Coffee Talks: Knowing When to Rest

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If you’ve seen my Instagram posts lately, you might have noticed a pattern. I want to make 2020 a year that I learn to rest. Obviously, this blog is called Housewife Hustle for reason- I have a ton of hustle in my everyday life. As a work-at-home toddler mom, I don’t usually sit down until midnight.

I’m always on the go, whether it’s cleaning, working, or chasing little ones. In the past, I’ve had to take breaks from my blog. This year, I want to make sure I don’t need to take a break to recharge. I want to continually work on my self-care and know when I need to rest, so I don’t cause a major burnout.

Lately, I’ve been feeling drained again. We had a few family deaths during the holidays. My husband is working a ton of overtime, and this momma is tired- mentally and physically. Taking better care of myself is a goal that I refuse to give up on this year.


Continually, I worry if I post enough, if my blog’s good enough, if my stats are high enough, and blah blah more blog worry. Working on my engagement, consistency, and overall blogging strategies are very important to me. However, I can’t be a good blogger if I’m always overdoing it and burning myself out.

This year, I’m trying to find that blogging happy place. Housewife Hustle is my full-time job, aside from being an at-home mommy to toddlers. Pulling double duty means I need to find that perfect groove. Typically, I share 3 posts a week, every single week. Every Monday is my Coffee Talks series where I discuss what’s going on with our lives, new revelations and experiences, and just what’s on my mind while I’m sipping my coffee.

Wednesdays are for self-love, body, and sex related posts, and on Fridays, I share blogging tips. While I love each and every type of post that I do, 3 posts a week is starting to take a toll on me. I used to think I had to post often to grow, but I learned that there is a bigger picture.

Changing My Ways

Blogging isn’t just about posting a lot to get more traffic. It’s about engagement, promotion, strategy, and more than just the number of posts that are published in a week. Because I’ve learned and grown with my blog, I want to dial back the amount that I post.

I will still have all of the same topics, but I will be alternating my usual Wednesday and Friday content. This week will be the start of it. I’ll have this post, obviously. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll share a body or sex related post. Friday of this week will not have a post, but next week Wednesday won’t have a post so Friday will. Get my drift?

Coffee Talks will remain a weekly post while the others become biweekly. This schedule will give me more time to focus on the things I have been trying to cram into my late nights. On top of all of my double momming and blogging duties, I’m also writing my second book. This is all apart of my reasons for dialing back.

Change for the Better

I’m slowly working on making this blog into my vision, and I have a pretty good start. There’s excitement brewing for the things happening at Housewife Hustle this year. For example, the freebie page will change but not monthly. There will also be a newsletter at some point.

As much as I’d like to check all of the boxes on my goal list for this year, I really need to be more patient with myself. It’s time I put my foot down and actually rest for once. I’m mandating myself an hour of rest every night where I unplug and step away from the blog while the kids sleep.

This type of self-care isn’t my favorite, but it’s so extremely necessary. My mental and physical health really need this you guys. For some reason, I feel guilty about the dial down, but I’ll get over it.

What are some changes that you made or want to make to your life or blog this year? Let’s chat!

-With Love,


33 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Knowing When to Rest”

  1. I am totally feeling the same way! I think it’s also a January thing… I’m exhausted mentally and physically too! Some weeks we are on fire and others we need to slow down:) take care!!

    1. Yes! I’ve been pushing myself with this schedule for almost a year. I love the traffic I get, but it’s time to put my mental health first.

  2. Balance is such a challenge in life. Especially in today’s world. I feel like with all of the losses I’ve experienced the universe wants me to understand real priorities vs. perceived priorities and invest my energy in people, making memories and being good to myself. Realistically though I love blogging and writing, if I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t want to be known for my blogs, alone. The work continues for me in what I can and should let go of, what matters and what’s it all about. Thanks for sharing that we are not alone in this struggle.

  3. Making time to write a book is huge. It may not be as visible as your blog posting schedule, but the time’s got to come from somewhere.

  4. Hey Jenni, first I’m sorry about your family loss. I know things will get better for you in time. I’m glad you’re taking a break for yourself and re-working your schedule to fit you better. When I started my blog in 2018, I used to blog three times a week too until I started other projects. Now I just post Mondays and Thursdays and sometimes only Mondays. I needed to allow time for me to bounce back into promoting my content while returning comments on others’ posts. Breaks are so necessary and truly make the biggest difference in the work we publish. Great post, thanks for sharing a part of journey!

    Natonya |

  5. Hey there my fellow Mom who writes a blog, I totally feel you on this one!!! When I started this blog I feel I was posting more than I am now and yes, we are worried about the analytics side of it too but really, you answered your own concerns in this post as well. It’s about engagement and your content. Quality over quantity I say. I work a full time job, operate 2 blog sites here on WordPress and multiple social media accounts for both me and my fiance while trying to keep up with my favorite hobbies like exercising, dancing,reading, watching movies, listening to music, writing poetry and not to mention my self care rituals…..geez no wonder we’re tired!! Acknowledging the need for rest and just being is hugely important to not only our wellbeing but our creative process. My Mom always reminds me that you can’t pour from an empty cup so taking care of yourself is #1. Great share, thank you so much😊💜

    1. Great advice and tips! Thanks so much for relating and sharing a bit about yourself. Blogging is one of those jobs that requires so much from us, so finding that medium happy place where we can thrive and grow but still do what love and need is so challenging but important. I’m actually pretty excited for this next chapter.

      1. Me 2…it is exciting!!! Also infectious for others to witness. I know from even the beginning of my blog in October of ’18 up until now my readers have been part of this wild ride I’m on. Like I tell my now 18 year old, life’s a marathon not a spirit. We must pace ourselves💜😉

  6. Do not feel guilty. Take the rest you need. That has to come first – and if it doesn’t the things you are putting your energy into are more likely to suffer so the rest is good for your endeavours as well as your wellbeing. I totally get the blog guilt though. Mine has been repeatedly neglected and it’s easy to beat ourselves up about it. Hope you find the balance you’re looking for.x

  7. Hey yeah! This is great. It’s so important to learn when to say no, when to cut back, when you’re just doing a lot but going nowhere fast. A big one I’ve seen is when you start to feel less motivated, more sluggish around the edges. It’s all a real noticing game. Cheers to more self-care in 2020✨

  8. I think for me, one of the problems is, you want to glean wisdom and advice from seasoned bloggers. So when you hear these bloggers talk about the importance of keeping a routine with your blog and not missing a day, becauseyour readers are expecting you…..but then you miss a day, it kind of freaks you out. Like, oh no, are people going to stop reading my blog because Im a day or two late!?!
    So when I hear of someone like you, revamping your schedule for your wellbeing, that’s a comfort to me. It helps me see that our blogging careers can survive, even if there’s changes in the routine.

    1. Yes!! Thank you for sharing that. So many preach and push for consistency, and while that’s important, mental health and our wellbeing matter more. If you’re on your game and taking care of yourself, that shines through more than posting precisely on time with a schedule. Blogs will survive as long as there is passion in the writing, and your passion dims if you burn yourself out. Taking care if you and having rest days will always be included in my blogging advice. Then again, I’m not a very by-the-book blogger. 😊

  9. I’m debating myself on if I need to cut back or not to just posting 2 times a week instead of 3. I can’t believe how when I first started blogging I would have a post up every day because it’s becoming a struggle to find ideas to discuss or the topics I planned out at the beginning of the month I don’t like anymore, etc. When I go self hosted this year (hoping for sooner in the year than later), then changes will definitely be made. Wishing you much success!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and understanding the post changes. I personally feel more rested and better, but the drop in views has been challenging to deal with.

      1. Yes! I’m doing my best to tell myself that. I just feel off lately, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the work load decrease. Honestly, page views aside, I’m not sure I like it.

      2. maybe it’s just something new. If you still feel that way after a little while longer of doing it then you might have to go back to normal but figure out a way to not make it seem like such a heavy workload is on you

  10. I am so excited for you sweet lady! I will say, when it is meant to happen it will! You are such an inspiring and positive force and your blog always brightens my day! (or when I am catching up and spamming you with comments :p !) Thank you! <3

  11. Hi Jenni, I like your thoughts about having balance between work, rest and family.
    Thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate it. 🙂
    Your own blog is amazing! I have only read a few but those topics are quite fascinating. Hope to get to know you more through the world of blogging. Cheers!

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