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I don’t know about you, but I love a good Facebook group, even one’s that aren’t blog related. Recently, I’ve been debating on starting either a blogging group or a body acceptance group. With the holiday season in full swing, I decided to do a body acceptance group after the new year. So, I’m focusing on a blog related Facebook group.

Both of these groups will be have my heart and soul poured into them, but I want to focus on one at a time to start. The outlines and planning for this next venture for Housewife Hustle have been swirling for the last few months. I hope you’re as excited as I am, because this is going to be amazing.

I see a ton of bloggers with groups, even a few I’m a member of, but there’s so many rules and regulations within those groups. It’s understandable to have rules. However, many of the ones I used to participate in felt like every other blogger was so concerned with “competition.” That is why I wanted to focus on my own version. A blogging group should have inclusion, be productive, and most importantly be enjoyable.

Introducing Blog Like A Boss Lady

I wanted Blog Like a Boss Lady to be for female bloggers who want to be in a community where we could all connect, grow, and empower each other’s blogs and content creating goals and dreams. This group will be fun and productive. Too often do I see groups where you can’t share any of your links unless it pertains to a specific thread. So, I created a schedule where bloggers can share their links all types.

  • Monday’s are for social media link shares. I will make a post for everyone to participate in and share their social media links. This is when you can also include anything special with social media that week that you want to bring attention to.
  • Wednesday’s are for older blog posts that bloggers want some views or engagement on.
  • Friday’s are weekly post shares. This is when bloggers can share all of their posts from the week.

There will be specific post threads on these days for all of this to take place. I’m so excited to have this group, because I genuinely believe it will help bloggers grow. Another great part about Blog Like A Boss Lady is that it is a space for female empowerment and building each other up.

Why Blog Like A Boss Lady

I always see groups and pages like boss girl, girl boss, or something with girl in the name. Being a member of these groups is amazing, and I’m not knocking them. However, I’m almost 30 years old. Girl is not something I typically say when describing myself. I’m a lady, damnit. Well, for the most part.

So, from all that, Blog Like a Boss Lady was born. I had a ton of names I considered, but this one just felt right. When it comes to blogging about blogging, I’ve always enjoyed it, but I never thought it was be a major faction of what I do.

I typically share blog related posts with advice and my experience on Friday’s at Housewife Hustle. Starting this group was an idea actually sparked by Pinterest. I adore Pinterest, and it’s responsible for the majority of my traffic. Most of my high traffic posts are blog related, so it made my wheels spin.

I know you don’t have to blog about blogging to be successful, although, it has been my experience that having that knowledge in your blogging arsenal is incredibly helpful. Starting a blog specifically for blogging has been an idea in the back of my head, but I want to take it slow and start with this group. You never know where it could go a year from now.

Some Rules

With every Facebook group, there are rules. I always seen really intense rules where you can’t do any self-promotion or share posts with affiliate links. I wanted this group to be a bit different. Self-promotion is a big part of blogging, so on certain days and threads, self-promotion is going to be the center.

Blog Like A Boss Lady is a space meant for growth as a community. You can’t grow unless you’re confidently promoting the work you’re proud of, so link sharing is definitely allowed. I completely understand not allowing random link drops without any organization. That’s why there is a posting schedule for the members.

The rules are pretty simple.

  • Introduce Yourself and Your Blog. Tell us why you’re here and about yourself and your blog. Let’s build a community and support each other.
  • No Single Self-Promotion or Link Drops. You can promote your blog posts in weekly group threads with each other. You’re free to share your links in these posts, but don’t link drop and leave.
  • Share Social Media Links in Specific Threads. Just like with blog posts, there will be threads to share your social media links. We should connect outside of this group and support each other if we are interested.
  • No Standalone Affiliate Links. Don’t just share an affiliate link and leave. If there are links in your posts and they fit with the weekly threads, share away.
  • Be Nice and No Negativity. This is a space for women to empower each other and build each other up. No rudeness or negativity will be tolerated.

There you have it. I want this group to have engagement, and I want all of the bloggers to not just share their work, but find others to support as well. If everyone was just stopping by to drop links all willy-nilly, it would be lady blogging anarchy, so that is why I have a posting schedule and a few rules.

Join Blog Like A Boss Lady Today

If you’re a female blogger that wants to grow and connect with other incredible women who love to blog, check out Blog Like a Boss Lady today. I hope you’re excited to be apart of this group and join a community of lovely lady bloggers. The requests are rolling in as we speak, so head over to check it out. There’s room for everyone, it’s free, and it’s a great space for female bloggers to grow and empower each other.

Have a wonderful day.

-With Love,


14 thoughts on “Introducing Blog Like A Boss Lady Facebook Group”

  1. Having rules is definitely needed in groups. When I used to admin Facebook pages, I had rules. However, some admins often broke them, since they felt like they were entitled to do what they wanted since I was friends with them. At one point, I had FB groups with more lenient rules, and that seemed to work.

    I wish you the best of luck with your new Facebook group. It should be enjoyable for you, and it’s good that you’re listening to your inner voice. Unfortunately, I don’t use Facebook anymore but maybe one day I will use it again. I’m on a 5 year long hiatus for the time being.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and input. I greatly appreciate it. Also, thanks for reading!! 😊

  2. I may try to find your group . I’m not as active on facebook , I only use FB for talking with family and sharing pics of animals ect . And groups can be tricky. I used to be active in quite a bit of groups at one point but so many had admins leave or just shut down .

  3. So excited and just asked to join, Did it under my page instead of name, I am sure it is ok. Thank you Jenni and Good Luck with the group, I am sure it will be great.

  4. It seems like a great idea. Rules are important otherwise will be rude. Setting these rules can help you know when to ban someone from the group. I haven’t joined any facebooks groups yet for promoting my blog.

    1. I did set a few rules, and negativity or rudeness won’t be tolerated. Facebook groups are pretty fun, so maybe check one out. Thanks for reading!

  5. You are such a light sweets! I LOVE this idea! And I LOVE that you are bringing bloggers together! It is actually funny, because I was feeling like I needed a Facebook break, but this makes me want to stay! Thank you for starting this! <3

  6. Good luck – I wish I fell into one of those categories! I think facebook works great. I belong to another blogging facebook page and she does amazing with it and has thousands of active people. xo

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