15 Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

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The holidays are approaching, and regardless of what you celebrate, the celebration season is certainly a busy one for bloggers. There’s gift guides, blogmas, and a bit more posting pressure. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and experience writer’s block, so I wanted to share some holiday themed blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

When it comes to posting, I try to share at least three new blog posts a week. Mondays are for my Coffee Talks series, which includes life updates. Wednesdays are sex and relationship or body positive related posts, and I also share a snippet of those posts, along with a body positive picture, on my Instagram. Fridays are for blogging about blogging.

Having scheduled posts and an outline helps save me from writer’s block, but that doesn’t put a halt to it completely. During the holiday season, especially close to Christmas, I take a small break to be completely present with my family. However, I still do some holiday related posts. Cue the post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

More Than Gift Guides

I’m a lifestyle blogger, which means I cover topics that relate to my everyday life and interests. Having a ton of interests doesn’t mean I can cram them all into a blog and hope they work together. There has to be cohesion and unity.

Holiday related posts always add a bit more cohesion to my many topics, because I can relate special aspects about this time of year to each and every topic. It’s like a lovely bow that will hold all of my posts together with even more unity, and that’s what I look and plan for with my holiday related content.

Honestly, I’m not a mega fan of gift guides unless they peak my interest like coffee related ones or like the body positive gift guide I recently wrote for the beautiful and badass women in your life. When it comes to general gift guides, I leave those to the other bloggers. I do enjoy those types of posts, I’m just not the best at them unless they have a honed in theme.

However, there’s more to the holidays than gift guides. I want to share some great post ideas that any lifestyle blogger could use- sans gift guides. Check out these great holiday blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

Lifestyle Holiday Blog Post Ideas

  1. What the Holidays Mean to You- With many holidays and traditions around the world, share the one’s you celebrate and what they mean to you. We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I’ll have ideas for those, but adapt these posts to your holidays
  2. Favorite Thanksgiving|Christmas|New Years Traditions- Share your favorite traditions. Talk about meals, décor, and the process leading up to each holiday.
  3. Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving|Christmas|New Years- Share general outfit ideas, or even try on different outfits and create a gallery. It might also be fun to share a poll and have your readers choose your outfits if you can’t decide.
  4. How to Unwind After the Holidays- Share your tips and ways you relax after those long and busy holidays.
  5. Holiday Self-Care- What self-care do you do around the holidays? Do you kick it up a notch, because of holiday chaos? Share a post about your holiday self-care routine.
  6. Wish Lists- Share a wish list of what you’d love to get for you and your family or friends if there was no cap on budget.
  7. Year In Review/Reflection- Reflect on this past year of life as well as blogging.
  8. Advent Calendar- If you use Advent calendars, share the ones you love and have experienced. Share your favorites or ones you really want to try. There are so many cool themed Advent Calendars, and I love reading those posts.
  9. New Traditions- Are there any new traditions you want to try this year? Talk about new traditions you’ve been thinking about and want to give a go.
  10. Black Friday Deals|Plans|Traditions- Share your favorite Black Friday traditions and plans. Talk about any special deals you’re looking forward to.
  11. Best|Most Meaningful Gift You’ve Ever Received- Talk about the gift that took your breathe away.
  12. Holiday Travel Plans- Do you plan on traveling? Share your holiday travels or bucket list of where you’d like to spend your holiday.
  13. Town|City Holiday Events- Does the area you live in have parades or holiday events? Share those events and if it’s something you enjoy.
  14. Write a Letter to Your Self- Whether you’re writing to 2019 you or 2020 you, write a letter to yourself and share it.
  15. Goals for 2020- Share your goals for the upcoming year, regardless of if they are blogging related or not.

Festive or Bust

If you aren’t a festive person, you don’t have to try and force holiday related content that seems cheery and bright. Instead, try talking about why you’re anti-holidays. In fact, I will probably share a mix of celebratory and traditional posts with posts that discuss why I’m not a total holiday nut like everyone else in my family.

The holidays might not be in your total control but your blog posts are. If you get stuck, these should help you find your festive inspiration. I can’t wait to read your blog posts, whether they are sprinkled with holiday cheer or not.

Have a great day.

-With Love, Jenni

19 thoughts on “15 Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers”

  1. I think this is going to be the first Christmas I don’t go and visit my parents. I’ve been trying to set boundaries with one of my parents and it just isn’t working. So for my own mental health I’m going to stay home and make it a solo Christmas this year. I haven’t the slightest what I’m going to do, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! lol

    XO Steph

    1. I’ve been there before, but honestly, I just made it a self-care time. I had a mini feast, rented movies, and got cozy. I wish I had more suggestions. I definitely respect you for setting those boundaries. It’s never easy.

      1. It’s not. We haven’t done Thanksgiving in over a decade, so that’s no problem. I haven’t really outright told my parents I won’t be coming, so that’s going to be a fun conversation.

  2. Such great ideas! I am actually feeling reinvigorated with blogging and the holidays and am excited to perhaps try my hand (for the first time! With Blogmas!) I am so excited to read all the festive cheer 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks!!! I hope you do Blogmas, because I’d love to read your posts. Being a blogger at the holidays can be stressful, but I love the cheer and posts from others at the same time.

  3. I have thought about writing 3 of these. One of them writing a letter to myself for the new. I’m thinking of making it goal related or just going over how the previous year went.

  4. Thank you Jenni for sharing those great suggestions. I will steal a couple. Started yesterday with my blog series from now to mid January and already wrote a couple of posts for each blogs. This time of year for me it is crazy in the kitchen preparing new recipes and sharing them, creating and sharing… and on and on. I actually welcome to write.

    1. That’s awesome. I need to get ahead on my scheduling a bit more. I love writing, and blog post ideas overfill my notebooks. Thanks again for reading.

  5. So many great ideas! I love the last part of writing a letter to yourself and goals for next year!

  6. These ideas are really amazing, I ma borrow some for my blog. Thank you. You are really kind and supportive, thanks for sharing.

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