Body Positive Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

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The Body Positive Movement and body acceptance are topics that I discuss in some way or another every single week at Housewife Hustle. Holidays are approaching, and so many people have asked me what I want as gifts. Honestly, I hate getting gifts, because it makes me feel put on the spot and nervous. I do love giving gifts though, so I started thinking about the body positive babes in my life, as well as those who are working on loving themselves and building their confidence.

Gift guides aren’t posts that I do often, because I hate being salesy. However, I have stumbled onto so many great gift ideas for the beautiful and badass women in my life who are working on their self-love and confidence. So, I want to share a body positive gift guide for those of you who also have incredible women in your lives that either need some body image encouragement or who want to celebrate their bodies.

Gifts Galore

With body positivity showing up everywhere, there are options galore for body positive centric gift ideas. There are books, artwork, mugs, shirts, and just so many amazing body positive gifts. I hope you’re ready for some inspirational gift options for the body positive babe in your life.


Body Positive Power: Because Life Is Already Happening and You Don’t Need Flat Abs to Live It is an amazing gift idea. Megan Crabbe is so inspirational, and this book gives me so much positivity that I really want to share. This book is practical for anyone who’s ever equated worth with weight. It really is a must read, and it makes a great gift.

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is the best type of call to action for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Blogger Jes M. Baker is wonderfully full of sass and brilliance. This book helps women become proud of their bodies. If you know someone who has experienced fat shaming and needs to embrace a body-positive viewpoint, scoop this book up.

Technically, this is still a book, but it’s a book of powerful artwork and body positive illustrations. The art work done by Carol Rossetti says we have the power to embrace who we are and can stop trying so hard to please the rest of the world. That is the type of message that I want to gift to the women in my life.

I don’t know about you, but I know a ton of women who color when they get stressed. Some of the biggest stresses I’ve had during the holidays and right after have been body related, which is why this makes the perfect gift. Color and feel beautiful and inspired at the same time, or gift this and spread the love.

This is Eat the Damn Muffin, which is a self-help book of sorts. It details some experiences from eating disorder recovery while pairing real life tips and advice on how to not only embrace your body, but love it just the way it is. Eat the Damn Muffin reads like you’re talking to your unfiltered best friend as she helps you learn to love yourself and grow your body confidence. Both paperback and ebook formats are in sale for the holidays.


I want to point out that I adore Amazon, but I believe that Etsy is the place to go for shirts like the ones I’m about to share. Not only does Etsy have beautiful and powerful body positive shirts and clothing, but supporting smaller businesses is a must during the holiday season.

There are two body positive shirts. One is pink with white font that says accept all bodies. One is white with pink font and says accept all bodies. A bottle of wine is seen below them.

Accept All Bodies Shirt

This shirt is amazing for it’s clear and obvious message. I love simple shirts like this. Give a powerful and simple gift like this, and spread a great message with this shirt.

This white body positive shirt has different body shapes and sizes outlined in a collage surrounding the words all bodies are good bodies.

All Bodies Are Good Bodies Shirt

I love this shirt and the visualization of the bodies so much. This makes a great gift. It comes in three colors, white, grey, and dusty pink, all of which would make this a great staple piece in your or someone’s closet.

This body positive shirt is white and says eating disorders are a social justice issue.

Eating Disorders Are A Social Justice Issue Shirt

This shirt is everything. As a bulimia survivor, this shirt hits me right in the feels, and I know a lot of my friends and family would also appreciate supporting this issue. This shirt is powerful, and those are the best types of gifts.

This grey body positive shirt shows a naked woman standing with her back visible inside of a circle. Above the circle, says take up space.

Take Up Space Shirt

This is another simple but powerful shirt that I not only want for myself, but I know a few women who would love this as a gift as well. As women, we are made to feel guilty or like we aren’t “allowed” to take up space, so this shirt is inspirational and lovely.

This black body positive shirt is worn by a woman eating wings. The shirt says weight does not equal worth with the hashtag #loveyourself.

Weight Does Not Equal Worth Shirt

I love this shirt. The message says it all, and of course it’s another simple yet powerful design. This is the shirt that just needs gifted to anyone and everyone. It’s an amazing reminder to love ourselves and value being over body.


This Mermaids Against Body Shaming Mug will bring a lot of smiles. I know tons of women who love mugs as gifts. Coffee and tea drinkers appreciate a good mug, and I am a mug lover as well. Add to someone’s collection of cups with this body positive gem.

I’ve seen this Hello Gorgeous mug in a ton of places, and I always gravitate towards it. What better way to sip on your favorite hot beverage than with a cup that makes you feel beautiful. This cup makes a wonderful gift.

This body positive mug has different vaginas in different colors, shapes, and sizes in tiles.

Vagina Mug

I found this awesome mug on Etsy, and I’ve seen it with boobs and vulvas. All of them are incredible. The female body is art and should be celebrated rather than shamed. This mug may make some feel uncomfortable, but great things don’t happen in your comfort zone.

This body positive mug says take up space with images of curvy women. There's blues and pinks in circles and swirl designs.

Take Up Space Mug

This mug would make a great gift combo with the Take Up Space shirt that I shared above. I will never get tried of this message, because it’s such an important one. Let someone you love know that it’s more than okay to take up space.

This body positive mug says your body plug a beach equals your perfect beach body. There's beach accessories like hats and sunglasses on the mug too.

Beach Body Mug

The perfect beach body is your body + a beach. This mug is so true and absolutely adorable. I know so many women who don’t want to wear a swimsuit until losing weight, and that is the WRONG mindset to have. Hopefully, this mug can change minds.

Gift Confidence

I hope you found some great gift ideas. The women in our lives shouldn’t need reminded that their bodies are beautiful just the way they are, but society is awful. We need to celebrate ourselves and each other, and I think these gifts do a great job of that.

Inspiration is all around us, and I’ve always loved inspiring gifts. Spread positivity and awareness. You don’t have to be a social media body positive advocate to appreciate the powerful messages of these gifts.

I hope your holidays are wonderful, and you are kind to yourself, your body, and others. Love yourself, because you’re stunning just the way you are.

-With Love,


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  1. Great post! I love so much of these, especially the shirts and mugs. Taking up space and appreciating all bodies as good are messages I can definitely get behind and wear. Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas!

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