30 Confidence and Self-Love Affirmations for a Positive Holiday

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Happy Christmas Eve! I typically share my self-love and body related posts on Wednesdays. This week I wanted to offer this one a day early being the holidays and all. This isn’t a specific post relating to just one thing. It’s about confidence building, positivity, and self-love in general. There’s something for everyone today.

The holidays are festive, merry, and bright. However, they are also the busiest time of year and often include anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem. I know that my anxiety and mental health struggles get even worse during the holidays, and I have an exceptionally hard time with my ED recovery. So, I wanted to have some positive affirmations that can keep confidence boosted and positivity flowing for everyone who needs it.

Fa-la-la-Free Your Mind

It’s so hard to breathe this time of year for some people, because they have a million tasks and things on their mind. I want you to take a moment and fa-la-la-free your mind. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Positive affirmations are magical sentences that can benefit everyone. They are powerful, useful, and something I keep notebooks full of. Affirmations genuinely do work, so if you haven’t tried them yet, hop on this festive affirmation train.

Positive Affirmations for the Holidays

My confidence can waver even more so during the holidays, but this year I won’t let it. These positive affirmations can help if you’re stressed out, feeling anxious, or are having some body or self-esteem issues. It’s not hard to stress when resolutions, diet-culture, and family are all rolled into one.

This time of year is magical, but there’s also pressure of the New Year looming. That pressure can make anyone buckle at the knees. It’s all “lose weight” or “make more money.” There’s this constant sense to better yourself every time a new year hits. I get it, because I have so many goals. However, we also need to work on more self-love, self-care, and just focus on being kind to our bodies and minds.

30 Confidence and Self-Love Affirmations for a Positive Holiday
  1. I am worthy of love and acceptance.
  2. I am worthy of rest and moments of just breathing.
  3. This week, I will put all negativity behind me.
  4. I have confidence, and I will continue to build more confidence.
  5. This week, I will find joy in where I am.
  6. I am grateful for life and my bodies capabilities.
  7. I am a wonderful person deserving of self-love and self-care.
  8. This New Year, I am excited for the new opportunities.
  9. I am motivated and strong.
  10. My dreams can come true, because I am ambitious.
  11. I will support my dreams, because they are what I want.
  12. My path in life isn’t determined by anyone but myself.
  13. I can not control the actions of others.
  14. I will not allow the actions of others to affect my confidence and self-love.
  15. When I become stressed, I will step away. I will take a break, because I am worthy of peace and rest.
  16. My goals will happen if I treat myself kindly.
  17. I am not alone. I am surrounded by people who love me.
  18. Today is a fresh start, and I will not compare myself to who I was yesterday.
  19. I will let go of my expectations of others.
  20. It’s time to let go of the negative, and pursue what positively inspires me.
  21. I bring positivity to the lives of others, and most importantly, myself.
  22. I am worthy of love and respect from myself and others.
  23. My health and my life are worth continually fighting for.
  24. I will not dwell on the past.
  25. The present is where is I will focus, so I can have a positive future.
  26. I will not compare myself to others or who I was in the past.
  27. I will treat myself with kindness, patience and respect.
  28. My body is beautiful and incredible just the way it is.
  29. Being mindful is important, and I will work on it everyday.
  30. I am beautiful just as I am.

Embrace Yourself

Instead of panicking over arbitrary things like weight to lose, what not to eat, and all of the negative stresses, try to embrace yourself. Regardless of if it’s weight or body related or not, we also have these New Years resolutions where we have to “fix” or change what we don’t like about ourselves.

This year, let’s work on embracing and loving ourselves as we are. Sure, make positive changes like chasing a goal you’ve been wanting to achieve. However, we need to focus on our mental health more. Many of us should work on liking that person that stares back at us in the morning instead of changing that person.

Positive changes will happen when you learn to love yourself as a whole. So, that is the best place to start if you want change. Start with you, in the now, and love that person. Then, work on growth and change. Make your resolution to love yourself wholly, so you can make your dreams come true.

Have a very happy holidays.

-With Love,


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  1. I love you! Your fa-la-la free your mind comment made me smile so hard! If I could like this post another hundred times I would because everything you wrote was right on! And girl I got chills reading that statement about working on liking the person we see in the mirror rather then changing them. It is SO true! Thank you for creating this space of positivity, inspiration, and self love. It is so important and YOU are so incredibly important and inspiring so many people! <3

    1. You completely made my day! That means so much. Iโ€™m trying to do all of the things as well, so Iโ€™m on this same journey. Itโ€™s not easy but so worth it.

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