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Hey, darlings! As you know, there’s a Freebie page at Housewife Hustle. Well, there are some new changes for you to check out. The freebies page is now dedicated to self-love and confidence building worksheets, prompts, and monthly calendars. The new Blogging Resources page offers free blogging worksheets, planning guides, and goal oriented prompts to help bloggers succeed.

I love sharing tips, free guides, and how to’s for bloggers. When I first started blogging, I was a bit clueless. Through my stumbles and successes, I have learned a lot on my way. Now, as a professional blogger, I wanted to offer my readers an extra hand in their blogging journeys.

What This Means

Every month, I used to put up new freebies and take down the old ones. Well, the favorites are staying, and new ones will still be added of course. The blogging resources will also continue to grow.

If there is a blogging worksheet or prompt that corresponds to a post, that will be linked as well. This way there are free tools and resources right at your finger tips. This is a pretty big website with a lot to offer, so I wanted to help create shortcuts for my readers.

Giving Back

Obviously, I could include freebies only for subscribers or charge for them, but when I first started blogging, I had a small budget. I want to give back to those who are in similar situations. There are ton of expenses that come with helping your blog grow and be successful. So, if I can help you without breaking your bank, then I want to.

Housewife Hustle is my job, and while giving away so many free tools may seem a bit nuts, it matters to me. If you’re familiar with what I do, then you know that blogging means more to me than dollar signs. Building connections and being there for my readers and those who support what I do gives me so much joy.

Have a Good One!

Who knows, in a few months, I could be sending these out in newsletters or sharing a blogging e-course. With this job, the possibilities are endless, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. I hope you have a good one and enjoy the free resources.

If there are any requests, or anything you’d like to eventually see on those free pages of resources and worksheets, head over to my contact page.

-With Love,


9 thoughts on “New Blogging Resources Page at Housewife Hustle”

  1. How awesome is this!! Thanl you my friend! I was just doing some research in the last week on how I can I engagement with readers & other bloggers and bam you post this💜😊 thanks so much!!

  2. I love running my blog and have really enjoyed meeting fellow writers, especially other Moms😉
    I will definitely check out your resources page and now I know you have a contact page and are willing to help. Oh…quick one….how do I create an About page? Believe it or not I work off of my monile… a basic Android…for everything I do on here. Typing with two thumbs lol…and WordPress is above my technical understanding so I have teach myself everything. Thank you🙏

    1. You can add an about me page with the WordPress app. You should have a section where you can add pages, posts, and media too. Hope I could help. I originally started blogging from my phone, but it became too limiting. Sending you my best!!

      1. Yes, it is limited and I think it’s probably something right in front of my face lol….I will keep fooling around with it. It’s the technology part that has me hung up. My posts are easy to type, have added photos and videos but creating that about tab is giving me trouble.

      2. I struggled with creating pages for awhile too. Make sure your app is updated. Hope it works out for ya!!

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