The Top Types of Blog Posts to Increase Your Traffic

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Who doesn’t love blog traffic, especially when there are a undervalued ways to increase it. SEO, self-promotion, and certain blogging tools like Tailwind can definitely increase your traffic. There’s another way you can bring in more views though.

There are specific types of blog posts that will increase your traffic. This has been a pattern that I’ve noticed through all of my blogs. These types of blog posts that I’m about to share always tend to bring in high numbers of clicks, views, saves, and engagement.

The Top Types of Blog Posts

Remember that just because these types of posts have been known to bring an increase in traffic, don’t compromise your blogging style or voice just because. These posts can fit into every niche. So, make sure you enjoy writing them, otherwise it won’t have the same success.

Love what you blog about, first and foremost. Once you do that, try working these into your blog in a way that suits your style. This way there is cohesion amongst all of your posts. That will help you succeed and increase traffic. It goes beyond just spinning out the type of posts that are expected to bring in numbers.

1. List Posts

Lists are my favorite thing for many reasons and situations. That’s probably why I put it first. Also, people gravitate towards list posts. They are informative and organized. People like finding answers for whatever they are looking for in a neat and brief little package, so lists are perfect for that.

2. How To Posts

How to posts are so much fun for me, because learning is something I am passionate about. I’m not alone in this, and that’s another reason they are popular. People are always in the pursuit of how to do this or that, which is why these also seem to do well. If someone needs an answer, off to the world wide web they go.

People can’t help clicking and saving these types of posts, because they are useful. If it’s something they already know how to do, they may just be looking for another method. The options and ways of how to do something make these posts so versatile and a blogging traffic gold mine.

3. Secret Posts

Ever see those posts that say things like, “the secret to blog success” or “the secret to living simply?” Whatever the secret, I want to know. You want to know. Everyone wants to know.

Secrets draw readers in, because we are curious. and perhaps a wee bit nosey. I have no shame in my wondering game. Curiosity can help build knowledge, and these posts offer that appeal of wanting to know more.

4. Opinion Posts

The internet is filled with people wanting to know why you feel a certain way or if you’re opinions are similar or different to theirs. It goes back to curiosity. People also enjoy hearing someone else’s viewpoint.

Some of my favorite posts to read are opinion posts, even if the opinion disagrees with mine. The world is made up of billions of people, and everyone is different. Those differences interest people, so these posts do well.

5. Story Posts

Again, curiosity at work. Others want to know your deal or story. As a multi-niche blogger, my story is the foundation that helps to unify all of my topics. It’s what sets me apart from other bloggers. Own your story, and don’t be afraid to open up to your readers.

6. Roundups

I have a love-hate relationship with roundups, because, personally, they get stagnant when I am writing them unless I feel strongly about something. However, I absolutely love reading them from other bloggers. People want to know about products, and reviews all piled into one can answer so many questions at one time. It saves people from clicking around, and they are very useful.

7. Resource Posts

These can be similar to list posts too. People love having an informative resource post when it comes to something they are trying to grow and succeed with. I write and read a lot of resource posts, because they are just that- resourceful.

A large chunk of my blog posts are resources posts. Whether it’s about blogging tools to help you stay organized or a resource list of the most inspirational bloggers to motivate you, these types of posts draw in traffic. People want to improve what they are doing, even if it’s not blogging related, and resource posts help them do that.

8. Series Posts

My Coffee Talks series generates some of my highest blog post views, and it’s about my recent personal life, dilemmas, and experiences. People, again, are curious. Continuous series get readers to come back for more, and that’s a great way to increase traffic.

Blog Your Way

Remember to blog your way, even when using these types of posts. Make them unique to your blog, because that uniqueness will also be a big factor in increasing your traffic. You can also go back through and see what post types have had the most success on your blog, or save these as ideas for future post outlines if you’re just starting out.

I have each and every type of post listed. They are easily my highest ranking posts when it comes to views and engagement. Hopefully, I was able to inspire some great post ideas that will help you increase your blog traffic.

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21 thoughts on “The Top Types of Blog Posts to Increase Your Traffic”

  1. I love this post! I’m relieved to hear that I naturally fell into the habit of doing list posts. My book reviews are all about my opinions, and recipes are pretty much how to posts. It’s a good feeling to know that I’m doing something right. Thanks for the virtual encouragement – you’re one of my favorite online friends.

    1. If you enjoy it, then you’re doing it right! I love writing blog tips, but I will always preach that leading with passion and enjoying your content is the first step in success. Your blog is magical, so don’t ever second guess yourself. 😘

  2. Great post Jenni. With one blog that is niche specific, cooking, and the other that encompass everything under the sun, this is great help.

  3. This post was so good! I love that you had some great ideas while also reminding us to love what you blog about and be yourself. I feel like a lot of pins on Pinterest/ blog posts are touting that you should pick this niche or blog about this because it’ll increase your traffic. But your ideas encompass almost every niche and I really appreciate that! I feel as bloggers we’re not just one niche, even though we may focus on one main one on our blogs. Thank you for the inspiration and the blogging positivity! <3

    Emily |

    1. Yes!! I genuinely believe you don’t have to pick a single thing or cut your topics down. It’s all in approach and consistency. Thanks so much for reading and enjoying it!!

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