Time to Talk about My Spirituality

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Happy Halloween! I’ve debated this post for the entirety of the life of Housewife Hustle, and I think the time is now. I’ve mentioned before that I used to have Tarot, Holistic, and Spiritual blogs in the past. With today’s holiday, those blogs would typically give a mini history lesson.

I would discuss that Halloween isn’t a holiday rooted in evil, and I would also talk about the correlating history of Paganism and Christianity. Honestly, religions and the history of religions were some of my favorite things to read and learn about growing up and in college. It’s not that I don’t enjoy or like these subjects anymore. I’ve just learned to celebrate them in different ways.

When I shared my love of Tarot and my spiritual beliefs, I would be met with two reactions. Either people would tell me I was damned, or they would latch on for dear life. I had family that would pray for my soul, and I had friends that only liked me or thought I was “cool” because I could read cards. Both caused me to pull back.

I am spiritual, and I believe in a higher power. My beliefs do involve prayer, and I practice what I believe makes me a good person. I have morals and guides I try to follow, but I no longer label myself anything other than spiritual. I don’t follow one specific religion, because I thinks there’s a bigger picture that we all tend to miss with one strict religion.

Spiritual and Not Sorry

I know I have at least one aunt who is curling her fists that I even wrote this, and I’m sure I’ll get a message telling me to lock away my “devil cards” and so on. But I’m not going to hide who I am anymore. I am spiritual, and I’m not sorry. You can define that anyway you’d like, but I probably won’t discuss every little in and out of what I believe.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean going to church every week or identifying with a specific religion. It doesn’t mean you have to do yoga or mediate, but it can also involve all of those things. It’s not about what faith or practice you have, but to me, it’s about having a type of faith in something overall.

Being spiritual is about loving yourself and others, and that loving nature becomes a priority. It’s about understanding we all live, thrive, and work together as one. Being spiritual is about kindness to yourself and others. It’s not about a specific deity to me, it’s about kindness and a loving nature.

Growing up, I was so angry and always felt like I had to fight. Whether it was bullies and mean girls or constant criticism from my family, I thought I was destined to be this angry little fighter. Learning to cut negativity and toxic people from my life taught me a lot. My eating disorder struggles and abusive relationships from the past used to fuel my anger, but now they are apart of the reason I choose kindness. I’m a completely different person, and I love that I have been able to grow into this better version of myself.

I am spiritual, and I do also have some beliefs that confuse and turn people off. Honestly, I do believe in Tarot, and I miss having it in my daily life. I never should have let others dictate the joy it brings to me.

Also, I believe in a lot of components of Paganism and Wicca, which generally cause people to run from me. Honestly, I believe in a lot of aspects from varying religions, but these two stick with me the most. I love that “do no harm” is the center of it all, despite most people’s assumptions that it’s based in evil.

Actually, the compassion and the idea of being kind to yourself and your neighbor are my favorite parts of any religion. Too often does judgement and ridicule of the beliefs of others come first. That’s also why I don’t open up about my beliefs or spirituality. People make assumptions that are riddled with false information, because with religion, there’s always some sort of fear lingering close by.

Fear can make people judge and be cruel even more, so I don’t know if I will have more than this one time post or not. All of our beliefs are complex, but I wanted to at least share this much about myself.

My Love of Tarot

My love of Tarot started when I was young, like younger than 10. I would watch my mom read cards for her friends, so I learned by watching. I would read her books and continually seek out research as I got older. Eventually, I had my own cards, and I would read for myself.

My friends caught on, and they wanted readings. From there, it snowballed. I loved every everything about my cards and the research, and the history of Tarot. It was so much more than what everyone thought, and their history has nothing to do with most people’s “devil card” assumptions.

In college, I had blogs that would have daily cards, spreads, meanings, and more. I would give mini history lessons, and I wrote report after report for my college classes. Later, I would go on to read Tarot cards at conventions surrounded by people selling crystals and giving reiki seminars.

However, I did love feeling like I wasn’t being judged at those conventions. Although, I never tried to sell a “service” like others. I hated putting a price on what I did, and people didn’t like that. Usually, I was also the youngest person there, and that didn’t always sit well with some.

Money wasn’t something I was chasing after, and I wasn’t trying to scam people like some of the readers I met. What it came down to was I just wanted to read cards. I loved the story and meaning behind each and every card. I even wrote poetry about the cards that I intended to turn into a book. It was a passion, and I genuinely miss it.

Vow to Myself

I’m going to make a vow to myself. I am no longer going to let the judgments of others steal my joy. Passion is what I’m going to lead with from now on. I may not add Tarot to the list of things I blog about, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to hide what I love.

This is who I am. I am spiritual, and I love Tarot. Keep in mind those two do not have to correlate and are very different. I am also passionate about the world, others, and kindness. That’s partly why I want to help people learn to love themselves exactly as they are, because it’s apart of my beliefs. Well, thanks for sticking through this personal post.

It has nothing to do with Halloween, but I used to celebrate harvest and Samhain. I guess I was having nostalgia, and it spurred this post. I will no longer apologize for what I love and believe, so thank you for being here for this.

Have a magical day.

-With Love,


17 thoughts on “Time to Talk about My Spirituality”

  1. LOVED reading this! religion has and does play a HUGE part in my life. Growing up in a town that was pretty secular was tough, because those who were religious tended to be a tad over the top (When I got certified in yoga, I had a “friend” ask me how I could still be Catholic if I was teaching yoga.) It wasn’t until I moved to the city that I found more balance and acceptance as well as a place where I could have discussions and debates with people who practice all different religions and it can be done respectfully.
    Your sentence about losing sight of the bigger picture by a strict religion particularly resonated with me. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who we serve or what we believe in as long as we are being and doing good. Thanks for sharing this sweets! <3

    1. Yes!! You always have such beautifully explained comments!! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. 😘💕

  2. I am spiritual too. I have a deep love for reading Christian & Sufi mystics and I meditate 2x a week with a Buddhist sangha. Thanks for sharing your journey – sending you deep respect.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I feel similar to you and wanted to say that yes, NEVER diminish who you are to please other people, especially at the expense of your own happiness. Pick up the tarot deck again. 😘

  4. I enjoyed reading your post, it was well written. I am personally a Christian, a follower of Jesus, and before you cringe and worry that I’m going to tell you that you are going to be cast in to hell or something like that I am reminded that we are to love all. Many of the aspects of Christianity are a lot like your spirituality. Loving others, loving the world God made for us and kindness are all major parts of what we believe. So while I may not agree with all of your beliefs, I appreciate your frankness with what you believe. Everyone could benefit from more of that. I am not going to apologize for what I believe in, and I know you won’t either. It was a very interesting read!

    1. Thank you so incredibly much for sharing your beliefs! I love when these discussions have differences but common understandings. Thanks again!

  5. I enjoyed your post, it’s good to read about people who have explored life and found themselves in the process.

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