Boost Your Body Image with Extra Self-Care During the Holidays

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Self-care is a priority. It’s not selfish; it’s necessary. The holidays may be festive and about being grateful and present, but they can also be chaotic and take a toll on us. I always struggle with my body image a bit more at the holidays, so I want to share how you can boost your body image with extra self-care during the holidays.

Self-care seems to be everywhere lately, but that’s not a trend I’m shying away from. In fact, it’s bigger than a passing trend. As a whole, society is starting to see that we need to start taking better care of ourselves and our mental health. Self-care isn’t the only answer to those issues, but it’s a major priority that can definitely go a long way.

Improve Body Image

Self-care can do more than perk you back up after an exhausting week. It can surely do more than help you feel well rested and calm. Self-care is an extremely powerful tool, and it can also help to improve your body image.

Self-care can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, why not find ways to make your self-care routine even more magical, especially during the holidays. I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t always been good at maintaining a self-care routine, but as I learn to be kind to my body, my routine is improving in a big way.

Self-care and body image can definitely build off of each other. If you work on self-care regularly, you can also work on your body image at the same time. A lot of my self-care favorites also help boost my body image when I’m having a rough day, so the two can definitely be besties.

Self-Care that Can Improve Body Image

When someone who struggles with body image starts a self-care routine, they could be exchanging destructive habits with nurturing ones, and that is a major accomplishment. Self-care can help improve your relationship with your body and mind. Like I said, it’s a powerful tool, so why not work on taking care of yourself while simultaneously building up your body image.

1. Commit to a routine.

I’m terrible at committing to anything that is centered around me. Taking care of others is what I’m best at, but that meant my self-care and body image took a hit. Committing to making myself a priority really pushed my self-care to the next level, because a solid routine and foundation can improve so much in your life.

Find a routine you can actually stick to, because making self-care not just possible but regularly scheduled is important. Sometimes, we go through life on autopilot and don’t consider all of the benefits of rest and self-care. Committing to a schedule will definitely help you boost your self-love and body confidence.

2. Figure out what you need.

I can start listing a ton of self-care ideas, but self-care is about SELF. It’s personal, so while I can give you a ton of ideas, I don’t know what you actually need. Figure out what you need the most. What is missing from your everyday routine that would make you feel good?

Find the self-care tasks that will improve your body, mind, and spirit. Customize what you want to put into that regularly scheduled self-care routine. If you know what will make you feel better as well as better about yourself, make sure that task is included.

3. Make touch a priority too.

I can tell you to get a bath, paint your nails, or the other spa day self-care ideas, but make sure that you’re making touch a priority. Touch your skin, touch your body, run your fingers through your hair, and feel yourself. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it needs attention too.

Feel yourself. Be intimate with yourself. You can also read about pleasure as a form of self-care in another post I’ve written, because masturbation isn’t just natural, it’s beneficial. There are so many aspects about touch, and they aren’t all sexual, but that is a part of it as well. Touch, of any kind, can boost your body image, so give it a try in your routine.

4. Cut out the negative.

This may not be a concrete task you can do inside of your bathroom or bedroom, but it can be at the same time. If the scale makes you feel bad about yourself, take that bitch out with a hammer. Cut all of the negativity from your life that doesn’t make you love yourself just the way you are.

Let go of the negative and toxic people and environments that are in your everyday life. I used to have this goal of weight loss, but every time I got to that weight, I’d go a step further. It was unhealthy and led to an ED relapse. So, even our goals and dreams can be toxic. It’s not selfish to cut out things that hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally. That, my dear, is self-care.

5. Add gratitude to your self-care routine.

Whether it’s writing down what you’re grateful for about yourself and your body or you just say it in the mirror in the morning, gratitude is incredible. It can really help to boost your body confidence.

Being grateful for all that your body does, and showing it appreciation with self-care will help you with more than just feeling beautiful. It’s good for your soul and mental health. See all that your body has carried you through, and show it some love. Your body is your first home, after all.

General Self-Care Ideas for the Holidays

Now, let’s get to some general self-care ideas for the holidays. Boost your body image by taking care of yourself, and use these self-care ideas as a base for building a routine you can stick with and flourish from.

Embrace your body every step of the self-care way, because you only have one body. Be kind to it and to yourself as a whole. The holidays come with a lot of baggage, so make sure your body and mind are prepared for the busiest time of the year.

During November, December, and January, you’re more likely to sleep less and do more. Rest and self-care can really help you in so many ways this holidays season. So, check out these ideas to add to your holiday self-care routine.

Self-Care Ideas
  • Take a spa day.
  • Get your nails holiday done, and make it festive.
  • Take a full day to shop for yourself.
  • Take yourself on a date.
  • Spend the day with someone who makes you smile and laugh.
  • Do an at home spa day, with fresh warm towels and candles.
  • Spend an evening without devices and read.
  • Take an hour to dance around to your favorite music.
  • Create something for fun, and don’t worry about perfection.
  • Make your favorite holiday treats.
  • Take a day to decorate, and make your house cozy without setting a time line or anything.
  • Shop for an amazing outfit to wear for the holidays that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

Take Care of YOU

Regardless of what self-care ideas appeal to you, make sure you’re taking care of YOU. I’m guilty of taking care of everyone, and that gets even worse during the holidays. This year, I’m vowing to take care of myself too.

You can’t expect yourself to keep taking care of others if you forget yourself. You’ll be better equipped to handle any holiday chaos as well as offer a helping hand if you make yourself a priority first. The best gift you can give yourself is self-care and taking care of your body and mind.

Have a great week.

-With Love,


12 thoughts on “Boost Your Body Image with Extra Self-Care During the Holidays”

  1. Love this important message of self-love and positivity you’re spreading. It’s so important to make yourself a priority and cut out anything that’s toxic or contributes to you feeling bad. I love self-care and make sure I practice it every day – even for a minute – and listen to what I truly want and need. I laughed at the part where you said about hitting the scales with a hammer lol. This post has also reminded me that I need to book a spa day! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Great ideas, thanks Jenni. Holiday time is my favorite time of the year, but it also can be very stressful, is so easy to get caught and forget about self-love and self-care. I make sure to included some self-love on my routine this holidays, promise.

  3. I LOVE this so much. And honestly needed to read it. I have had a lot going on with family and have been the rock, especially with the holidays coming and while I haven’t forgotten about myself, I have definitely put self-care on the back burner which is not good. Thank you for the awesome tips and the reminder! <3

    1. Thanks for reading and enjoying. I hope you get some needed self-care time, lovely!! Sending my love this holiday season.

  4. Great suggestions! Especially stick to a routine. I have been trying to do that myself. I realize you need discipline in order to stick a certain routine. I also had to find ways to stay discipline. Routine + Discipline = Happy Life. Okay, enough rambling. Really love this entry. Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

  5. I love the tips you put. I rarely take time for self care so I definitely need to work on that for the holidays. It could be partially why I feel so crappy sometimes. Great post as always love β™₯

    1. Thanks, darlin! Yes, please work on your self-care. You deserve to feel wonderful and refreshed!! 😘😘

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