out of everything that I’ve tried this fall. I will say that I’m done trying every curl girl approved product out there. I have tried a ton, but I’m finally sticking to my LUS products for the most part.

I will continue to try out new makeup, because I love it and want to continue to learn and grow my makeup skills. There is something peaceful about setting all of my makeup in front of me and going through the motions of putting it all on. I’d also love any recommendations and blog post recommendations when it comes to makeup for beginners.

When it comes to skin, I don’t stress too much about wrinkles, but I do like to find products to brighten my dark circles and uneven skin tone. I get minimal sleep as a mom, and I have struggled with insomnia because of my vision issues and anxiety since I was a kid. So, finding products that brighten my sensitive skin is something I will continually be on the lookout for while shopping.

I hope you were able to find some great products or share some that you love. I hope you enjoyed my fall haul roundup. I have been thinking about doing seasonal product roundups rather than monthly, because I like to take my time testing everything out.

Have a great week!

-With Love,


7 thoughts on “Fall Haul: Hair, Skin, and Beauty Roundup”

  1. I can relate to this SO much! My hormones have been so out of control of late (I have PCOS and Endometriosis AND Adenomyosis) and both my skin and hair are feeling it and letting me know they do not like it. I finally jumped on the Tula bandwagon, and that has helped a lot. I also have been using hair masks, which also helps a ton to strengthen as well as tame. It is a process, but I am trying to except and embrace this journey and where ever it leaves me. (hopefully with hair and not a pizza face :p)
    You nailed the contouring! that is something I fail at! I LOVE your lip color and that blush is such a pretty shade! It looks stunning on you! Thanks for sharing your fall haul beauty! <3

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Hormonal changes are so frustrating, but I’m trying to make the best of it. Hair masks definitely help me too. I love learning about makeup and the application process, so I’ve even really enjoying trying new products out. Thanks again!!! 😘

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