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Hello again, darlings. As you may know, this momma and her coffee are besties. I actually adore both coffee and tea. If it’s hot, cozy, and comes in a mug, there’s a chance that it will make me smile and help ease my work-at-home mommy stress.

I want to introduce my new one shop mug stop on Etsy. Mom Life Mugs was founded by Tresa of The Mom Blog WI. We connected through the blog community, and I’m a genuine fan of her blogs and creations. When she started Mom Life Mugs, I was beyond excited, because everything is so unique and full of character. Plus, collecting mugs is one of my hobbies.

This momma loves a good mug, so I couldn’t wait to see what all she offered. Mom Life Mugs doesn’t only have mugs though. She creates beautiful pillows as well. My favorite part is that these are creations are ones you won’t find anywhere else, because she works very hard to keep them unique.

Any Occassion

I don’t know about you, but I use a mug every day of my life. They also make great gifts for any occasion, because if someone doesn’t drink coffee, they most likely drink tea or even hot chocolate. So, mugs for the win!

Now, these mugs go beyond your standard cutesy mom sayings. Plus, she can create custom mugs. Yes, I will be getting myself a Housewife Hustle mug and probably mugs with my book titles on them as well. Who wouldn’t want to show off their brand while they sip their favorite drink?

Big Personality

I own my fair share of mugs with sayings and cute graphics printed on them. Honestly, a lot of people are getting into crafting their own cups and mug creations, but Tresa’s are different. They have big personality, and they can be made to fit yours too.

Not only do the sayings have a ton of character, but she also has a beautiful orchid design for both mugs and pillows. Orchids are so stunning, and these designs definitely made my eyes light up as soon as she introduced them.

Orchid Mug for Orchid Lovers

Orchid Throw Pillow

My husband buys me orchids for Mother’s day. We also gift them to the important women in our lives. So, these make an incredibly beautiful gift for any orchid lover, and there’s more than one style available.


I haven’t found a single mug that made me say, “that’s not really my style.” They are all beautiful and witty. However, I do have some favorites that I have my eye on for when someone asks me what I want for my upcoming birthday.

Momspiration Mug -I love how simple this mug is but how it packs a cheeky message at the same time. The font is so pretty, and as a low vision lady, I can read it, which is so important to me. Also, that big handle is everything!

I Am One Caffeinated Mother Mug – True story! I absolutely love this mug. It’s true, funny, and something I would drink from all day, every day.

Mom Blogger Mug – Housewife Hustle started as a mom blog, and while it has branched out, I’m still a blogging mommy, so this mug definitely speaks to me. It’s simple and pretty, which is all I want out of my coffee carrier.

Up All Night Mug -Well, ain’t that the truth! This mug describes my #momlife perfectly. It’s so cute too.

M is for Mom and More Coffee Mug -This is probably my favorite if I had to pick just one. I’ve never seen something like it, and I love it.

One Stop Mug (and More) Shop

Mom Life Mugs is now going to be my one stop mug shop, and it’s a bonus that she offers more than mugs. Also, if you fell for Tresa’s designs the way that I did, she also has a blog for Mom Life Mugs.

Where else you can find her and her lovely creations:

Mom Life Mugs on Facebook

Mom Life Mugs on Instagram

Mom Life Mugs on Pinterest

Also, I have a special code for my readers for Mom Life Mugs on Etsy! You can save 20% by clicking the link or entering the coupon code housewifehustle. Check out Mom Life Mugs and everything she has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

As women, I believe we should rally behind and support each other. I’d love for you to also share any other female owned businesses that you want to spread the word about in the comments. Let’s support each other and grow together.

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