Tips to Love Your Body: A Self-Love New Year’s Resolution

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Every year, I see a slew of women posting and sharing their weight loss and body goals for their New Year’s resolutions. Instead of picking yourself apart and trying to change what you see as a flaws, let’s try something different this year. Let’s let self-love fuel our goals and resolutions.

Learn to love your body this year and every year forward. Body acceptance can make your life better in so many aspects that you might even not realize. Hell, I even wrote an entire book about how and why you should choose body acceptance. You can check that out a bit more, here.

Since being on a self-love journey, I have discovered so much more about myself. I’m more confident and not just with my body. There’s this overall sense of confidence and positivity that I feel now, and I’m incredibly grateful for it and my body. I want to share tips on how you can learn to love your body this new year.

Let the Love In

This year, we ALL need to choose kindness. Be kind to others, and be kind to yourself. Show your mind and body some love and kindness, because it’s good for you.

Working on self-care and growing your self-love can improve your mood and overall health. There are just so many benefits that come with falling in love with yourself and your body. So, let the love in and stop assuming you need weight loss for happiness.

I get it; regardless of how confident we are, we all have days where we struggle. Even though we are allowed to love our bodies just as they are, so many people still struggle with getting to that point. Let’s face facts, we live in an image-obsessed world, and shrinking ourselves is seen as healthy.


There’s so much more to health than size and weight, so I’m done letting it dictate my happiness. Hopefully, you can let go of that negativity too, and focus on what’s going to make you happy and love yourself more this year. Remember, all bodies are different, and health will continue to look different for every body.

With diet-culture shoving “clean eating” and numerous ideas of what is “healthy” continually down our throats, it’s hard to find body acceptance. Especially, when outdated ideas like BMI are still floating out there. Personally, I choose to ditch diet-culture and food labels altogether, because it’s possible to eat what you enjoy and be happy and healthy. Life is about balance and living happily, and finding those things with your body can start with acceptance.

I totally understand that people have certain diet needs because of allergies, illnesses, and sensitivities. However, restriction and dieting can become extremely dangerous and disordered. I always recommend talking to a doctor if you’re weight and health concern you.

When it comes to body acceptance, that’s for everyone! Everyone deserves to feel at home and happy in their body. Sadly, many people just don’t feel this way. We are all worthy of loving our bodies and showing them kindness, so I want to share some tips that will help you fall in love with your body this new year.

Tips to Love Your Body

Play nice in the mirror.

Do you body check yourself often? Are you someone who walks past a mirror and instantly finds something you don’t like? I used to constantly poke and prod at my belly and body in the mirror. Turning to the side, I would head right into critiquing myself.

Stop doing this. Learn to embrace your body, and play nice in the mirror. If you catch yourself walking past and finding something you don’t like, counter it with things you do like. Be nice yourself, and enjoy that beautiful soul looking back at you for once. Unclench your jaw, drop those shoulders, close your eyes, take a deep breathe, and say something nice about yourself as you stare into that mirror.

Get naked and do something.

Get back to the bare basics and have a cup of tea. Sit in the buff and sip some coffee. Read a book in that magical bare bod of yours. Do something you do everyday, but do it naked.

I know that many of us are uncomfortable being naked, but I’m not asking you to check your mail with your buns out. Make it a habit of being in the nude, so you start to get more relaxed with your body. This also helps you step outside of that comfort zone you’re so used to. Change can’t happen in your comfort zone, and loving our bodies is a change a lot of us genuinely need.

Be grateful and compliment yourself.

Keep a notebook or journal handy. Write down what you like about your body. Be grateful. Jot down what you appreciate about your body and keep those notes for when you need a body image pick me up.

Our bodies are miracles. The things our bodies are capable of deserve gratitude and appreciation. Showing your body gratitude and love can definitely help you to accept and eventually love it.

Treat yourself like a friend.

I dedicated a major section of my book to this very task. You know that saying “treat your neighbors how you want to be treated?” It goes back to kindness.

Reevaluate how you talk to yourself and your body. Talk to yourself like you would a friend. You wouldn’t put your friend’s body down would you? I sure as hell hope not.

Anytime you catch yourself feeling negatively towards your body, do a friend test of sorts. How would a friend feel if you said those hurtful things to them? Get it, so treat your body like a friend, because it is. Your body is your first home, so treat it with kindness. It’s always been there for you, so it’s time to be there for your body and treat it like you would a dear friend.

Smash that scale.

Throw away your scale. Better yet, smash that sucker with a hammer. Get rid of the negative habits you may have, like constantly weighing yourself. Again, weight doesn’t always indicate health, so why have it looming around if it’s only going to bring you down? You will be happier and kinder to your body without it.

Cut out comparisons.

Stop comparing yourself to others or even the past version of yourself. Comparisons don’t motivate us. They create a negative head space where we continually put ourselves down for not being something that we aren’t.

Comparisons are toxic, and we deserve to love ourselves wholly. Comparing yourself to others does nothing for your body image or self-love. It’s self-love for a reason. Focus on you, and learn to love yourself rather than focusing on the bodies of others.

Add positive influences to your life.

Find positive influences to add to your life. Buy a book about loving yourself. Get a coloring book that shows all different bodies. Fill your space with things that make you feel confident and positive.

There are so many positive influences out there. Instead of scrolling and going back and forth with comparisons, remember that’s a no-no, find some positive inspiration to remind you how wonderful you are. You can check out posts I did about finding positive body influences below.

Find Your Self-Love Inspiration

Body Positive Inspirational Artists to Follow

Wear what makes you feel confident.

I know I said to be naked, but you can’t go to the store naked. When you’re not having birthday suit time, wear clothes that make you feel confident. Dress yourself in a way that makes you happy, comfortable, and fierce all at the same time. Wear clothes that will help you see the beauty in your body just as it is.

Find a self-care routine that works for you.

If we take care of our bodies and minds, our appreciation and love of your bodies increases. Taking care of yourself and your needs regularly will help you grow that body confidence and self-love that you’ve been wanting to bloom.

Make sure your routine becomes scheduled and regular. Rest and taking care of your body’s needs are so important to our mental and physical health. Self-care can do wonders for learning to embrace and accept your body.

Add some touching to your self-care.

I will always be an advocate for touching yourself. Whether it’s actually feeling your skin or just running your hands through your hair, touch your body. Also, touch touch yourself, and by that, I mean masturbation. I know, cue the blushing. It’s natural, healthy, and can do wonders for your self-love AND self-care.

You can also check out When Self-Care Meets Pleasure.

Go on and Love Yourself

I know it’s a lot easier said than done to love yourself and especially your body. You know, you don’t have to start with love. Learn to accept yourself first. From there, you can go a step further and learn to embrace your body. Then, you can start to fall in love with yourself and your body.

This takes time and patience. Be kind and patient with yourself, because this is the type of New Year’s resolution that really can change things for the better. So much positivity can come from making your New Year’s goal about body acceptance and self-love.

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I can’t wait to hear everyone’s goals and resolutions for the New Year! Have a great day.

-With Love,


13 thoughts on “Tips to Love Your Body: A Self-Love New Year’s Resolution”

  1. This is a great post. I do not really have resolutions for this year. Instead, I want to resume setting monthly goals as this strategy works best for me. I wish you a very happy new year.

    1. Thanks! I love doing monthly goals, but I thought it would be nice to set an overall goal of body acceptance and self-love. Thanks for reading.

  2. Happy New Year Jenni!! Great tips although in the winter the thought of getting naked chills me to my core literally but I’m open to giving it a go in the summer. Self-love cannot be overemphasized as it’s really the only way we can radiate that love to others. ๐Ÿค—

  3. Happy New Year and wishing you and your family many blessings and your book and blog great success in 2020! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! Wishing you all the best for you and your family for the new year. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. โ€œ Change canโ€™t happen in your comfort zoneโ€ Amen sister! Thatโ€™s my favorite line in this blog post. And you are so right, love your body and treat it right. Itโ€™s so important!

  5. I think this is why I don’t like resolutions. They are always so body and looks oriented, attempting to change yourself, instead of accepting yourself as you are. While goals and health are important, I feel like people only do it because everyone else is and there is so much pressure. Thank you for sharing these tips. These are resolutions I can get behind. I love the part about choosing kindness. We definitely need to with ourselves and with each other. Happy new Year beauty! SO much love to you! <3

  6. I refuse to make resolutions! I prefer to decide to be healthier, rather than a perfect body image. Becoming a mom has made me love my body in ways I never did before, and Iโ€™ve come to be better at accepting my body even on days when Iโ€™m not happy with it. ๐Ÿ’•

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