Blogging Goals for 2020: Success, Growth, and Confidence

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Housewife Hustle is going to be turning 2 years old in 2020. It’s crazy to think that 2019 is in the past, but it’s time to create goals for the future that will lead to success, growth, and confidence. My goals for Housewife Hustle can also be goals for any blogger looking to succeed and turn their passion into a career.

This journey takes time, patience, determination, and passion. I always see bloggers doubting that they are “real” bloggers, because they don’t make 6 figures. Guess what? You don’t have to make any figures to be a “real” blogger.

Making money with blogging is a major goal that almost everyone has, and it’s definitely a continuous goal of mine as a work-at-home mom. Keep in mind money is not the only factor of success. Having an audience of readers who return and trust you is success, and being passionate about what you write is also considered success. Bring in the new year with your version of success, and let’s all aim high.

Blogging Goals for 2020

1. Make Growth Possible with SEO

One of my biggest goals is to make sure that growth is always possible with Housewife Hustle. I only spent a fraction of 2019 adjusting my blog for growth. You can’t really increase traffic or grow if you don’t optimize your blog.

SEO is a great place to start when you want to make blog growth possible. It wasn’t my first concern when I started out, and I honestly don’t believe it needs to be number one when you start your blogging journey. SEO is important though, so at some point, it’s definitely necessary.

SEO goes beyond making your posts optimized and reader friendly. You entire site benefits from SEO. Also, optimize the speed and capabilities of your site with these plugins. This is the year for growth, so start with the foundation of your posts and what makes your blog operate. For simple SEO tips, click here.

2. Create and Keep Cohesion

Even though my blog and brand are starting to expand, I want to keep a sense of cohesion. I want my posts to sound like me, and I also want my site to represent who I am. In the beginning of my blogging journey, I was constantly changing what I was talking about and how my blog looked. There was just no rhyme or reason.

Now, I understand that you can have multiple topics and still have cohesion. It’s all in the approach, appearance, and story. Housewife Hustle is a lifestyle multi-niche hybrid blog of sorts. The topics that I cover include parenting, blogging, body and sex positivity, mental health, disabilities, and style at any size. There’s a range of topics that I talk about, but all of them are unified with my personal story, experiences, and education.

Because of the multiplicity of this blog, one of my goals is to make the appearance mesh well with all of the variety. My goal is to have an effortless appeal but with inclusivity and options for my readers. Having an SEO friendly theme helps on top of all of that as well, and you can check out some of my favorites here.

I hate to say looks matter, but in the blogging world, appearance does matter to some degree. People are more likely to read and come back when a blog looks professional but still stands out. Making sure your blog’s appearance and posts all have a similar style helps with cohesion, and that’s something I want to work on a bit more this year.

3. Work on Consistency

Consistency will always be key if you want your blog to be successful and grow. Being consistent has also really improved my overall blogging confidence. When you have a consistent posting schedule, you’re more organized. Plus, it appeals to readers, because they know when you have updates and new posts.

Consistency is hard, because life is hard. I get it, and sometimes, I want to take a damn break. I had to take a lot more breaks in 2019 than I wanted, because of family and health issues. Through that, I learned that you can still be consistent AND productive if you plan ahead for breaks. You can also read my tips for staying productive during a break.

Planning ahead really helped with my consistency. I still believe all bloggers should schedule and blog their way, but planning ahead a bit further than I used to helped me stay consistent. Creating a schedule for success also did wonders for my blog, and it’s something I plan on adjusting and working on as a goal for the new year. Here is also free scheduling tips and worksheets to help you stay consistent with your posting schedule.

4. Update Old Posts

This is a goal that I never thought I’d have, because I used to just post and forget about it. Now, I realize the importance of updating older posts. All posts are important, so updating SEO and refreshing images can really help your traffic increase.

Growth doesn’t always have to come from new content. Old posts can be just as successful. Trust me, I cringe reading some old posts, but updating them helps with cohesion too. We all evolve as we blog, and that includes our writing and formatting styles. Those things need some love too if you want to keep growing for success.

Went I started working on my SEO goals, I realized I had over 150 previous posts to update. Old or not, those posts could bring in traffic and help my blog succeed. Taking time to go back through can also help teach you lessons that you’ve learned through your blogging journey. Whether it’s a major task or not, it’s a great one to have and a wonderful goal geared for success.

5. Add More Sponsored Posts and Affiliate Marketing

There should be no shame in your ad and affiliate marketing game! We are all trying to grow and succeed. This blog IS my job, and I want to genuinely turn this into a career. In 2019, I started making some money with sponsored posts, and I was even able to completely pay for my kids’ Christmas from blog earnings.

My goal is to work more with sponsored posts and start working on my affiliate marketing. Honestly, affiliate marketing still scares the bejesus out of me, because I never want to seem salesy. However, that’s apart of my job, so I have to pull up my big girl pants and work on it. Affiliate marketing is a major way that bloggers can earn a passive income, and I want that!

Recently, I started working on this goal and became a ShareASale affiliate. I am now an affiliate for great products that I genuinely enjoy and use, so blogging about these things feels organic rather than salesy and forced. It makes what I do enjoyable while also going after my goals.

Cracking the code on affiliate marketing starts with confidence. If you don’t have confidence when you write about something, others aren’t going to care. 2020 is the year to be confident in what you do and confidently go after what you want.

6. No More Comfort Zone

Change and growth can’t happen in your comfort zone. Rather than stepping outside of that little box that I’m comfortable in, I’m going to just take a big ol’ leap. I’ve taken baby steps to grow my blog for the last year and half, but it’s time for some big ass steps towards success.

My comfort zone is about ease, because my everyday life is hectic. No more excuses about what’s easy this year. 2020 is a year that I want to remember with blog success. Getting out of my comfort zone also means pushing myself to do things I keep saying that I’ll get to later.

I plan on stepping up my marketing game for one. In the past, I’ve struggled with nailing email marketing just right. I even decided to forgo email marketing in the past and started a Freebie page for my readers rather than send things through newsletters.

Honestly, I was discouraged at a few failed attempts with email marketing. I will still offer free worksheets and other freebies, but I will make those available to only email subscribers at some point in 2020. So, get them while you can!

2020 is for learning from the past and heading into those tasks with a new sense of confidence. So, I’ll be trying to do all of the tasks that I gave up on in the past, because I really want them to work. I have a vision, and 2020 is the year to make that vision a reality.

7. Increase Social Media Presence

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, but it can do wonders for your blog traffic and online presence in general. I’m also an author, so making sure that my social media is consistent and on point is important for not just my blog’s success but my books’ success as well.

Twitter and Pinterest used to be my favorites. Once I discovered Instagram, crappy algorithm or not, I neglected my Twitter a bit. The goal is to strengthen all of them though and get back into the swing of things.

I also created a Facebook group for women bloggers called Blog Like a Boss Lady. Orginally, it was for lifestyle, style, beauty, and mental health bloggers. With this new group, I now want to open it up to all female bloggers, so we can have a group and community of strong female voices that want to grow together and build each other up.

8. Work on Blog “Coaching”

With the start of Blog Like a Boss Lady, and my blogging advice posts slowing climbing, I want to work on my blog “coaching.” I’m using parenthesis, because I’m not sure if that’s the word I want to use to label myself and what I do. There’s a handful of people who have said it to me, so I’m rolling with it at the moment.

Honestly, I never would of seen myself blogging about blogging. There’s a belief that you can only be successful if you blog about blogging, but the income that I have made had zero to do with those posts. Also, I don’t offer a product or anything- yet.

For me, I want to give blogging assistance by using experience and my blunders as funny but very real lessons. I’m not a very cut and dry informative type of lady. Whether I enjoy admitting this online or not, where it will be forever, I’m a tab bit extra- well, a decent amount extra. My blogging posts and any advice I give comes with a story, the good, the bad, and sometimes the hilariously ugly.

Success comes from learning about your failures and growing from that. I have a ton of mess ups, so I’m all about spreading the knowledge whether it makes me look silly or not. So, I want to really buckle down with my blogging related posts, and make sure that I stay true to my personality rather than transform into other blogging coaches.

9. Stack Up Sessions

I finally figured out why my sessions weren’t moving for months. There was a glitch and my analytics weren’t set up right. It wasn’t totally my fault this time, but now, I have to start from the bottom. The discouragement was real at first, but I’m going into 2020 with high hopes and determination.

The goal is to get 20k sessions per month so I can work with Mediavine. If I’m going to have ads on my site, I want them to be just right, and that’s the company for it. So many bloggers recommend them, and that’s one of my bigger goals.

10. Mental Health Matters

As a full-time blogger, author, and at-home momma, I neglect my mental health more than I should. Mental health matters, and as a blogger who writes about mental health, I should know better. A major goal of mine is to work on taking care of myself and my mental health.

I struggle with anxiety, OCD, and am in bulimia recovery. There are a lot of challenges I face, but I tend to brush things off until I feel completely lost and overwhelmed. This year, I’m vowing to take better care of myself. It’s also a goal of mine to remind bloggers and content creators to take care of their mental health.

If we are working on taking care of ourselves and being kind to our bodies and minds then success, growth, and confidence will be so much more attainable. Also, when we accomplish those goals, we will be able to enjoy them more if we are taking care of ourselves.

No Goal Overload

I thought about having 20 goals for 2020 or even a goal for every month like I did last year. However, I don’t want to have goal overload. As content creators there’s always this glorified idea of staying busy and productive. That should change, because rest is equally as important.

I’m constantly seeing this glorification of pushing and showing up everyday. That’s all fine and dandy, but life happens. Mental health matters. So much just goes on in our everyday lives that it’s okay to not “show up” everyday. I get it; goals and determination matter, but you won’t lose your motivation by resting and taking care of yourself.

There are a ton of goals I have for my blog, books, and success. The biggest goals that trumps them all is the goal to make sure I’m living life and enjoying it. I genuinely adore what I do, but I also want to enjoy life and not miss things because I’m obsessed with work.

Bring It On 2020

I’m motivated and ready to grow. Bring it on 2020. This is the year for success, growth, and confidence. It’s also the year to love ourselves wholly and make sure our mental health matters.

I’ve never been more ready for a new year, because for once, I have no doubts with myself or what I’m capable of. That’s the mindset we all need if we want to reach our goals. I’m done chasing dreams, because I’m catching those bad boys this year!

What are some of your goals, personal and blog related, for 2020?

-With Love,


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    1. It really is! My traffic boomed when I did that. It was cringe worthy to say the least, but I did like seeing my growth as well.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Updating posts really increased my traffic, and it blew me away how much it made a difference.

  1. Sharing and setting up a plan to help others with starting a blog and avoiding the stress is something I want to do. I have thought a lot about it. I just need to plan it so I can start.

  2. Thanks for being such a huge inspiration and sharing so many wonderful tips. I usually read while rocking our 14 month old to sleep. I don’t get enough focus during the day but I’m looking forward to finishing your latest blog on self publishing. I’ve had a similar dream since about 4th grade.

    1. It’s always a bit more challenging when the kiddos are younger, so I definitely can understand. Thanks so much. Your dreams can come true as long as you want them to. Self-publishing is a feat for sure, but it’s so incredibly worth it!!

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