Sling Fiasco: An Unplanned Blog Break

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Hey, beautiful creatures!

I have a mini announcement. Unfortunately, I will not be able to blog next week, because I had a minor accident. Currently, I am wearing a sling. I prepared an incredibly awkward video to explain more, because typing this is bringing me to tears with pain.

Time for Self-Care

I will be okay, but I wanted to keep everyone updated since I was so adamant about not taking a break. Well, shit happens. Now, I have an unplanned blogging break, but my healing and health must come first.

This gives me a chance, forces me actually, to work on my self-care. So, send me some self-care posts with ideas. I’ll be back soon, even if it feels like a lifetime on my end.

I’ll still be around on socials and trying to engage as much as I can.

Remember, you’re amazing and beautiful just the way you are.

-With Love,


28 thoughts on “Sling Fiasco: An Unplanned Blog Break”

  1. I hope you recover quickly Jenni! I don’t have any self care posts, but spending time sitting with yourself and breathing can be great self care. Plus napping if you’re struggling to sleep with the pain.

  2. Awe sweets sending you so much love, healing vibes, and positive energy! It is crazy how the universe gives us what we need even when we think we don’t need it. I hope you have a speedy recovery! So much love sweet lady! <3

  3. You are so adorable on video – even in pain! Sheesh so sorry you are going through this but take the time needed to heal. We will still be here for you! ((Gentle one armed hug))

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