Coffee Talks: Redefining Housewife Hustle

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There was a period of about a month where I was constantly weighing my options with rebranding and redefining my blog. I questioned if I outgrew Housewife Hustle, but I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to rebrand. I want to redefine what Housewife Hustle means to me and make positive changes.

Many bloggers go through an identity crisis of sorts with their blogs. Since I’ve been on this self-love and body acceptance journey, I’ve questioned if I the name, Housewife Hustle, matched my evolving energy and posts. Honestly, I even went as far as to pick a new name and outline ideas for how to completely transform this blog.

While I don’t think rebranding is a bad thing, it’s not the right thing for me in the typical sense. Usually, rebranding means completely changing your blog’s name, message, and overall appearance and tone. Changes are coming for this blog, but majority of the messages and name are going to be the same.

Redefining Housewife Hustle

My biggest hurdle has been the name of my blog. I absolutely adore the name, but I wondered if it was holding me back with my message. What concerned me was also that this is a .blog rather than a .com. At first, I thought that was going to put a damper on my success. Recently, I did a bit of soul searching and blog discovery, and I think my busy mind has finally settled with it’s indecisiveness.

Initially, Housewife Hustle started as a mom blog where I shared my parenting experiences, tips, and product reviews. I believe in being transparent with my readers, and from that transparency, more topics flowed.

I am passionate about a lot of things, and while motherhood is one of those things, it does not solely define me or my blog. That’s when I realized that I could have a successful multi-niche blog if I found some rhyme and reason to it. I even wrote a post to help others with having more than one niche.

Yes, I am a housewife. And yes, I hustle to make my family’s life flow. To me, Housewife Hustle started out meaning that I was this stay-at-home mom who was trying to turn her hustle into experiences I could share with others. That’s still true, but the meaning has evolved. That evolution is why I want to redefine this blog.

Growth and Change

I am still a housewife that hustles day in and day out to make our home operate as smoothly as possible. Honestly, I absolutely adore taking care of people and being a domestic demi-goddess of sorts. However, I am also more.

I am an activist for body acceptance, mental health, and disabilities. Every single day, I wake up in hopes that my words can help someone who is struggling with body image, confidence, mental health, or a disability. It’s also important to me to help bloggers find their voice, because blogging isn’t just a way to make money. Being a blogger, to me, is opening up a piece of you to the world and sharing your life in hopes of helping someone else.

Helping others is a constant theme here. It’s also my biggest goal in life. I might not change the world with the books that I write or even with this blog, but if I can help one person see their worth, discover their dream, or help them even in the smallest ways, then I have succeeded. That’s why Housewife Hustle has become more than a mom blog.

Housewife Hustle Redefined:

I am a housewife. Every day, I show up to take care of my kids, husband, and pets. I clean the house, organize our schedules, and keep life on track. There is no shame in being a housewife, because I’ve learned that I can create change for the better and being a housewife doesn’t compromise anything. I am a proud work-at-home housewife.

Hustle is the part of this blog that I’ve actually worried about the most. I will never glorify being busy or constantly productive to the point of negativity impacting mental or physical health. As bloggers and writers, there’s this pressure to continually put out new and fresh content. I adore creating content, but I used to kill myself trying to stay consistent and push new posts.

Well, I’m redefining hustle more than anything. Hustle gets a bad rap, and I understand why. Truth bomb, the name popped into my head while watching my favorite movie, Poolhall Junkies. It’s about pool hustlers. From that, grew Housewife Hustle, because I originally wanted to highlight the everyday hustle that I go through.

Rather than using the swindling and shady definition of hustle, I prefer the definition that means working hard. I want this blog to be about working hard to become the best version of ourselves but in a way that caters to mental health and self-love.

Housewife Hustle Forever

The new name that I was originally going to go with was Jenni Out Loud, because I also believe in living your life out loud. Being true to yourself and being unapologetically you are concepts that I hold near and dear. Jenni Out Loud may become a book, podcast, or series at some point, but Housewife Hustle is forever.

Even though I dialed back my posting schedule to 2 posts a week rather than 3, there are still other changes happening. If you’ve noticed, the layout and appearance are brighter and flow more with who I am and who I’m growing into. Another aspect of this blog is helping other bloggers find their voice and confidence.

I’ll continue to help bloggers grow, because I understand the dream of being a writer. Eventually, there will be a course from me and obviously more books. I genuinely want this to be an inclusive space for anyone who want to build their confidence, whether it’s with their bodies, minds, or business. I want to help.

A Continual Thank You

I want you all to know that your engagement, support, and friendships mean the world to me. There is a continual thank you that I want extend to anyone who has been on this journey with me. I will always do my best to help others while, I myself, am growing into the person that I want be.

Someday, maybe I’ll be on Ted Talks or become a public speaker like I’ve always wanted. Today, though, I will continue to do my best to inspire and help others, because that is always going to be a goal of mine. Thank you, again.

-With Love,


24 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Redefining Housewife Hustle”

  1. I am glad you did not give up the name Housewife Hustle. I like it and I think it works very well for your blog.

    1. Thanks!!! I was so worried a .blog couldn’t be successful and the .com isn’t available. I had a list of reasons to change it, but I decided it’s my blog home. So, it’s staying!

  2. I can’t think of you as being anything other than Housewife Hustle. Of course, I’ve been following you since almost the beginning, so I’d probably regularly forget any new blog name!

    1. Haha I feel the same!! At first, I thought I needed to change to keep up, but I just needed to redefine my goals and message to myself. Thanks for reading!

  3. As I see that others have agreed, I like the name as it is. I also think it’s great to broaden your scope of post topics. I’ve found that too narrow of a topic can get boring and if it’s boring to me then I’m sure its boring to other people. 😝😴

    1. Yes!! I definitely agree. I keep my options open with topics, because I hate the stagnant feeling of one specific niche. I need options!

      1. Yes, I say think about a few topics your really passionate about and try to work it in. Housewives can be well rounded people, too 🙂

  4. I like the name 😀I think you can actually pivot with the name a bit, too. Hustle can mean so many things and relate to a lot of people at the same time. You’ll figure it out! Best of luck!

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