AD: Why ThinOptics Makes Life Easier

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This post was sponsored by Dealspotr and ThinOptics. All opinions are my own.

As someone who has had vison issues since birth, now being legally blind, I have a ton of low vision aids. However, I also use regular aids and glasses that you can get anywhere. Recently, I was able to work with ThinOptics, and they have a game changing product that I want to share.

I have had to use reading glasses of multiple strengths for a long time. After I had cataract surgery, I bought a ton of pairs to find which ones work best for me. Now, I tend to use extremely strong visual aids, but I still have some low powered reading glasses that I have stashed in our vehicle and my purse. I use these when I’m in a pinch at the grocery store or running errands.

This is where ThinOptics comes in. So, as a blind mom of two brazen toddlers, I lose things often. It’s not because I misplace them, it’s because toddlers have grabby little hands. Glasses of any type tend to not have a long lifespan in my home. ThinOptics changed that game.

What is ThinOptics?

ThinOptics creates feather-light thin but durable and portable readers and sunglasses. Wait, it gets better. They make a pair of readers that goes beyond portable, because they are basically like a pop-up keychain.

Have you ever seen those car keys that pop out with a push of a button? ThinOptics makes readers that do the same thing, and let me tell you, I’m gifting these handy dandy bad boys to a lot of people this year.

I love readers, especially colorful and fun ones. ThinOptics makes different colors too, so I was pretty thrilled when they sent me a purple pair of their pop-out keychain readers. They have a lot of options too, but there’s more.

Light-Weight AND Durable

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical of something being described as “feather-light” and durable at the same time, but these readers have some great flex. My toddlers grabbed them before I could, and they survived. So, they have my vote of durability confidence.

They are thin, easy to move up and down the bridge of your nose for optimal reading, and surprisingly comfortable. With being a keychain, you don’t have to worry about losing them, because you can keep them right with your keys.

Try Them Out

These readers make a great gift, and you should also try them out for yourself if you use reading glasses. I have drawers stuffed with varying readers, but these take up minimal space and hold up a lot better than some of my other pairs.

If I had to do a critique of something I would change, my input would be that hopefully ThinOptics can start making them in a higher strength. If they had a more powerful strength, I could use these for anything. However, I’m pretty satisfied with having them in my bag for running errands and needing to read large print at the stores.

Head over to ThinOptics to see everything they offer. Also, check out their latest deals. You can enter the code Dealspotr to save 20% as well. Happy glasses hunting.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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  1. What a cool idea! And you look so chic in them! I use to hate my glasses, BUT as I am getting older, I am coming around to wearing them more. (I also am being forced to which is another issue) These are so stylish though! <3

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