Tailwind Pros and Cons for Bloggers

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Lately, I’ve seen more bloggers in the “to Tailwind or not to Tailwind” debate. It’s the holidays, and a lot of bloggers are starting to plan content for the New Year. Many are also considering taking the Tailwind plunge as a gift to themselves.

Before you decide to dive in and spend on Tailwind, let’s talk about what this popular app is capable of and the pros and cons. Also, you can check out another Tailwind post I did where I tried out the free trial and shared my experiences.

Tailwind Does What?

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling app that can save bloggers time on social media.

This app can be extremely useful, but is it worth it? When it comes to making any blog purchases, aside from domains and hosting, I pull up my mommy budget pants and weigh the pros and cons. I also want to know all the ins and outs of what the product does and why it should be something I add to my blogging budget.

With Tailwind, you can schedule out posts to pin to Pinterest from your blog, other websites, Pinterest, and even Tailwind itself as well. You can also use Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts. Personally, I tend to see more bloggers use it for Pinterest, because of the high volumes traffic that it can bring to blogs.

But Wait, There’s More

Tailwind doesn’t just schedule your pins. It also offers suggestions that will help with engagement and sharing. Analytics and reporting are included, and they help you to analyze your results and where to make changes for improvements. There are a ton of features with Tailwind too, because this powerful app goes beyond just scheduling.

Important Key Features
  • Tailwind’s Smart Scheduling pins at optimal times for high traffic.
  • Board lists and interval scheduling helps you quickly schedule your content- with this, you can create a board for each category on your blog and schedule those first.
  • Board insights are included, so you know about performance and what to schedule to increase views.
  • Pin Inspector tells you insights about repins and popularity of individual pins.
  • Tailwind Browser Extension allows you to schedule pins from anywhere on the web, including Pinterest and your blog.
  • Tailwind Tribes help you find content similar to your niche.
  • Content Discovery feature allows you to find related content.
  • Analyze post performance by category, board, keyword and #hashtag.
  • Google Analytics integration allows you to analyze revenue and traffic from Pinterest.

Keep in mind, these aren’t all of the features. Tailwind is a pretty extensive tool with powerful abilities. It may seem complex, but there are also features like drag and drop scheduling. Let’s get to the pros and cons for more.

Tailwind Pros

So, if you haven’t been reading, the pros are already stacking up. This app is extremely powerful and has a ton of helpful features. Let’s take a bigger look at the pros of finally going beyond the free trial and purchasing Tailwind.

Pro #1 Time Saver

The biggest pro to me, and thousands of other bloggers, is that this app saves you an immense amount of time. I will say that I genuinely enjoy manual pinning, because I enjoyed Pinterest even before becoming a blogger and author. However, the amount of time that I saved even with just the free trial of Tailwind was incredible.

My stats increased, because with the time saved, I was able to have pins being posted during optimal times when I have my hands full with other things. I’m a work-at-home mom with two toddlers, so saving time with work while still getting optimal work results is the greatest pro of all.

Pro #2 Traffic Growth

Tailwind can increase your blog traffic, because not only does it save you time while doing work for you, but it pins at optimal times. This makes sure your pins are being seen when there is the most traffic and highest search volumes for that specific topic.

Even using the much smaller free trial, my numbers almost tripled. On top of that, my engagement and clicks increased too. Before trying the free trial and taking the plunge, my pins were hardly getting any clicks, which meant little traffic to my blog.

Pro #3 More, More, More

With Tailwind, you get so many features. You just get more in general, and who doesn’t love more when it comes to traffic, insights, and abilities to expand your blog or brand.

You can pin more, because you can schedule pins from anywhere. There’s also more control at your fingertips. With the helpful features, you can pin more, get more insights, and find more related content. As someone who loves to micromanage and have full control, Tailwind makes that happen.

Tailwind Cons

With all great things, there are also some cons. It wasn’t easy to find cons, but I was able to find a few things that might make some people want to continue with their manual pinning for their blogs. Let’s share the cons, and then we can ask ourselves whether this app is worth it.

Con #1 Pricing

If you buy the annual version of Tailwind, you save about $60. Annually, you’ll spend $9.99 a month. This is just for Pinterest OR for Instagram. There are separate plans for each. If you purchase annually, the total for a year is $119.

If you decide to purchase on a month to month basis it’s a bit more pricey at $14.99 per month. You save a lot more money taking that yearly plunge. However, a lot of people see the price as too steep.

Con #2 Less Personal

Many bloggers say their biggest con isn’t pricing, but that once you use Tailwind, Pinterest and Instagram can become less personal. Because the app is so powerful with a ton of capabilities, they found themselves spending less time liking, commenting, and engaging on those platforms.

As a full time blogger, engagement is extremely important, but I genuinely enjoy engagement. Using a productivity app hasn’t taken away the personal touches that I enjoy about engagement. However, it may be a factor for you to consider.

Ask Yourself

If you’re still on the fence, regardless of more pros than cons, there are some questions you can ask yourself. Trust me, I dug my feet in deep with deciding on adding Tailwind to my budget, because money is an important factor. To do what’s best for your blog and your possible success, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is Pinterest or Instagram a good source of blog traffic for you?
  • Do you want to start making money from the traffic you receive?
  • If you already make money from Pinterest or Instagram traffic to your blog, would increasing traffic as well as income help you to justify the cost?
  • Do you need help creating a more active and consistent presence on Pinterest or Instagram?
  • Would saving time with this tool help you excel in other areas of your blog or business?

These were the main questions I asked myself. Pinterest has become my main source of traffic, and it has exploded since using Tailwind. With Tailwind, you get resources, a great customer service team, and the ability to grow your blog traffic and revenue.

Over 300k brands and blogs use Tailwind. I used to be so skeptical, but the free trial changed my mind. Try Tailwind free today, or sign up and help your blog succeed.

Have a great week!

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12 thoughts on “Tailwind Pros and Cons for Bloggers”

  1. I can see how this would be good for someone who isn’t into social media as much. Like me. But you need engagement just as much as scheduled posts. I am bad at engaging though and posting on social media.

    It would be worth it if I could afford that price

    1. I agree. I believe engagement is just as important as scheduling and even promotion. The price is a bit daunting at first, but it’s such a wonderful tool.

  2. Great post beauty! I have debated using Tailwind, because I don’t really use Pinterest, (I know, I know!) I am trying to get better because it is beneficial to blogging, and I have wondered if Tailwind would help me use it more. Thanks so much for sharing all the pros and cons! it was super helpful! <3

    1. Thanks for reading! Pinterest was my first social media love. I genuinely enjoy it, so it’s a bonus that it helps blog traffic.

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