Coffee Talks: New Year, New Style

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The New Year is only a few days away, and I’m going to be making some changes. Not only am I working on leveling up my blogging game, but I am also going to keep growing in general. We are doing house improvements and have a ton of big changes for 2020. So, I want to up my style game a bit too.

Typically, I’m a jeans and tee type of lady. That’s my go to errand outfit, but I want to add a bit more style. I adore style and fashion. My closet is slowly starting to fill up with new favorites. This coming year, I want to go beyond my clothing comfort zone even more, and dress with confidence.

Thank You, Body Acceptance

During this last year, I’ve done a lot with my body acceptance journey. I even share my journey on Instagram, where I often post pictures showing that all bodies are beautiful. Sure, it might take some guts to share those types of pictures, but I need to translate that confidence to getting dressed.

Constantly, I scroll through Pinterest and see things I want to wear. Well, this year I’m going to wear those things, AND I’m going to do it with confidence. A major reason I don’t always dress the way I want is because I was worried about the opinions of others.

Now, I’m kissing all worries and possible judgements goodbye. I no longer care what some conservative, small townies think of my red lipstick and animal print booties. Where I grew up, the town used to feel so small town, but over the years, it has become a metropolis. Sure, it’s still slightly conservative, but I’m done caring about what someone thinks of an outfit.

Shame Free

A lot of the people I went to school with left and went to bigger cities. Again, our little town is starting to feel like it’s own city. With that growth, I was hoping for some booming fashion changes, but I’m done hoping. I’m going to just start wearing whatever the hell I want, because I can.

I adore fashion, and as an online personality (saying influencer still feels odd), I want my style to genuinely reflect who I am. Gone are the days I would hide in clothing. I’ll still rock my favorite mom jeans and tees, but I will also add in some other pieces. Why not? Fashion is meant to be fun and expressive.

My Kind of Style

If you ask about my style, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge. I adore leather, lace, and florals. I gravitate towards darker colors, because as a blind momma, spills happen. Describing what I like tends to come out with a mix of bohemian styles, urban street wear, and edge all rolled into one. Occasionally, there’s a wee bit of southern flare with cowboy boots, because I love ALL THE BOOTS.

Form fitting and flow are elements that I tend to have a mix of as well. My mood usually decides fit. When it comes to bottoms, I’m not a huge leggings person, but I’m obsessed with faux leather leggings. Jeans always make me smile, and I tend to go for mid to high rise. I love skirts and dresses of all lengths and silhouettes too.

Prints and Details, Please

Prints, especially animal prints, are something that I don’t shy away from. As a curvy lady who falls in that mid to plus-size range, I’m told to stay away from prints and stripes. However, those are two things that I don’t listen to, because again, I can.

Whether it’s on trend or not, I adore animal prints and stripes. I feel like they are can be so versatile and work for any season for me. Details like cutouts and perfectly placed buttons also make my heart sing. I’m a sucker for the details.

Style Ideas for the New Year

These are some pieces that I’ve been dying to add to my closet. I want to step into the year feeling confident. Honestly, these pieces do that for me. Check out the styles that I am currently loving.

Sweaters I Have Been Eyeing

Crazy for You Leopard Print One Shoulder Sweater

I love this sweater, because it’s so effortless. As a busy mom, who is always running errands, I like to look effortless but still have something that makes me feel fierce. One shoulder styles are something that I have gravitated towards for years, because they make me feel chic and sexy.

Knit Striped Twist Back Sweater

I love backless anything. It’s another cool, chic, and sexy feature that always boosts my confidence. So, this sweater is something I have my eye on for my upcoming birthday shopping spree.

Snakeskin Print Off Should Top

I adore snakeskin, and that love isn’t going away anytime soon. Bonus that it’s an off the shoulder!

Dresses For the Win

Good Times Black Dress

Every women needs a little black dress, and if it can be versatile and casual, that’s a major plus. I adore this dress, and it can work for any season with the right layering and accessories.

Enchanted Leopard Maxi Dress

Okay, I may be obsessed with this maxi dress. As someone who is short and curvy, maxi dresses are something I love but never find a good fit with. This one speaks to my damn soul, and there’s no other way to describe it.

Accessories and Shoes

Lightweight Dainty Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings will forever be my favorite. I stopped wearing them and pretty much all earrings, because my little ones were grabby. Now, they are older, and momma is bringing back her love of earrings. Lightweight earrings are my favorite too, because I have really sensitive ears that get sore super easily.

Round Closed Toe Animal Print Bootie

Again, animal print. Love it, and the fact that it’s a bootie offered in two different prints is even better. Plus, the small kitten heel is practical and fabulous.

Cutout Faux Suede Bootie Wedge

Wedges are so practical and perfect for when I want some heel but also comfort. These are perfect for that transition from winter to spring.

Just a Peek

If you can’t tell, this was just a peek of stuff that I have been eyeing for the New Year. I want to add more prints, textures, and some oomph to my plain tees and jeans. Boutiques like Shop Sassy Boutique are places that I always end up when online shopping.

I still shop on Amazon and at places like Target and Walmart, but a good online boutique will always be a favorite go-to of mine. Plus, as an online content creator and blogger, being an affiliate member of places like this helps my love of shopping. I get to share what I love and offers for my readers.

Also, you can get 10% off sitewide at Shop Sassy Boutique until December 31, 2019!

New Year, New Style

So, do you plan on changing up or adding some new styles this new year? I’d love to hear about your favorite 2020 style trends and what your obsessing over right now too. You can also check out my Pinterest for my style inspiration.

Have a great day!

-With Love,


19 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: New Year, New Style”

  1. Love all of these! Our style is very similar I think! I struggle with restraint because living in sunny south Florida sweaters and booties don’t really get a lot of use. But when we get chilly….. they all come out to play!

    1. That’s so cool that our styles are similar!! I’m not a fan of the heat, but I’m sure there are some amazing outfits for that weather. As soon as chill hit, I’d find a way for booties, because they are my absolute favorite shoe. Thanks for reading!

  2. You have all the best ideas on here! I love your style and can’t wait to see you rocking these! I think they’ll look amazing.

  3. I tend to wear dark colors too. I do some bright shirts and one bright blue pant but not many. I just feel more comfortable in darks

    I love the leather print top. I think it will look good on you

    1. Thanks so much. I always gravitate to darker colors, but I do like oranges and mustards. Thanks for reading!

  4. YES! I love your positivity and enthusiasm going into the New Year!!! Much love to you and high hopes for an AMAZING new year and DECADE ahead!

  5. Love your style! I’m trying to change up my look as well. I feel like I hate like 90% of the stuff in the closet and I just want a new look. Hopefully throughout the year I’ll be able to spend some money on a new wardrobe!

  6. Girl your style is on fleek! I love all the animal print! I recently came out of my fashion bubble and began rocking some fun prints. I can relate with what you said about your hometown. Having lived in New York and living back temporarily, it is crazy how different the styles are and there are times when I want to hide and/or conform, but I also know it isn’t who I am, and how cares what people think. Another great post as always! <3

    1. Yes!!! So happy someone understands. I’m a wee bit obsessed with your style, so this comment made me smile extra. Thanks for always being amazing!!!

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