10 Types of Sex to Have For the Month of Love

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So, I’m a major fan of Valentine’s Day, and it’s not just because I’m married. I just love love. To find out all of the reasons why I absolutely adore Valentine’s day and pretty much the entire month of February, check out this post.

Not only is February the month of love, it’s also a month filled with birthdays for our family. My birthday is the 10th, and we have birthdays on the 12th, 13th, 23rd, 24th, and 25th, which is our daughter’s. There’s so much love and celebration for February, so it makes my heart happy and full.

Not only am I an avid celebrator of Valentine’s Day, I write about sex quite often. I believe that sex is natural and a part of life that we need to talk about more. Education, awareness, and just being open about sex and our sexuality are all very important to me. Housewife Hustle is a sex positive blog, and I make no apologies for that.

Types of Sex

There are so many posts, books, and articles on sex positions that come out around Valentine’s Day. I have an entire shelf of sex related books with positions that still baffle me, and there are also plently that I love. Rather than share some favorite positions, I want to talk about sex types.

No, I don’t mean oral, vaginal, and anal sex types. When I think of sex types I think of things like quickies and romantic sex. So, I want to share some of the sex types that you could and should be having to celebrate the month of love. Now, I know love and sex are two completely different concepts, but they can also be related.

Stuffed animals, candy, and even a nice dinner are great ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. Honestly, I prefer gifts and ways to celebrate that are a little less consumer driven. It’s time to bring on the horizontal hustle. The type of sex you have can depend on a few things like who you are with, how comfortable you are together, and your proximity to some privacy.

1. Sensual and Romantic

Being romantic doesn’t always mean your standard lights down low with your basic missionary position. Romance is defined differently by everyone. For me, I find it romantic when my husband does little things like kisses my neck and undresses me.

Others prefer candles and slow jams, so find what makes you feel like a sexy sensual goddess. Take the time to talk to your sexual partner and ask them their definition of romance. You could discover and redefine sensual sex with communication and romance done your way or the classical ways.

A couple are seen romantically kissing in the dark. A moon appears behind them, making their outlines completely black.
2. F**king Rough

Yes, I just put that as a header for this next one. Not sorry. Some people, myself included, really find rough sex to be not just fun, but romantic as well. Something makes the tips of my ears red when my husband throws me onto our bed and rolls me over to spank me. Again, yes, not sorry.

There can be a lot of passion behind “fucking.” Even though it doesn’t seem to be a sensual style of love making, there’s more to it than the crass descriptions we can think of. Rough sex can heighten our senses, pleasure, and connection because there’s a lot of trust that is shared during the action.

3. All the Kink

Kinky sex can mean a lot of things. It can allude to BDSM, and it can also include role playing. Valentine’s Day seems to have this romance centric idea around it, but romance can be found in the silk scarves used to tie you down too.

Dressing up, role playing, and all of the other aspects of kink can really make your love month fun. Again, this sex type comes with trusting your partner, so it can really help your connection to each other as well. Kinky sex can also play with your senses and become quite the memorable experience that you didn’t know you needed to add to your love life.

4. Deep Everything

Ever have those deep, passionate kisses? Have you ever starred deeply into your partner’s eyes while making love? Whether it’s deep penetration while having your bodies entwined in each other or being deeply passionate and focused on your partner, having this type of sex is magical.

Making eye contact, passionate kisses, and being deeply connected on a mental and physical level can really enhance not just sensations. It can also amp up the romance as well. This isn’t the type of sex you typically plan, but your toes will curl nonetheless.

5. Scenic Sex

Fun fact: Both of my kids were conceived in the mountains. We are very outdoorsy people. We find a lot of passion being in the mountains with each other. Having sex outside of bedroom can be so fun and exciting.

Finding a private spot is important, but once you have a secluded area, scenic sex can be adventurous and romantic at the same time. Your blood gets pumping even more, and doing it somewhere new can make all of the difference sometimes.

A bed of messy blankets are seen overlooking a clif. A book and pillow are seen on the bed of the blankets. A scenic view is seen in the background that includes cliffs, a beach, and an ocean.
6. The Quickie

As a busy mom of two, the quickie is something I am pretty familiar with. I will admit, sometimes it’s my favorite type of sex, because it relieves stress. With a quickie, I can get what I want and then go about my day. It’s like a shot of espresso.

Not everyone can take off of work for Valentine’s Day. Some people have kids and busy lives. This is when a good ol’ quickie can come in handy. It may not seem romantic, but it can be.

Last weekend, we had a ton of errands, and I was so stressed out about my to-do list. So, my husband pulled me into my walk-in closet and ripped my clothes off. It was an intense quickie, but I felt so much better. It was one of the sweetest things, because he knew I needed it and to just have a moment to not think. See, romance!

7. Dirty Talk

Have you ever tried telling your partner everything you want to do to them sexually? I don’t mean sexting your plans for later. What I mean is using dirty talk as foreplay and continuing it as you go.

It can be exhilarating. Also, it can strengthen your communication in the bedroom, so try having a vocal session in the sack. If embarrassment happens, push through it and find a way to make it fun. Once you get the hang of it, hearing the details of what you want to do to each other can really heighten the mood and the sensations.

8. Oh a Little Louder

This can be similar to dirty talk. Have you ever been fully able to just let loose and really hit those “ohs” without holding back. Moaning and groaning has been a challenge with always have kids home, and sometimes biting the pillow gets old.

Find a way to yell, moan, and scream. Let it all out when it feels good, because moaning can not only increase your pleasure, but it can do wonders for your partner too. Try sending the kids to grandma’s house for an hour or two this Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just for some afternoon delight.

The lower portion of a woman's face are seen in a black and white picture. Her mouth is open and her hands are on her face, which has an expression of pleasure.
9. Toys, Please

At Housewife Hustle, obviously I don’t shy away from the sex conversations, so don’t think sex toys are going to be excluded either. Sex toys can really take your love making to the next level. Involving toys can be romantic, sensual, kinky, and just downright fun.

Toys can be used in all types of sex. Going to an adult store with your partner can be such a great date activity, and taking that toy home and trying it out can be even more fun. It’s another type of sex that can build trust and communication too.

10. Let’s Do It All

My husband and I have this thing called “do it all sex.” This is where we start with 69 and oral foreplay, and then we go to vaginal sex. After that, we end it with anal, and basically, we take our time with each.

This is like the ultimate marathon type of sex, and it is definitely a way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a big bang- pun intended. This is a fun and romantic type of sex, because it takes communication, trust, and desire.

Trying Something New

For the month of love, try something new. Add a little exploration into your sex life, and try a new type of love making. Get yourself some new toys, go for a scenic drive, or hit all of the high notes while you’re between the sheets.

All of these types of sex have something in common- trust and communication. Those two elements are really crucial to having a connected and good sexual relationship between two people. Building your trust and communication are keys to having a mind-blowing sex life, so try some new sex types and build that sexual foundation.

February 14th isn’t the only day we should be celebrating love. It’s also not the only day for love making. So, spice up your life with more of the horizontal hustle. There should be no shame in sex, because it’s natural and healthy, so enjoy yourself.

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    1. Those challenges are amazing, because they can teach you and connect you in ways you didn’t realize. Thanks for reading! I always tend to lose about 15 followers when I write my sex posts, so it’s good to have someone engage!

      1. Yeah, people get uncomfortable and quite rude about these posts sometimes. Being uncomfortable, I understand at least.

      2. This far I haven’t had that experience but I am sure it’s just a matter of time and exposure. My following is relatively small still.

  1. Love this post! Go you for being so real and unafraid. There should be no shame in a conversation surrounding sex

  2. Amazing post.
    I’ve never done a sex challenge before. That will be soon changing.
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  3. I have been in bed for a week sick like a dog and today my first blog post that crosses my desk is yours. LOVE it!! People are do afraid to talk about sex and it is refreshing to see it in the open, beautiful and inhibited. Thank you xoxo

    1. I hope you feel better! I had the flu last week, and it’s awful. I’m happy you enjoyed my post. I lose followers every time I do a sex related post, but I believe they are so important.

      1. They are important and we cannot live with blinders on. I call it “Hypocritical Puritanism” . They all have sex but cannot talk about it. Ridiculous if you ask me. Sorry you were sick too. This thing is awful and I do not wish it upon my worse enemy.

      2. Yes!! I totally agree with you. Sending my love and best healing vibes. It was an awful sickness, and I hope you feel better quickly.

  4. Yasss girl to all of these! I love how you don’t shy way from anything, and you might just turn me into a lover of Valentine’s day (I kinda lump it in with Thanksgiving, it is something we should do every day) after all! <3

    1. I totally agree it’s something we should do every day and definitely the same with Thanksgiving as well!

  5. I loved this post! It’s also nice to see that I’m not the only auditory person out there. My fiancé isn’t the most auditory, so it can be tough for me to get him talking! But yes yes YES to auditory stimulation always 🤤

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